PM says multiply active cases by 6, for better picture of COVID situation in Antigua & Barbuda


PM says active COVID-19 cases more like 6000:

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  1. The multiplier is higher than that. I’d estimate roughly 10-15% of the adult population of the island are currently infected

    • The multiplier might be times 100 or times 1000 for all we know since there not much testing going on.

      The official numbers were always drastically lower than the reality.

  2. That’s the tone of voice you should speak with.. when trying to get across your message … it makes a difference…

  3. The official numbers have always been many fold less than actual cases because the government tests so few people and seems to have been trying to hide cases for over 1.5 years.

    Things must be really out of control if the PM who caused all of these problems and happily hid and obfuscated information for the entire pandemic is admitting that the official numbers are a gross undercount of the situation.

    But please remember in June 2020, there were no C19 cases. And then he reopened the airport to anyone without any real protocols in place for tourists. And now here we are

    • It is a result of the economic conditions brought on by covid19. Only when the pandemic ends will life return to normal. You can do your part by encouraging people to get vaccinated.

  4. I suggest getting a few mobile units or all the clinics to start doing covid testing in all the communities so we can have a true picture of what we are dealing with. A next problem is the mental state of a lot of people in Antigua. The stress and depression is real.

  5. My daughter just com back from the UK she had five test in ten days that cost plenty, don’t blame people coming to the island, look around your unvaxed neighbours that the problem

  6. 6000 with covid, soon natural immunity, 2000 already with natural immunity, 38800,with fake immunity, 8000 soon with fake immunity, that’s 72000,whoope,herd immunity. NOT!!!!

  7. Six times more? I’m sure the US and UK governments will be taking notes. This idiot’s obsession will get Antigua put on the no fly list.

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