PM predicts Labour Party win in Barbuda next general election

Gaston ABLP

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has put the Barbuda People’s Movement on notice that his Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party plans to win Barbuda seat at the next general election.


Browne says this is despite the council elections which saw the BPM winning all seats on the council.


The ABLP leader says his decision to go after the seat is due to the underperformance of Trevor Walker’s BPM.


He says the BPM is using the fact that the ABLP is in office as an excuse for non-performance.


He said, “the Barbudan people need to wake up because they in a bid slumber and they allowing this guy to just mislead them.


“Quite frankly those council elections cannot make a difference. But what I am saying to the Barbuda people is that we coming for the Barbuda Seat.


Because I think Trevor Walker is doing a disservice to the Barbudan People…to keep the Barbudan people in underdevelopment so they won’t have to hold the BPM accountable.”

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  1. Trevor is NOT doing nat one disservice. The people ALLOW him to.
    That’s how they like it. Let them continue to bow down at his altar, while he keeps them in stagnation, cuss dem out and call them all manner of evil: LAZY, COVETEOUS, GREEDY, DON’T WANT TO WORK, TURNING AWAY FROM GODLINESS etc etc

  2. What really people in Barbuda have a mind of there own. Gaston needs to worry about being re-elected in Antigua. Also for all the “development “ in Antigua who actually benefited. Boy by

  3. Trevor time up now. Many saying he won’t run again. ABLP will take the seat with an overwhelming majority, or so I hear a man say on the street in Codrington, and he usually right. Long Live the Heroic People of BARUDA!!!!!

  4. If the Barbuda people voted for the Labor Party Candidate. They would have deserved everything they got. No one in their right minds would vote in Barbuda to reinstate a Labor Party Candidate.Not even if they send many crocus bags of money over there again.The last General Election in 2018.A bag of cash went to Barbuda.A lady on the Barbuda Council questioned the origin of such monies.She was suspended for asking about those funds.Do you people remembered that.A way Arthur Nibbs,garne.There is a recording in the Observer Radio Archives.Where Nibbs was saying.The Labor Party leaders are like Gangsters. They believed in Gangsterism. They should play that near the Elections.

  5. ABLP will definitely win in Barbuda. Trevor Walker has been FOOLING Barbudans for far too long. Trevor is a SELFISH Person.Trevor is keeping down Barbudans. He must be the only MILLIONAIRE. I am surprised that most Barbudans cannot see what Trevor Walker has done and still doing to Them. Trevor wants to be the KING of the ashes. Trevor has NOT EMPOWERED any Barbudans. ABLP will the Barbuda seat. SHAME ON TREVOR WALKER.

  6. REMEMBER the brown paper bag that SOMEONE collect at SUGAR MILL. When He was exposed He walked out of PARLIAMENT.

  7. TREVOR WALKER you are a Christian ( a man of God). Please stop being so GREEDY. You deserve to lose the Barbuda seat next election.

    • Who said the guy a Christian? Somebody needs to define that word, especially if you claiming Trevor some kind of Christian!!!!

  8. “…and seem to be on a protracted path of GAMBLING
    UNPRODUCTIVITY. People don’t want to work
    People badminded and just covet other people
    Council say work til 4 o’clock or 5 o’clock. You warn go home 10 o’clock
    And the last one which I find is the most profound for me:
    ~Member of Parliament Trevor Walker

  9. TREVOR WALKER please share your wealth with Us in Barbuda and stop being so DAMN GREEDY.. Trevor ..You are going to HELL. GREEDY TREVOR.


    It is so nice that the young Barbudans started to understand what is going on in Barbuda. By the time of election…The Labour Party will be very strong in Barbuda. A definite win for ABLP.

  11. Gaston Browne in that outfit reminds me of a Japanese leader.I looked at it and laugh my backsides off.

  12. “We shall die like fools if we have a government that is corrupt and is only waiting to be given money by the international community”.

    Development is good but selling out the people for self enrichment is not a caring government. Some people cares about their personal gain but will pretend to care about the population its called deception . All decievers have the people best interest at heart in words but not in action.

    They will talk about who recieve brown paper bag but the suitcases they get will not be mentioned.

    Pampering to get vote is love or deception?
    Pride goes before a fall

  13. All of them need to be voted out especially dictator and traitor Gaston.

    Where are the murderers for Nigel Christian?
    Where are the murderers for Nigel Christian?
    Where are the murderers for Nigel Christian?
    Where are the murderers for Nigel Christian?

  14. He’s trying desperately to look and operate like his so-called idol,(Hitler). That dressing says it all. He’s trying to intimidate us all, by his dictatorship. Please don’t fall prey to his psychological tricks.

    Gods in control. Just like the walls of Jericho came tumbling down, when God sees fit, that empire too will crumble. Nothing happens before it’s time. Nothing last forever but the words of God.

  15. Glad to know you’re not in there pockets of these hoteliers Gaston or so you say! Tell Carlisle Bay Management to stop dragging the staff in their manipulative tricks to avoid severance payouts with the help of Chester and the useless union. No other hotel is doing what they are doing and we are fed up!!! Not even a meeting that fraud of a General Manager Mr. Murphy could have with us… Y’all don’t care about anyone but ya dam selves

  16. Gaston can dream boi. U think Barbuda people stupid? ABLP come to kill, steal and destroy.. Papa Bird say “Leave Barbuda People Alone” mek we run our own affairs. Walker is not perfect but he’s not about to sell out Barbuda to the rich and famous causing Barbudans to be second class citizens in our own country… Cut the bowline

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