PM says over 500 constituents have endorsed new candidate for St. Peter

Browne and Michael in happier times

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says the ABLP is looking to fix the issue of poor representation in St. Peter.

The constituency is currently being represented by Asot Michael but Browne says a new candidate is emerging.

He did not name the candidate.

Earlier reports indicated that the party had eyes set on ABS news anchor Shermain Jeremy and the Prime Minister’s son Gaston the third.

Tevaughn Peter Redz Hariette has already been endorsed as the candidate for the main opposition United Progressive Party.

The new Democratic National Alliance will is also expected to contest that seat with Chaneil Imhoff, according to reports.


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    • JUST SAYING why is the caption so misleading. I read the article because I was happy to find out whether the St. Peter candidate would be Shermain Jeremy or Donna Chaia. I was very disappointed only to find out their are 6 candidates. ANR must stop putting such misleading captions for its articles. Anyway, despite the candidates in St. Peter for the ALP, only one person in the race has the ability to score the goal and win 😁.

    • You have been pretty silent on BEG BEG Gaston going to the IMF. What happen? You have nothing to say!

  1. ABLP must be very careful in choosing the right candadate. The people will need to be convinced. The UPP candidate has a strog candidate, so they must be especially vigilant. If the ABS anchor and Gaston III are under consideration, we will need to know something about their ideology, political philosophy,values, principles and moral standards. These things are important.

  2. I hope that Asot have some more secret recordings, like the ones we heard on caribarena between himself, Lester, Robin the hood and others.

    • And even with the so-called secret recordings, the people still REJECTED UPP! What does that tell you? And the UPP candidate list is piss poor right now, so no amount of secret recordings can compete with a 7× LOSER leading a dead party. A party that has seen more people leave, exit, jump ship or walk away and even form a new party.

  3. The image of da #boot 🥾 kicking the #pussyCat 🙀 show up in the Rattling Bones many, many moons ago.
    Now, Reality TV shall reveal #Who’re the Mask Robbers, and #Who’re their victims! Who’s wearing da #boot 🥾 feeding nine wives and who’s da #Pussy Cat 🙀 with nine life’s!

    …now, Papi kum blow de Conch Shell 🐚!
    …blow it loud! Antigua proud!
    …’cause, dis Party is getting hot, hot! 🔥🔥
    …say it loud! I’m black and proud!
    …but de Dancing queen, known as de #DiscoDumplin
    …is taking a #Wap! #Wap! Waddap was!
    …Cardi B! Can’t even out twerk him!
    … she mussah drunk in she rass!
    …so, ah go show, she and dem who got ass
    …but, will kick you like a Jackass!
    …when U tink, U living in first class!

  4. This is great news. Asot is out. I hope Hon.Gaston Browne will disclose all the Candidates shortly. Let Us get the BIG RED MACHINE in action to crush the UPP.

    Hon. Gaston Browne was HOT on POINTE FM yesterday. Lots of information as usual. UPP has so many UNDESIREABLES on Their ticket for 2023. UPP has Someone as Their SPOKESMAN who went to JAIL for molesting an underage girl who was 13 years. I would like to hear from D GISEL ISAAC, CLEON ATHILL and the other women of.UPP. Also CHARLES TABOR and DESERT ROSE ( THORN ).UPP bunch of HYPOCRITES.

    • ABLP has someone on their ticket that has a history with young girls. Think Media house. Think sofa. Think blood. Think GM who can’t be fired.

      • @ DESERT ROSE
        Put things in context. We are talking about found guilty and sent to JAIL. Do not change the narrative.

        • The law in Antigua is not applied equally. A member of cabinet. A couch. Blood. The member of Cabinet unable to fire GM.
          Why hasn’t the police intervened?
          So for you, that is acceptable! Really.
          Is that your narrative. Those may be your standards.

    • U all r so selective here I dont here u all mentioned pm who is married to someone that can be considered his child….u ppl that comment r a bunch of dunces u all must go read…alp full a more pedifiles than any party out there but u know what u all r just attractive to the shit

  5. Wait daddy signature Evergreen aka Biltmore Hotel can’t be named. Hmmmm! Guess she didn’t spill enough dirt on Lovell. The oldest profession in the world will never die.

  6. KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR just behave yourself and enjoy your vacation, even though your friend BEEF said you were fired 😂.


    Why don’t you CRAWL back in your hole. You haven’t changed, you sounded like a FOOL as usual.

  8. KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR don’t worry. Even though 6 ALP candidates will be vying for the St. Peter seat in a primary, to hell with the primary if Gaston’s choice is not the winner. As he did in the case of Daven Joseph and Michael Browne and also Maria Browne and Alincia Grant, he will just say to hell with the primary and select his choice. That is the essence of democracy at work in the ALP.


    I am happy that you are back but some members of the UPP were happy that You were off the radio and stop blogging because every time KNIGHT open His mouth UPP lose voters / members .

    KNIGHT with His dirty mouth.

    TABOR with His position as ADVIDOR to Lovell ( DECEPTION )

    DESERT ROSE ..New Found Love affair with UPP . Telling LIES ,LIES ,LIES.

    ALL the above mentioned will be responsible for 2023 election results.

    ABLP. 17. SEATS

    UPP. 00. SEATS.

    DNA. 00. SEATS.



    • YES, with the IMF MONEY. Beg, beg, Gaston. Like a worm he is on his belly. Your Prime Minister is a failure.

      Weston said that any country that has to go to the IMF is a failed state.
      I say no more

      • @ DESERT ROSE

        Hon. Gaston Browne is A WINNER. He attracts winners not runners. Your UPP leader is a FAILURE / LOSER.

        • Perhaps you could help me with this. In 2018, why was Mehul Choski feted by the ABLP. Hmmmmm Did he also have a police escort. Hmmmmm Was that two months before the election Hmmmmmm. Remember when India asked for him, Gaston said he was a citizen and that Antigua was a sovereign country.
          Why did Gaston protect him then but is now in a hurry to get rid of him. Have you heard the latest audio recording Hmmmm.

          Remember this. GOD NAR SLEEP


    Hon. Gaston Browne choose WINNERS NOT RUNNERS.Whatever Hon.Gaston Browne does is quite in order. UPP picked all LOSERS

    • Your Prime Minister cussed the IMF and now has to beg the same people he cuss. He is a hypocrite and an idiot.

      So cussing the IMF and begging back is quite in order.


    • Is Gaston Browne 111 a winner? Tell me what he has done except spend his father’s money. It seems to me that having him run will make the Labour Party Gaston’s family enterprise. Is that what Antiguan people want. Three Brownes collecting taxpayer’s money? I hope Antiguans wake up to Gaston and turf him and his wife and let his son find a job.
      The 500 institutions who have endorsed a new candidate must be Gaston counting himself 500 times.

    • Yes of course. Lots of signatures and wills. Did someone say something about a forgery.

    • Who would want to vote for a turn coat who was suppose to be Lovell’s friend but flipped on him to join labour. Yep, she can joint all the other former UPP people in government who are now labourites. Bunch of opportunists.

  11. Missa Knight ought to spend time with his family member who is apparently battling some serious mental health issues. The young man lives on the eastern side of Antigua.

  12. Now is the time for DNA to shine. St. Peter is sick of ABLP and the UPP “Candidate” is a slap in the face and an insult to people’s intelligence. The DNA has Mrs. Imhoff and they need to RUN HER in St. Peter and win where the UPP has failed miserably. They need to go back to the drawing board because it’s murderers, pedophiles, crooks and dunces they have on that UPP ticket – all led by a LOSER who kicks people in their behind when they don’t agree with him.

    The DNA will be the next opposition. UPP is DEAD!!

    • Confused, you might just be right. DNA may win the coveted Opposition seat with one vote, no more All the rest will go ABLP.

  13. @ CONFUSED. …I agree with your description of the UPP Candidates…MURDERERS, PEDOPHILES and LOSERS. ABLP will win St.Peter. I also agree that UPP is DEAD. It is a SLAP in the face of ST.PETER Constituents for the Candidate UPP presented to ST.PETER.

    • JP CARNY and Confused is the same person pretending to be two people. A fool answering his own question.


  14. Yes of course. Lots of signatures and wills. Did someone say something about a forgery.

  15. Is it just me, or has anyone else notinced how much Asat and Chosky look alike? They could be twins.


    You Guys are hiding. Can’t hear from you. Hope you listened to Hon.Gaston Browne on POINTE FM yesterday and gained some knowledge to place your BRAIN on the right track. How do you like Hon.Gaston Browne descriptions of your UPP Candidates and also the description of IAN ( MAGIC ) HUGHES .This Guy is your UPP SPOKESPERSON on Foreign AFFAIRS ????? Something definitely wrong with UPP.Waiting to hear from CHARLESWORTH TABOR and DESERT ROSE ( THORN ). Charlesworth TABOR and DESERT ROSE stop hiding and address this present issue I mentioned above I.e The UNDESIREABLES UPP Candidates etc.

    • Strange.
      Look above my friend. I am right, front and center,

      Stranger still. You are noticeably absent on the story about Gaston and the IMF.
      Is it because you realize that Top Dawg is a dog that has to lick his vomit.

      • @ DESERT ROSE ( THORN)

        What do you think of your UPP Spokesman on FOREIGN AFAIRS ???? DESERT ROSE…Let’s address the Calibre of People
        …For example IAN ( MAGIC ) HUGHES and you know the others.

        Also I did address the IMF issue. Hon. Gaston Browne would only consider IMF as last resort. Hon.Gaston Browne who is the best FINANCIAL NEGOTIATOR in the CARIBBEAN will put forward His conditions as follows..

        No layoff of Civil Servants

        Loan 1% Rate

        15 years pay back with 5 year MORATORIUM.

        Let the above sink in your THICK BRAIN.

        • That is brilliant. That is Harold’s plan. Oh, you didn’t hear. A technical working group was set up and the technicians gave them Harold’s plan.






          Let that sink into your thick head

    • ERIC (THE RED) I was about to answer to you but I see Desert Rose beat me to it. I am not hiding as you should have observed I have a few comments under this article. I am sure you know a few of the UNDESIRABLES on the ALP side so I would be wasting my time to outline them to you. Yes, I listened to the Browne & Browne show yesterday and Gaston continues to talk pure nonsense. With respect to Choksi the Antiguan citizen, Gaston said that he is in Dominica so his constitutional rights that he would have in Antigua do not exist. Gaston’s wife Maria did some kind of law studies so maybe she should say to him “honey you are talking crap”. Under International Law a citizen of a country is supposed to have his rights protected by his country anywhere in the world he is. However, not so with Gaston and his government. He wants to throw Choksi to the wolves. The international community will soon see Antigua and Barbuda as a rouge State if it is seen that way already.

    • Why did Boris Johnson kick Gaston Brown and told him to go to hell. Poor Gassy boy was so frighten he didn’t know what hit him. He cowered, lapped his tail and wimpered.

      Why you fraid to talk about that. Oh, Gaston didn’t tell you. I guess he met his match!

      The cartoon from another Caricom country laughing at Gaston Browne. The pastor from St. Lucia denouncing World boss.

      What happen? POINTE FM did tell you. OH POINTE FM hiding things from you. I wonder why?

      I guess they don’t think idiots like you and Rupert ( that’s you too ) can handle the truth!
      You want the truth, you can’t handle the truth.
      Eric the Red! Eric the Idiot.
      Gaston the Coward; Gaston the Beg beg

      Now, joke of all jokes


    I can see that you GUYS ARE AVOIDING MY QUESTIONS. I shall now close the chapter on this subject. You Guys CANNOT answer a straight forward question. SHAME.

    • Eric the Red, you feel you set my agenda.

      On Friday, you bleated: Gaston Browne will never go to the IMF. He threw out red meat for the UPP.

      48 hours later, you change your tune

      Let me remind you about what Gaston said:

      ” Let me be clear, under no circumstance will any government that I’m the head of ever go into an IMF programme” Remember Gaston said that. Oh you forget!!!

      Please answer my question?

      How is it Gaston was against Harold’s plan with the IMF when Harold constructed that brilliant plan now he is for Harold’s plan

      How is it you said that Gaston would never go to the IMF now you change your tune,


      I am laughing at you and Gaston.

      Gaston beg beg IMF
      Gaston copy Harold IMF plan

      You like a fool and an idiot.
      You were against it before you were for it.

  18. Everyone here keeps talking about who will win and who will lose and none of you seem to realise that the people are the biggest losers in all this. Take a look at your communities and see how most of them look like big ghettos. Delapidated houses and rat infested old cars all around. Gutters full of green, stinking water with no water in your pipes for weeks at a time to take a decent shower. St. John’s is a dump. I saw a picture of the city from the 70’s and that St.John’s looked better than the current one.
    Here you all are squabbling about party and many of you are unemployed and having to accept hand outs. The country is broke and as usual, rife with corruption. The people are brainwashed and the leaders thrive on that. Don’t you want clean, well organized neighborhoods to live in? Don’t we deserve decent Healthcare and good schools? Don’t we deserve well kept parks and public areas? Why is it that we have to migrate just to get the basics? What I see here is a load of blind, foolish people, pandering only to party politics instead of holding their government accountable for ensuring we make this place somewhere to be proud of.

    • Say it again. I could not agree with you more. If we come back in fifty years Antigua will be in the same condition and even worse. The Labour government couldn’t care less what Antigua looks like. They are a wotless thieving set of people and a lot of Antiguans are just as wotless and therefore don’t demand better. Instead they keep voting for a party that does nothing for them and country.

    • JUST SAYING you know you are full of jokes. Is Magic a public servant now much less to become a PS in any Ministry? 😂😁😂.

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