PM says opposition supporters hate and envy his success


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says criticism of him is motivated by hate and envy.

He made this in response to those who say his family is benefiting from all the nation’s wealth.

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    • Woe unto them that call evil good. The forest was shrinking but the trees kept voting for the Axe, for the axe was clever and convinced the trees that because his handle was made of wood he was one of them. Nobody BADMIND AH SOUL, success off the backs of the people is ill gotten gains and shall soon whither because there is a MIGHTY God that we serve. How’s your living situation? Do you have water? Do you have a job that allows you perks of full utility payments? Does your job allow you to have rent paid while you aren’t even living in a rented property?? Indira my dear I’d rather be called bad minded that stupid because if you really think those gains are the result of hard work then you would surely believe that the cow did in fact jump over the moon.

    • Y’all Gaston supporters are just like Trump supporters. Really docile. Open your eyes please. Which one of you who claim people bad minded living paycheck to paycheck, can hardly make ends meet. While the politicians that you vote for living high on the taxes that you pay out of your two pence. Cost of living is astronomical and has grown exponentially. Forget about the politics and look at it from an economical standpoint. When election time come around, they give you a ham and Turkey while they are receiving 10,000 for live, traveling around the globe getting per-diem and abusing taxpayers dollars. Meanwhile, you’ll families hungry. Please open your eyes before it’s too late.

  1. UPP stop focus on the Prime Minister money and tell Antiguans your plans to win the election. I am sick and tired of the UPP bashing the Prime Minister. Leave the bashing to Miss. Knight ( AWFUL Host on Observer Radio ).

  2. That silly jealousy and even hatred is sooo TRUMPish. Come on folks, this is Antigua. Stop the nonsense.

    • TRUMPish??? Sounds like you have a really bad case of TDS (Trump Derangement Symdrom).
      When Trump returns to office I’ll bet you’ll be wailing crazy uh? (smile)

      UPP – I too wish you spend more time telling the people what you’ll do right instead of what the PM is doing wrong! For example: Will you put an end to this ‘pandemic’ nonsense and put the ABLP criminals in jail (hangings for those who committed crimes against humanity these past two years?


    You are correct. UPP full of HATRED for Hon.Gaston Browne .Also Tabor , KNIGHT, SERPENT and UPP Minions hate the Prime Minister success.Awful People.

  4. JEALOUSY. JEALOUSY get the UPP nowhere. Hon.Gaston Browne should build another and rent for $50 000.00 monthly. Serpent eat your heart out. JEALOUS , BADMINDED set of People.

    • You sound like one of them that collects Oasis bottles and stand filling 15 at a standpipe two villages away from where you actually live. How is your paycheck working for you?? Are you living hand to mouth and scarcely that?? How is your road?? Are you one of those having to stuff cloth in the space between the wood in your house to keep our eyes and cold winds?? How is it ONE and ONLY ONE is seen to PROSPER AND NOBODY SHOULD QUESTION OR CHALLENGE?? WE ARE NOT OUR GRANDPARENTS WE ARE THE CHILDREN OUR GRANDPARENTS/PARENTS SAVED AND SENT TO SCHOOLS WHO ARE NOW SHOWING HOW EDUCATED WE ARE AND HOW AWAKE WE ARE. To bad your affiliation doesn’t allow you to see beyond color. SAVE ANTIGUA

  5. Just answer Asot question and done‼️ Tell us the source of your wealth‼️Is Asot also an opposition member and supporter⁉️

  6. Your focus as the PM is on personal wealth allocation while the nationals are poor n without hope under your “leadership”

    See if all that wealth will benefit u and your family n supporters 🔥 🚮

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  8. ´Their mission is to take off the head of the labour party.. Same playbook from 2004… They will never challenge on the actual issues Antiguans wanna hear about because they have nttg of substance to offer us .. Its always personal with Gassy .

    • This is classic Modus operandi of the UPPITES. It’s their play book from 2000. It’s now dust off and they will be spouting their usual diatribes and deception. You can’t govern any country when all you is criticize and oppose everything goddam thing. No honest businessman and woman will invest in the country if and when you govern. Please UPPITES tell the people what you will do differently. I forgot when you were in governance you made a female a millionaire in ten years using tax payers money without that person making any investments of her own.

  9. ´Alister is still in the old man house. Why don’t they try to get him out so the man can rent his home and get some money.

  10. Gaston, UPP supporters are not jealous of your success, they are just appalled at your brazenness and the intellectual dunceness of some of your supporters. WEZ doesn’t appear to have any money. Question for you. Where they given Antiguan passports to sell so they can pay you and your family rent?

    • Brazenness like Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS??? Or Brazenness like having the CONVICTED PEDOPHILE IAN MAGIC HUGHES serve as a frontman for your party? Brazenness like choosing SHERFIELD BOWEN over Shawn Nicholas?

    • @ JACKIE
      Jackie ..Gaston Browne will build a house and You.can rent for FREE. Jackie the.BLUE KOOLAID have you turning STUPID. You are a DUNCE ELEMENT.

  11. Honorable Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda: The threats that you are sending the Opposition. Be careful of stones you throw. The laws you make while in Government. You will have to live by them when you are in Opposition. God is still in control.

  12. I hope other people are reading my posts other than the Labour supporters who are showing the world how devoid of reasoning they are. Is this one person posting this stupidity, or has Antigua really produce so many of you. After reading some of your posts, I am really ashamed to be Antiguan. Gaston is smarter than all of you.

  13. All of this wasted talk and speculation. Let’s hear from YIDA how much they paid Gaston in 2014. Then let’s hear from Asot what really went down. How did Gaston really win the primary. Who get pay? Where is the rest of the money buried?

  14. Remember Gassy, it’s not jealousy at all, but your excessive greed at the detriment of your fellow Antiguans, which can hurt them – there’s a popular Jamaican saying, that goes: ANTS FOLLOW FAT, AND FAT DROWN DEM …

  15. The wealth accumulation by politicians while in office is downright wrong. It is simply corruption. Our young education voters should see that for what it us. Who now owns the biggest structure in Liberta village. These guys could not even pay their bills before or just when they entered politics. The PM is involved in every thing, equipment, farm with government support the infrastructure to the point he had to pronounce that after his any farmer that need the same assistance can have it. I hear of million dollar investor investing on his farm. Then the land dealing from point, villa , long bay , West Indies oil lands in exchange. The school bus was wrong too and now it continue. This is rape rape and more rape on poor Antigua. They are saying it is a gift this building on the corner in liberta . Who owns the land ? It’s been said it is a gift to the community of liberta . So if and when you are out of office is this available to all parties. All I see is that the black politicians too thief.

    • Maybe we should ask the Canadian government to investigate. You know how Gaston can sniff out his friends.

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