PM Says Regional Colleagues Support UWI Antigua Campus


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has had a complete change of tone regarding the support from his regional colleagues on the establishment of a University of the West Indies Campus here.

Browne suggested last week that the government of Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica were making excuses for the Five Islands Campus not being able to open in September.

He even threatened to open the university under another brand if the Antigua effort was blocked.

Now, Browne says he has been assured of the support from his colleague heads.

The Attorney General reported to me yesterday that he delivered a letter to several heads during a regional security meeting in Trinidad and Tobago.

My understanding is that there is unanimity coming from the heads that they support of the fourth landed campus in Antigua.

So, the speculation that there would have been some level of political involvement, not that I think they could stymie it, because the university technical committee has already done the technical work”

“I don’t see how any politician could have sustained their position to suggest that we are not ready, or we should not have a campus

From all indications whatever issues they may have been resolved,” he said.

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    • The UWI brand is not that great. When I tell people about ‘UWI’ they think the university is in India or Nepal. Honestly, the place needs to change its brand. I prefer we name the campus ‘National University of Antigua’ and just simply combine it with Antigua State College. Antigua needs to lead, not follow.

      All that said, I support the PM’s goals on having a comprehensive quality government university in Antigua, preferably one that awards fully accredited doctoral degrees, i.e. PhD’s.

  1. This is a very welcoming news . However we are in May . We dont know as yet what will be offered, tuition fees, recruitment of teachers etc .Are we opening in 2019 0r 2020?

  2. so your saying Gaston Browne that you went on your radio station and run off your big chap , jumping the gun as usual or is it a tactics you use … but whichever it is you should think before u speak … i swear you only got that radio station to hear urself speak .. your pathetic as they come , nothing at all about u says leader , your definitely an opportunist cant take that away from u , but definitely not a leader … your a thug , lack diplomacy, morals and everything else that fall under the sun … so ahead and enrich yourself , things only last for a time …

    Note: you should try listening to your ministers before you run your mouth off aka cutie and GPH deal as well Michael Brown…

  3. If this is true then get recordings of the regional leaders endorsing this university and play back their approvals for the public to hear, especially Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad who would more than know the extreme financial difficulties of running a real university without an on time flow of contributions from others (including Antigua) in the region.

  4. Colleagues or Friends? I have to know inorder to determine if I can take the PM seriously! Persons the PM reported as “friends” have done things contrary to the interest of Antigua. Oh Canada!!!!Mama Mia here we go again!!!

  5. We are not ready for any university. Maybe in five or ten years. If the government can find lands to give the Chinese Embassy, why can’t they find a number of acres of land in a decent quiet more appropriate location to build a university? We know the government has no money but they can beg aid as usual. Universities need space to expand. When the lands and plans are in place, then the government can pitch for a university. Give the students in Five Islands their school.

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