PM says OMICRON spreading mainly among young people


Prime Minister Gaston Browne revealed today that it is mainly young people contracting COVID.

Listen to him here speaking on Pointe FM:

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  1. I was wondering how Gaston Browne was going to ‘spin’ and deflect this current situation.

    If you all recall, at first, it was the UNVACCINATED who was the cause, and were spreading the Coronavirus in and around Antigua, and then he banned us from travelling and frequenting certain establishments – however, he’s still calling us out as the problem according to this video.

    Because the former isn’t CLEARLY working, he’s now going back to targeting the youngsters (remember the school student a few months back?).

    He keeps saying that the young and the unvaccinated should get vaccinated because the vaccines have been scientifically proven – YET HE STILL WILL NOT RELEASE THE DATA, SO THAT INDEPENDENT MEDICAL EXPERTS CAN SCRUTINISE AND MAKE UP THEIR OWN MINDS.

      • Because it’s the truth. If you know so much more than the global medical experts why aren’t you in charge? You are a clown

        • Just highlighting the other medical experts viewpoints who have been wilfully silenced and giving their side of the Coronavirus pandemic.

          Ask yourself, why have they their voices been silenced? SHEEP!

  2. Omicron is real smart — it’s choosing the perfect cohort that can surely cause it’s extinction. Lol. Their natural immunity is critical to saving the planet.
    Vaccinating with vaccines made to an obsolete strain is nothing more that an exercise in compliance and futility

    NEWS: VIAGRA shows utility in ventilated Covid 19 patient.

    How honduras crushed covid 19….

    • Good to read your comments Sugarapple. Did you hear the recent breaking news?

      A judge has just rejected the FDA’s request to extend their Pfizer approval data to 75 years, and instead has given the FDA JUST 8 MONTHS to reveal all the safety data by Aug 2022.

      Watch it on Facts Matter on YouTube, Titled: Judge rejects FDA request …


  3. This man has become an expertise with covid and quick to speak on medical issues, but is silent when it comes to matter related to death in his department

  4. Unvacinated cannot travel they said the omicron was first discovered in South Africa, how it reach our shores? Will they try to say the unvacinated who are not travelling bringing the virus to our shores

  5. Smh…But the young people didn’t let omicron into the country. That was the government’s fault. Where is the corresponding ban on travellers from the heavily infected US and UK to go with that much publicized ban on travellers from South Africa?

  6. Have they tested all the cruise ships and the Yachty to see who brought this thing with them but rather blame their own locals for the spread of the Omicron. Now tell me how do search for this new virus in someone walking the street or just sitting on the side, does it come with a new pair of spider limbs, is it a rash, is it a toe infection please Mr Prime Minister tell us as the public would like to know and don’t be too smart or too dumb about it . My next question is can sit and watch CNN?

    • Very true, that’s why they were hoping that the trial data would be hidden for 75 Years, however, it looks like they have to release it in EIGHT months …

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