PM says Members of Cabinet have made a request for higher pay


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  1. They have made requests for salary increases. What have they done individually to justify that increase of which they seek? Those Cabinet Members should be given evaluations twice yearly,in my opinion.By doing so they would each know exactly where they stand in their performances.If there is nothing in place to track performances. Of course they are going to seek salaries increases based on just being Parliamentarians and Members of Cabinet. Lazy,fat,bloated arses. Away de bull bud garne?

  2. Pay increases!! On top of the exorbitant manufactured per diems and first class travel?! How many salaries would these help to pay?
    They are telling other government workers that they can’t get their entitled money for their positions because money is tight but they are requesting increases at this time?! Admit them all to the asylum

  3. Those poor persons who Voted for you people. Many of them are retired and cannot get their pensions on time for many months. You people have the cojones(balls) to be asking for salaries increases.

  4. If parliamentarians think they are not making enough money they can move to the private sector if they have the ability to do so. They can even leave and go in to business. They are complaining when the average civil servant makes less than $2,000 per month. How much does a nurse and a teacher with a masters degree make? All over the world, politicians make less than they would make as a CEO of a large corporation. They take a cut in salary because they want to serve and the power and prestige they get from serving. When they leave government, that’s when they make the big bucks. It is not salary alone they get. How about all the free utilities that other people have to pay for. No matter how much politicians in Antigua are paid, they are going to still steal, because that is how third world politicians behave.

    • PJ I agree with you completely. If they are dissatisfied with their salary and all the perks that go with it they should leave and go into the private sector. This has to be a big joke.

  5. Gaston Browne:Why would you discuss this matter of CABINET on your station.What has happen to the Nation’s Station,ABS? Are you doing this to distract from the Rental Matter with WIEZ? By the way,I heard a recording from your station.Those on that show with Browne sounded like pigs fighting for food at the trough. What disturbed me 3 of them on that Show are Labor Party Senators in your Administration.

  6. I have no issues if minister’s regardless of who is in government, are paid enough so that they will not have the need to be involved in corrupt dealings.

    Having said that, it is strange that they are complaining about an increase, but many of the current minister’s are showing a level of wealth, they were not or could not show before becoming minister’s. So how are they building palatial mansions, driving Porsche and able to pay multimillion pounds in divorce settlement on their salary?

    • Very good question. “How” is the question. Especially when they had none of these assets before they entered politics.

  7. I would like to see a breakdown of the average member of Cabinet Salary plus the additional perks. Like all the freebs added to those salaries.Free phones,free petrol,free water,free internet,free cars and the best health insurances. They have the damn nerves asking for salaries increases.

  8. Please name those Members of your Kitchen Cabinet asking for salaries increases. Did Maria Browne ask for an increase also? It is time to name so we the people could shame them.

  9. Is the prime minister aware that there are public servants working for $250 , 350, 450 etc and still have to pay light bill, water bill, buy food, catch bus and more. Does this man have any shame at all? I think it’s about time for the prime minister and his ministers to do the honourable thing and start paying their bills. It’s the least they can do.

  10. Oh my poor fellow Antiguans. Wha aryu vote for ABLP for? Wicked set a people!!!
    What? Even the ‘creative enrichment’ can’t satisfy your greed?

    I have a solution: Each of you find an investor to rent your house to and charge them about $20k each month. Tenman’s grand children will gladly pay for it.

  11. This is disgusting. No way. A major pandemic is NOT the time for a salary increase. The common people will simply NOT endorse this, certainly not at this time, and it will cost you votes. In fact, as patriots they should take a salary cut. No more first class flights either unless they pay for this “upgrade” out of their own pockets. Salaries need to be cut and perks trimmed back. The pandemic makes that obvious. Boys, it’s time to tighten your belts. I’m appreciative of the good work you are doing, but this IS NOT THE TIME to ask for more $$$.

    • @CErmle…a just now, u a find out, dat dem “disgusting” lakkah spoil likkle Pickee nearga(BRATS).
      A wicked dem wicked to rass!

  12. Barlz bigger than coconuts. As soon as you give pensioners their money and we get water in Johnston Village every damm day and you build a wheelchair ramp on he back parking of Lester’s Hospital, A real program to creat more Local and small business HELL TO THE NAR

  13. You mofo’s better shut the hell up and pay laid off people like hotel and liat staff in full! Talking bout increase in pay for you set of crooks and robbers? Get to hell out of here!

    • GI JOE, you “Get to hell out of here”! Your mouth is too big and too nastry. Settle down. You sound like those Trump people. Chuups.

  14. This cannot be real…this must be a case where someone is trying to prove that all the ministers are greedy. I do hope at least one of them will come and refute this claim.

  15. Lol and the fools really going to vote for these buffoons again unbelievable..
    I spoke to a Govt employee and was told sometimes they have to work more than a month without pay wow.

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  17. A drunk them they Drunk in them ass. How many jumby workers are in Cabinet? Some of them you don’t even see them in office,v especially a particular woman but get pay every month. I can’t get my pension for December up to now.

  18. Soo poor pll dont need a raise too… everything gone up except our salary and we still have to try live on it…. you get free perks and still want more money

  19. Hear these jokers.

    What did they say about raising the ‘MINIMUM WAGE’ for POOR PEOPLE?

    What about a bunch of jokers……………

  20. These bastards have some nerves!! After telling public servants that they have to accept 0% increase, they want a raise? Seriously?

    If the people at the bottom who r doing the work must accept 0%, how could u at the top, who don’t do jacksh!t, think u deserve a raise?

  21. These greedy gutter snipers. Government workers need higher pay. These old lazy men that receive over 10 thousand a month in salaries have the audacity to ask for higher pay when we have NO WATER in our pipes, LACK OF JOBS, LOW PAY and HIGH COST OF LIVING? These gluten old pigs should be ashamed of themselves.

  22. @CErmle…a just now, u a find out, dat dem “disgusting” lakkah spoil likkle Pickee nearga(BRATS).
    A wicked dem wicked to rass!

  23. …Plain and simple, somebody, anybody, everybody have to pay for the free ham, turkey, Weston rice pudding and mah, plus election campaign giveaways!

    Grannie say dat, dem drunk innah dem libber!

  24. This is incredibly bare- faced and evil. During a pandemic when the Prime Minister has said the government is struggling to pay salaries, you’re going to ask for an increase? When you’re making more than many Antiguans? When pensioners can’t get paid on time? This lacks any social sensitivity. And what the hell dem ah do so for tink dem deserve more money? The only one who works consistently is Molwyn.

  25. Did the P.M willfully expose the greed of the cabinet members so he can look good? Was that a psychological election gimmick Mr. P.M? Enquiring minds would like to know.

  26. Gaston Browne, you don’t have common sense to know when is the right time to speak on issues. How dare you mention such things when so many people don’t receive their pensions, when all these people who lost their jobs can’t get severance, when you cut off people paychecks when they did not take vaccine, when people who work for the government for years and producing only taking home $1100.00 per month. When minimum wage in Antigua is $7:25 per hour. When people can’t afford to buy food. I can go on and on. Gaston, The problem is parliamentarians already taking taxpayers for a ride, getting all these perks and you don’t have common sense or common decency to know when to say what. Crying shame on you. Undeserving of the highest office in the land. You, your son and Maria can easily give back some of what you have. This is unbelievable.

  27. They can’t be serious about salary increase when public sector workers haven’t seen a cent increase for about 10 years!

    Pay the people who are the backbone of this society, and then we just might talk about pay intreat for them set ah ppl. If you feel that the pay is not enough, then go look work else place.

  28. Are you vote this man and his renegades back in office and see the first legislation passed. This man said he rich but he is setting it up to get more of the people’s money and say his ministers want it.

  29. Well well the devil has raised its ugly head. The bunch of criminals want a raise? When the seniors and hotels staff and liat workers can’t get paid. People in Antigua is still working for less than 2000 a month and have to pay light and water and theses big rice pudding looking worms making 15000 and get free utilities how it’s ok plus other perks why these blood sucking mosquitoes so dangerous? Look at them and still dipping they hands in everything else to enriching themselves and the dunce that support them don’t see anything wrong. They’re not doing anything because nine out of ten times they’re just there doing nothing not reaching out to the people because they’re eating the fat. Look at them all of self that’s why they’re so fat and disgusting because evil. Antiguan need to open their eyes and remove these blood sucking evil clowns out of office. They’re really enriching themselves shame on this administration and the fools who follow them

  30. …and when they’re finished screwing us as Parliamentarians they give themselves a pension for life that is equivalent to their salary.

    And to prove that both parties are the same, none of us will live long enough to hear a politician who is likely to win his/her seat call for politicians’ pensions to come in line with other public servants

  31. Isn’t this a topic worthy of comment from TENMAN, FROM THE SIDELINE and JUST SAYING? Guys the folks on ANR are waiting to hear from you on this topic.

  32. Keep on voting in all those piece of shit like Gaston Browne. You get what you deserve.

    In the meantime, enjoy your turkey, ham, microwave. Hope they will last you all year long.

    All them living sweet cush life along with their ass kissers on here while the rest of us starving.

  33. Not with my tax paying dollar while many of us are still exiled from Antigua – HAS THIS MAN LOST HIS MARBLES?

    Listen me, hand me back mi tax money … DAMN TEEF!

  34. This is what happens when you allow someone to continually disrespect you, they will say anything to your face knowing that you won’t do anything. If the PM had any respect for the people of Antigua he would never get on national radio and utter those words, especially in the times that we are still in.

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