PM says Minister accused of rape to be interviewed by police this week


Investigators are expected to bring in for questioning the Cabinet Minister accused of rape.


Prime Minister Gaston Browne revealed this latest information on Saturday during his weekly radio program on Pointe Fm.


“The Minister had travelled to the United States, returned to the island last week and is in quarantine for 14 days. I was told, that law enforcement, that they have gotten on to the Minister and that they have set a date to interview him as soon as his quarantine finishes next week”, Prime Minister Browne said.


The head government reiterated that his governance policy requires that the Minister be relieved of his position if charges are laid in the matter.


“In the event he is charged, he is duty bound to resign his ministerial position in order to fight his case and to prove his innocence. He has maintained that he is innocent but it’s not for me to determine his guilt or innocence”, Browne explained.

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  1. The PM is right. It’s not up to him to determine guilt or innocence. The people of Antigua await the decision on whether or not he is charged. If he is, then we expect him to be kicked out of the Cabinet, just as the PM said. IF he should be found guilty by the courts, we expect life in prison and immediate casturation, for the security of our women and girls. The boys up in 1735 will take care of any other situation, as needed. Prison justice can be harsh.

    • PS: ,To clarify I am NOT Harold Lovell. I am simply “Harold” your neighbour. I have no idea what Mr. Lovell thinks about this matter.

  2. Shouldn’t the police be the ones to come out with a briefing with why they have not been any questioning or they cant get the go ahead to question unless the cabinet have decided. A bunch of games and acting , Judgement will soon come.

    • Actually, it seems you might be right as to who should “come out with a briefing”. I’m interested in knowing the PM’s opinion, BUT this is now a legal matter. and if charges are filed, the police should do the “briefing”. It is a cabinet matter in regard to kicking him out of the cabinet (if charged), but at this stage this is a matter for the police.

    • Y’all should already know that Gaston always ready to run his mouth when it’s not his place, but then keeps quite where he should be speaking up.
      Just like when he blabbed that Liat got a million dollars to pay remaining staff and up to now not even a penny then can get.

  3. ANR 5-Nov: Serpent Libel Case
    “It is said that the Education Minister is presently in quarantine having just returned to the island from New York.”

    Any other Cabinet Members been to NY in past week?

    • @ stay alert.
      You ah work.
      Move to the head of the class.

      The PC is now waiting on the PM to tell him when to release a bogus statement.

  4. There’s none so blind as he who will not see and none so deaa he who will not hear. People are now daring to question why the PM came out with the information concerning the imminent interrogation of a member of his cabinet. Aren’t you the same dumb Antiguans who, at every turn, have been demanding an update on the case? Now that you have been given an answer you take issue with it. Hon. PM, your consistency and transparency in this matter are commendable. Stay on course. Keep a close eye Sir, on the accused, the accuser, and the Ass on which they will ride into court!

    • Anon the 1st it seems as if you are not understanding simple English. All people are saying is that the Prime Minister is making pronouncements that he should not be making. I am sure FROM THE SIDELINE will tell him the same thing. Just like he spoke for the Comptroller of Customs on the fraud investigation, he is also speaking for the Commissioner of Police on criminal investigations.

  5. The PM sticking his mouth in things as usual where he shouldn’t be.

    Where is the bow tie man? They have him in custody yet?

    And let’s not forget about Nigel Christian.

  6. Melchesidec November 3, 2020 at 7:06 am
    Likely is the key word for those seeking blood.

    Likely according to MP Nicholas and Sir Molwyn means:
    before week end,
    next week,
    bythe end of the week,
    in less than no time,
    before you know it,
    In a few days,
    In a relatively short time,
    Its practically done,
    In the near future,
    Just about completed
    Let me pause here so likely take on all these political terms that in reality has no accurate meaning.

  7. There is something smelling like fish here.If it smells like fish it usually is that.Why would the Police be communicating with Gaston Browne,Prime Minister.Is he the PRO of the Police Force in Antigua and BarbudaThey are supposed to do their investigations into this matter.Without any non Police personnel participation and interferences. When that process is complete.The person should be charged yea or nay.If the Minister in this instance is charge for Rape.The Prime Minister could ask for the resignation of that Minister from his Cabinet.That person could also resign as a Member of Parliament. Because I for one would not want a known Rapist,Representing me in Parliament.

  8. Why are we hearing from the PM about this matter and not from the police? This plays into the belief of most that the police are being controlled.

  9. Charged with rape is not the same as convicted of rape. We have seen how the judiciary have seemingly varying interpretations of rape and a seemingly wide range of sentences.
    Our justice system presumes innocence until proven guilty.
    Citizens have been suspended from their jobs pending the outcome of a serious crime charge against them being decided by the court.
    I’d imagine that suspension is guided by one’s labour contract and any union agreement entered into.
    Let’s all watch carefully as this particular scenario unfolds.
    It is more visceral for us perhaps than a fancy car with hidden contraband, but will the outcome be similar?

  10. I guess anyone charged of a crime is guilty until proven innocent these days. That seems to be the new rule especially for an ABLP politician.
    Lester Bird had to go through the very same thing. And in the end it cost him the election. But in the court of law he won his case and some people had to pay dearly. But his character was already damaged. i guess that was the goal to begin with character assasination. Terrorists is what they call assasins.
    let our legal system work. A man is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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