PM Says Mia ‘Offended’ By His Openness On Liat Issue


Prime Minister Gaston Browne appears to be imposing a gag on himself regarding public pronouncements on Barbados’ shares in LIAT.

Browne says Barbados is willing to sell all but ten per cent of its ownership in the regional airline.

However, Mottley has reportedly said that nothing is final since the decision has not been approved by the state institutions including the Cabinet of Barbados.

Speaking on local TV over the weekend, prime minister Browne said, “I don’t want to create any animosity between myself and the Prime minister of Barbados.”

“I think she feels a little offended that I continue to brief the people of Antigua and Barbuda on the developments, that is my style to be as open and as transparent as possible,” he said.

The government here has its established a team to negotiate the purchase of LIAT shares from Barbados but for the most part, Bridgetown has remained quiet on the issue.

“I respect her position, she says she would rather deal with her particular issues in the Parliament of Barbados. So my understanding is that she has not made a formal statement as yet so we are awaiting a formal statement so we can further apprise the people of Antigua and Barbuda,” Browne said.

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  1. Top dawg! I continue to be as open and as transparent as possible,” You continue to keep your red koolaid drinkers in ignorance. Antigua and Barbuda debt is over 4 billion, deficit over 450 million and now you adding Barbuda debts to CDB, fourth landed campus along with and outstanding debt of 15 million to UWI. Top dawg with your transparency and openness please tell the people of Antigua and Barbuda where the Jumby Money going to come from and please don’t say CIP. If it’s one thing about the idiot’s who support this dawg they believe it’s the politicians they support will pay for all the debts.

    • If you have so many questions to ask the PM why don’t you call him on Point FM where he is every Saturday facing the nation with any questions they may have. Not any other politician in the entire Caribbean or in the world for that matter does something like that. Un-censored call and ask what you want. That my friend is TRANSPARENCY. Not being afraid or shy to face the public. But you know what. You have no balls and you know you would be put straight. Just like the accountant at the entrepreneurs’ workshop was trying to score some brownie points until Mr. Browne Answered her. Trying to suggest she is being double and over taxed in the system because of the UBT. These people just do not like paying taxes. But they want government to pay for everything.


      At least a ‘…Cat Out of Bag,’ is not as dangerous as a …tiger out of a cage.’

      Mauled everybody in its path.

      Nah! First one tiger grab, others will run like hell.

  2. There is nothing wrong about been transparent, as a matter of fact most people would subscribe to that, however when the administration keeps running off its mouth before anything is agreed upon is not transparency more like a way to hype up the citizenry to believing things are a “done deal”.

  3. Is there something called “half transparent”. it is strange when you damned if you do and damned if you don’t. It said when you have to change the way you are just to please someone else. Mia has a her style and the PM has his. He did not leak confidential information as far as I understand. And Barbados nor LIAT is listed on the stock market. So share prices will not be effected. So all the Barbados PM has to say is “we are in negotiation. And she will have to deal with her politics at home. Which by the way she won with a CLEAN SWEEP. So nothing to worry about at all

    • If PM Browne is as transparent as he would want us to believe, why not tell us: How much debt we are in now? Where he is going to get the money from to purchase Barbados’ shares? What was the deal with Carnival Cruise Lines? Come to us on ABS and Observer and be prepared to answer these kinds of questions. Only Koolaid drinkers listen to his radio station and some like me, dont listen to any political affiliated stations. I only started listening to ZDK after the PM started his radio station and ZDK learnt their lesson ie not to be so closely tied to any political party.

      The lady is right and the PM might be well served to learn from this. I for one, dont mind waiting a little longer until there is a something concrete. What the PM is doing is to feed his base in order that they can keep calling him ‘Top Dag’ or “World Bass’ or whatever is today’s flavour.

      • You ever listen to yourself. The country’s debt cannot be hidden. Not from anyone. Unlike during the UPP years in office where audited financials have not seen the parliament for ten years and where certain liabilities were deliberately left off the books only to be discovered. Just like the St. Kitts bonds. This government has tabled every year their audited annual financials in Parliament. And the IMF comes every year to do their review. How much money you think the LIAT shares can cost as it relates to the three planes they have purchased? When you have a relationship with your voters to tell them everything before it becomes public and they have to learn from someone else that is a good thing. You should practice that in your marriage. It leads to a healthy relationship. When he was dealing with the cruise ship issues they had to ask him to sign a non-disclosure agreement until such time. And only then he did not tell us what is going on. As soon as things were penned he cam to the public in his usual talk show and told us what has been achieved.
        Compare that with what we went through under the UPP. Total secrecy. We knew nothing. They only told us what they wanted us to know. No Cabinet briefings after every week Cabinet meetings. No notes nothing. Just name me one Caribbean government that does that.

      • There is something called Google. It would have taken you less time to search and find “Government of Antigua and Barbuda Prospectus PROSPECTUS ” than to type what you did. Let be honest and admit that you really don’t want the info, that this is really about your need to rant. Zackie I find as time progresses you are getting more bitter. Should this not be about A&B and not your dislike for Gaston Browne and the ALP?

  4. Folks it’s not the Politicians monies. During campaigning they promised to be open to the public. Now in power a new song to dance too. Our so call leaders must realised and recognised that transparency is quintisenial to good governance. G B is one of those that should be highly appreciated and commended for his visionary leadership.

    • You can say that again. Whether you agree with his policy is not the point. The fact that he sees it his duty to come and address almost everything thing that is not confidential is commendable
      But of course the haters will always see something wrong in whatever it is he does

  5. This statement is like when someone tells another to hush be quiet……and the person repeat what did you say hush and be quiet?

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