PM says opposition elements in APUA may be sabotaging delivery of water

APUA Headquaters

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says APUA itself s well as opposition elements in APUA are partly to blame for the country’s water problem.

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    • I know my boss Gaston is crazy but I won’t stop loving him. I don’t care how much lies he’s telling.

  1. The PM keeps asking for the bull bud, it looks like he will finally get it. What bull shit is this now? Any more excuses Mr. PM. Why stop now? We thought we heard all of the excuses possible, but you just keeping trying to bull shit the people of this country.
    Pathetic excuses for something as basic as water!!!

  2. Gaston need to go hide himself. His administration promised to solve the water situation instead it gets worse under his leadership….failure Gaston/Robin. Demote the water management team at APUA and promote some of the lower staffs in the water department. Somebody in that department has to have the knowledge and skills to put an end to this water nightmare. Some of these managements are tired, brains dead, and cannot go no further in the twenty first century….demote them. Also, the person who is responsible to make sure that the critical parts are always on hand especially the membrane filters. The water and power plants are critical facilities and should always has critical spare parts in inventory at a par level stocks. The inventory should be look at every quarterly too make sure that the par level of stock is up to par.

    • Some of these managements are tired, brains dead, and cannot go no further in the twenty first century….demote them. LONG TIME NOW

      • Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! “The Afrocentric Paradigm is a revolutionary shift in thinking proposed as a constructural adjustment to lack of black dislocation, disorientation, decenteredness and lack of agency.” – Dr. Molefi Kete Asante, Afrocentricity, The Theory of Social Change!

        APUA’s senior executives, management, and staff at the administrative, bureaucratic and technocratic levels across all business units have been found wanting in capacity by GoAB and Skye! What a Thing! In July 2014, this mere voice in the wilderness urged the incoming government to engage in a serious forensic audit of the Utility and to bring about a strategy and mission which would lead to transforming – redesign, reengineer, realign and restructure – APUA from Board to Management to Staff in order to improve operations, service delivery and sustainable Triple Bottom Line outcomes! The Good PM opted for cooption! GoAB has now reaped the triple bottom line of misery, lack of trust and people woes!

        “Afrocentricity is a paradigm based on the Idea that People of African Descent should re-assert a sense of agency in order to achieve sanity.” – Asante! All of the stakeholders: ABLP, UPP, DNA, The Movement, Freedom Fighters, Board, Senior Executives, Management, Technocrats, Staff, Customers and other Publics gleefully wash their hands and point fingers at each other! This is not hyperbole! The WPP is decommissioned decades before the end of its Useful Life and nary a Peep! The Solar Generating Plants at the Airport and Bethesda remained without batteries and IT systems for Transmission and connections to the grid while providing good grazing grounds for the slaughter of the lambs! The Water Harvesting and Supply, echoing Coleridge’s “water, water all about and not a drop to drink” with leaking distribution and a paucity of storage is in shambles and neither PS, Board, Senior Executives, Management or the Ancient Mariner has been made to walk the Plank and be keelhauled! Baffled by the fates of 3G, 4g, 5G and broken by the broadband wars of Digi and Sour Limes, I-net struggles against the profound need for the people of African Descent to be re-located, historically, politically, economically, socio-culturally, technologically, legally, environmentally and philosophically to bring about a sustainable triple bottom line!

        As a theory of change and pan-African and Caribbean ideas, Afrocentricity is intended to relocate people of African descent as subjects in our enterprises and is the key to not only the proper education, theory and praxis of children and adults towards the essence of sustainable survival. When the Honourable Michael Browne was being admitted back into the inner circle of Cabinet, JFII urged that he demand APUA to bring about APUA Transformation – Redesign, Reengineer, Realign and Restructure the Strategy, Mission, Values, Structure, Systems, Skills and Culture which are necessary steps that any GoAB must undertake to solve the APUA’s woes! He neither did ask nor was it offered! The PM Lost his Ace in the Hole and now finds that all have been sailing on a Ship of Tribal Ideological Fools! “Too Late! Too Late!” is now the Cry! A&B has been shut out of critical infrastructure development!

        “Afrocentricity cannot be reconciled to any hegemonic or idealistic philosophy. It is opposed to radical individualism, spookism, confusion and superstitio.” – Asante and Dr. Ama Mazama!

  3. That is a dumbass statement! Freetown no hab no wata for two weeks. The clock is still ticking on when the conspiracy that APUA workers are deliberately shutting off valves to prevent water delivery to communities.

    Stop deflecting and start accepting the shortcomings of your government and it’s institutions for not providing safe potable water to all it’s communities not just Hodges Bay! Your government has failed. Granny can’t bathe, Mommy can’t bathe, baby can’t bathe… a wash off with a bucket and saucepan is NOT my kind of bathing to maintain my hygiene. YOU and your cabinet of Marauders have fail this country of providing a necessary resource to sustain life. Wata. If you no know,75% of the human body is water. Biology 101.

    De pipe a dem a leak. Dem older than dirt. You can produce all you want too. The bigger problem is your distribution system through most of the island is in disrepair. The produced fresh water cannot reach the homes and businesses that it needs to 24/7.

    Comrades, you get a big fat F on the water issue. Stop blaming the men and women at APUA.

  4. Gaston Browne,do you say things just to be noticed? Do your frigging work for which you are getting paid to do. Run the damn Country so all the people prosper. Stop engaging in bull shittery,for most of us are not idiots. It has been 2014 to now 2022 the water situation sucks.

    • “Rat”, it seems the PM just might be right on this one. They must do a full investigation.

      • They should do a full investigation of themselves as to why of the $2 billion received From CIP, none was spent on infrastructure. Only thing you and your ministers care about is devising schemes to thief Antigua assets. You always blame the opposition for your failures. Time for you and your government to go.


  6. Well..well. This sad and miserable saga becomes even more amazing. The Prime Minister has now come up with yet another outrageous excuse for the failures and incompetence of his administration. It is sad because while Antiguans have to suffer from this worsening water problem, we actually have a Government that has no clue how to solve the problem, and a Prime Minister who is becoming more and more creative in blaming others for the failures of the administration that he leads. Yet, interestingly, he seems to hesitate to hold the Minister of Public Utilities accountable for this ongoing disaster. So what is the role of this Minister of Public Utilities? other than enriching himself and finding jobs for his constituents, what is he good at? Yesterday, we heard about the water tanks that were installed years ago and not yet connected. This incompetent administration probably does not know that water storage is critical for a water system to work, especially a water system that relies on desalinated water. Lets just hope that elections are called soon! Antiguans deserve better!

  7. Gaston, the managers who run/manage A.P.U.A. all have their degree?

    You have got to advise the General Manager as to how to do his work? What a joke.

    The word on the street is that YOUR CABINET gave the manager an extension of his contract recently.

    Why are you putting ‘things’ out there WHEN YOU HAVE NO PROOF (remember you said you all are watching it).

    I personally find that you are planting seeds of discord (circumstantial according to you) for the UNSUSPECTING A.L.P. SUPPORTERS who will run with it.

    Just listen to them after hearing the ignorance/crap/b**ls**t you spout.

    • One of his followers phoned in to say she agreed with him that UPP supporters had turned off the water. Now Gaston said he has no proof. Guess he knows his people. They will lap up any lie and run with it. Guess if Gaston had said that UPP made him and mother crazy she would believe that to. How come Labour Party followers are so dunce. A Jim Jones cult followers them be.

  8. This is from the cabinet notes for the week ending Friday 15th April 2022:


    To the IDIOT OF A CABINET THAT IS PRESENTLY RUNNING ANTIGUA, that statement could only mean one of two things:

    (1) 52% of the water is being stolen (who really believes that) or

    (2) 52% of the water is being lost to LEAKING god-damn PIPES (the most likely scenario).

    What a bunch of idiots.

  9. Of course he gonna say that

    That’s his job!!

    I commend him he prolly thinks he sounds so distinctive saying all this is oppositional and the other parties are brainwashing you, I can imagine him sitting there ohhh don’t listen to UPP etc etc et in his mind and thinking up shit to say to ignore his own incompetence. ignoring the fact that all the job he done for the country could have been better if u just focused more. How can the only prime minister who has generated more fiscal capital than alll the previous administrations combined still complain about being broke!! How????. That makes sooooooo much sense. U soon hear how ABLP ALL OF A SUDDENdo this and that better more tourism may even write a whole manifesto too to prove how superior they were in office. AND STILL BRUK!!

    Can’t finish 500 homes
    Can’t fix road
    Can’t lower price
    Can’t find alternative solution

    Everywhere give away cash and cheque during Covid

    Uncle gassy give the country $200 in food vouchers between dey on cross street and you know government workers their friend and family MUSS come fuss cuz everyone else just a beg. So of course they go say no more forms to fill go there.

    Same man that think a woman with she ice cream nuh kno nun bout politics but if haagen dazz want piece a land he will fly up another draft portfolio for economic zone gi dem.

    Well we’ll when a man can’t stand up behind his own failure to do a job he blameshifts and points it in someone else. Okay lol Go ABLB.

    U can squeeze sponge out e water all u want but eventually no water go come from the sponge. So gwan feel increase and all u doing is for the future. Lol

  10. Chupzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. When the devil was sharing incompetence and lies you took all for yourself just as how you want to take all of Antigua’s limited lands for yourself. You sick me tumuck baaaaaad. Don’t you know that God is bigger and greater than you and one day you’ll have to account to him for all of your atrocities meted out to the people of this country? You have no soul at all and it’s very sad that one day your children may pay for your wickedness because many knees are bowed praying for you, many eyes weeping and many hearts aching. Make the country breathe and turn from your wicked Hitler ways. Enough is enough. Please go.

  11. What this man won’t say to deflect from his incompetence is astounding. This saddest part is that these claims are going to become the the party’s mantra when they cannot fix the water problem “as promised”, before the next election.

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