PM Says People Will Soon See Trevor Walker’s True Colours

PM Gaston Browne and Barbuda MP Trevor Walker

Prime Minister Gaston Browne is accusing the leader of the Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM), Trevor Walker, of deceit in response to Walker’s recent defiance to keep the shredder in Barbuda.

Walker says the Barbuda Council had received instruction from the government that the shredder should be shipped to Antigua because it is not being used in Barbuda.

However, he says while there are some challenges with finding someone to operate the machine; under no circumstance will it be sent to Antigua.

Browne is now calling on Walker to desist from defying the decision of the cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda and also accuses Walker of being deceitful.

“…But you know, with time, the people of Barbuda will come around. They will understand that the members of the BPM, at the end of the day, are serving their own personal interest, they just want the money” said Browne.

According to Browne, the shredder was acquired as part of a grant from the European Union to deal with the debris and the other materials that were left behind in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

He says the Ministry of Health is requesting to use the machine which would be eventually sent back to Barbuda.

“Antigua actually had some damages from the hurricane as well and it is one state, it’s one central government. And here is the situation which is the chairman of the Barbuda council; he is defying a decision of the cabinet to use it temporarily and to send it back over to Barbuda, and he is going as far as stating that we will have to send the army. If he is so concerned about respect for authority then he ought to lead by example” said Browne.



  1. Anybody can be more deceitful than Gaston. For what you put the Barbudans through, with their hurricane relief funds. Walker is so right not to send the Shedder to Antigua or you would never return it. Gaston is a FAKE & PHONY.

  2. Hon. Gaston Browne is CORRECT. Trevor will say something in PRIVATE and in PUBLIC say something different. I wonder when BARBUDANS will wake up and see what Trevor Walker is doing to Barbudans . Trevor is BAD for Barbuda . I invite All Barbudans to listen to a recording on FACEBOOk with Trevor Walker calling Barbudans LAZY , DO NOT WANT TO WORK etc. The adjectives Trevor used were awful. Barbudans I hope you wake up and see what Trevor is doing. He does not want PROGRESS for Barbuda. He is an AWFUL PERSON.

    • Are you going to ignore the FACT Gaston also called these very same barbudans derogatory names too?
      two wrongs don’t make a right . You’re a awful person to just hold one person account for there remarks and not both .

      • And what did Trevor called his very onw people lately.
        I guess you haven’t heard that and even if you did you would pretend as if nothing is wrong.

        • Did you read to understand what I was trying to say or did you PRETEND to read to respond ? If your going to call out someone for whatever reason , call out them both . Cause all I see here is just both of you being bias for whatever reason . Again, Two wrongs don’t make a right . These two public figures are both wrong and should hold accountability for there actions .and you been bias is exactly what they want. Next time read to understand 🙂

          • I don’t mind when you want believe in your lies, but when you post it for others I will rebut it.
            The PM never called Barbudans “deracinated imbeciles”. He was speaking of the behavior of a specific group of people mainly from the council that were undermining his effort in trying to get funding for Barbuda after the hurricane. However Walker was speaking generally over Barbudans, calling them all sort of names, lazy, backstabbers you name it. And it is strange that this media house never reported on it.

  3. The Shreddar belongs to Antigua and Barbuda . Hon. Gaston Browne would just like to use the shreddar in Antigua for a short period. What is wrong with that….We are a TWIN ISLAND State. Trevor is a CHRISTIAN and should know better.

    • What??? You say “Trevor is a CHRISTIAN and should know better.” IF he is a “CHRISTIAN” as you say, where is the fruit? “By their fruit ye shall know them.” We shouldn’t judge, I know, but we do need to be “fruit inspectors”!

    • @This is the problem we face lots of Christians and no Godliness.. All of us who believe in Jesus Christ are Christians,but not all of us know him Spiritually ..Trevor Walker is nothing more than another Hypocrite,they are many out there..

  4. Trevor is making a big thing out of nothing. If Antigua had the Shreddar and Barbuda needs it…Hon.Gaston Browne would not have a problem to send it to Barbuba . Trevor stop acting soooo DIFFICULT. Hope you have a change of heart.

  5. This helping out Antigua. Trevor please send the Shreddar to your Sister Island. The Bible said be HELPFUL TO YOUR BROTHER / SISTER.

  6. AH HA!
    So now the news story speaks to ‘…debris and other materials,’ readers shall be clear in their understanding that it is not a ‘…Paper Shredding Machine,’ as the earlier story had omitted its use.

    This is not a machine for the office,but one for the outdoors.

    Saw one being used on the ‘…Light Foote Main Road.

    It marvels.

    Cut down ‘…reasonable sized trees; …trim protruding branches; then ‘…feed them into the machine’s funnel and it shreds them to ‘…litty bitty pieces.’

    Good for mulching.

    Not for fighting. Na-a-ah.’

  7. This sounds personal. What is the cost of a shredder? With all of the CIP funds collected by the govt, is this public debacle warranted? Aren’t there bigger issues affecting the nation? Absolute nonsense.

  8. When will Gaston and Trevor stop fighting over “who has the power to run Barbuda” ?

    Both are so childish. Trevor just gave a speech about respecting those in Authority and watch his hypocrisy.

    This needs to stop. It’s just hurting the people of the twin island state.

    Send the shredder to Antigua Trevor, you depend on us for everything.

  9. I thought that the Ministry of Health has their own tree shredder machine located at Cooks Dump Site. Are you telling me that machine not operating because of poor equipment maintenance? Once that piece of equipment leave Barbuda to Antigua, it is best the Barbudans says goodbye to it. That machine will never see Barbuda soil again.

  10. Why is Gaston grabbing EVERYTHING?.
    Antigua was in no way shape or form damaged in any severity as BARBUDA, yet ALL the funds and benefits were paid to Antigua. The donations money was misused, the PM’s ” front companies” and friends creamed off most of the lucrative contracts. He held back payments to council in order to put them in a corner to accept finances from the ” hotel investors”. The essential hospital facility was deliberately back shelved and people have died. What more does this greedy can’t get enough man want?.
    Trevor is right not to send the shredder back!. Not even to grind up one tree branch in Antigua because just like the tractors and other equipment that Barbuda was supposed to get, the machinery will be either damaged or swopped to be sent back over to Barbuda.
    Go Tek CIP money and buy one!…..and while your at it go find the wind turbines that were destined for Barbuda, and stop allowing these hotel companies to build on protected sites in order to claim insurance money when Abaco island happens to Barbuda!.

  11. You Barbudans like what Trevor is doing…Hon. Gaston Browne should Barbuda in its DEPRESSED state. Trevor / Barbudans would love it.

    • @Tyrone Beazer.Speak for yourself and Barbuda.Antiguan’s voted unanimously for Gaston Browne as our PM and Antigua is moving forward with the choice..We are keeping him for the long haul at least for the foreseeable future..


    You leave Hon. Gaston Browne out of this. You deal with Trevor Walker Who treats His Fellow Barbudan like second class Citizen. Tyrone you must learn to pick your battles.


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