PM says his wife has significant assets at her age

Prime Minister Gaston Browne and his wife Maria Bird-Browne

Prime Minister Gaston Browne said his wife Maria Browne and other Cabinet colleagues were all accomplished, so they do not need to steal from the government.



“There is not a single Cabinet Minister, who does not own a home, I mean, not one. Even my wife, who is, what, not even 30 as yet, she’s going to be 30 in April, I mean, she already has significant assets”, the Prime Minister revealed on his radio show on Saturday.



He compared this to political candidates in the opposition United Progressive Party (UPP).



“Not because I want to get personal, but as a matter of fact, Sean Bird, about 55, doesn’t own a home, live with mommy. Alister Thomas, 60-something, Alister, live in a house that was owned by the daughter of, what’s his name there, Mr. Warner in Willikies, she’s deceased now,” the Prime Minister said.



He added, “you have many others. I mean, I could go through the whole list: serpent, no home.”



Browne continued, “In the unfortunate event that they were to take office, they, first of all, have to think they are going to hustle to make money to build a home in their old age, and these are people in their 50s and 60s.”



“They are not here to serve. They are looking for money to fill their pockets and to probably pursue their aspirations to earn a home and own a home. Not that they shouldn’t have that aspiration, but not at the public’s expense,” he insisted.




“So, I’m saying that to say that…the people of Antigua and Barbuda are lucky that they have a good government of accomplished men, capable men, competent men and most important, committed men who are committed to their empowerment and women, of course,” Browne said.



The Prime Minister, who said his salary was $150,000 per year, said, “when I looked at my contributions for the last three years, donations, in fact, I literally working for free.”




“So, I’m saying this to say that when they continue to call us, you know, dishonest and thieves and so on, there’s absolutely no evidence,” he insisted.

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    • You Guys are all JEALOUS. Work hard and you will accumulate wealth as Hon. Gaston Browne. Why the Hell You Antiguans are so JEALOUS of Hon. Gaston Browne ? Hon. Gaston Browne knows POVERTY and He work hard to be a wealthy man. What is wrong with That ?????….UPP always blaming the Prime Minister for Something.

    • Hon.Gaston Browne is a news maker . He knows how to make HEADLINE . Anything He says on His Radio Program ( POINTE FM) is news for the next month. That is the reason for the following results for election 2023.


    • And where did she get these “significant assets” from?

      BTW, has she declared her assets yet with the Integrity Commission. O, Oh! Forgot. That is like asking a rat if there is cheese in the hole he just came out of.

  1. Doctor of Medical Science ???
    Accomplished by the PM. Ummm.

    Women remain an afterthought for this PM:
    “So, I’m saying that to say that…the people of Antigua and Barbuda are lucky that they have a good government of accomplished MEN, capable MEN, competent MEN and most important, committed MEN who are committed to their empowerment and women, of course,” Browne said.
    Accurate statement Sir – the men of cabinet & government ARE committed to their own empowerment.

  2. Wow shame on u as a prime minister…after u don tell ur colegues to enrich their self wat do u expect..the bible say store your riches in heaven not on on the end of the day is material things..u must learn to humble not all horse were made to run alike…dam stupid

  3. I wonder if the Prime Minister’s wife attained those significant assets on her own with absolutely no help from her husband, and I gather from his statement certain members of the opposition are not only morally bankrupt but financially bankrupt as well. Antigua, a place where one is judged according to his material possessions and not their character.

    • I would love for the PM’s wife to write even a booklet or manual. Please tell other young women exactly how she acquired so many assets at such a young age.
      Im sure young inner city women would love to be inspired by the details of her acquisition of wealth so fast! Impressive.

  4. We will all live in the same place when we are dead. So we can accumalate all we want, it nat carry we no way!

    • When we Die you cant walk with riches so accomplishment means nothing in Heaven What God Want To Know is What you have done in my name. It’s truly a shame that the prime minister is being pompous about his wife after certain statements he made why is it that he likes to call name and when the famous Calypso Queen Wrote a song about it he got into his feelings he better stop with his foolishness he parading around the place and be humble Caue God will put you up their and take you down with in a second or a blink of and eye

  5. Well pm u doing the same thing ,you were living with mother in law, when u get into power u get a house as well so shout you mouth and stop saying about others because u were there .

    • He had a house on Bay Street…..
      He move by his mother in law to get closer to his wife before they married.

  6. Is he trying to shame Sean Bird? Then same man will come and drop wud that black people don’t come together and build generational wealth.

    On the other hand we have people like Asot who already have PLENTY and according to the PM was still on the hunt for more. And more. So, it really is the heart of the man/woman and their mindset.

    I thought the PM himself had asked for a break from the nasty politics during this pandemic. What he get fully vaccinated and the gloves tear off again?

  7. Is the PM trying to insinuate that poor people should keep out of government because THEY are the ones who will tief?

    Why he doesn’t amend the Constitution to say owning your own home is a requirement. Then what next?

    Please Maria, tell young people, young women in particular, step by step how to acquire significant wealth. What worked for you?

  8. But God said unto him, “Thou fool! This night thy soul shall be required of thee: then whose shall those things be which thou hast provided?”

    I suspect those things will revert to the tax-payers who provided the avenues to such creative enrichment.

  9. The Prime Minister is one lucky guy. His son was a millionaire at 17 and now his wife has significant assets and she is not even 30 as yet.

      I do not expect any better from you Tabor. You are always jealous and envy Hon. Gaston Browne. You are a Lawyer …All the Lawyers in Antigua are MILLIONAIRES. Tabor work your A**S and accumulate wealth and stop ENVY Hon. Gaston Browne. You are a LAZY Lawyer. I am sick and tired of you Tabor BASHING the Prime Minister Family. You are a JEALOUS and ENVIOUS Person. Shame on you Tabor. I have lost all respect for you.

      • And what do you have, JB? He took all our money, has all our money and you have admiration for him? How are you making out in the pandemic while you admire him take our money? Are you paying through your nose to buy gas, to buy food while he grabs up the few dollars you have in taxes and fees?
        You sound like a strong man groupie. Like a man who cultivate the fields and pick the crops that he sells for a large sum and you just get to pick up the rejected potatoes left in the field. Like a man whose children get to watch his children open their presents. You remind me of Harriet Tubman’s famous saying about us not knowing if we are slaves.
        You dumbass Gaston yard boy.

  10. I need a land & a house ….Gaston please help me as I have 3 children with no where to stay as of April. Help us poor people

  11. Being a politician is the most lucrative business for poor people. You can go in without a house or even a car and within a short time be a multimillionaire. Is it any wonder that so many people want to be politicians? Check out the members of parliament for the ABLP.
    We got use to the PM bragging about his wealth but now he is bragging about his wife’s. How did she acquire this wealth as such a young age? D
    Antiguans are still waiting to hear her make any contributions to the debate in parliament.
    How many of Gaston’s children are also. Multimillionaires?

    • @ JACKIE
      Hon. Gaston Browne do not answer to you. Your contributions are always foolish anyway. You are as DUMB as a door nail. Jackie ..leave our Prime Minister alone and Jackie work hard and shut your BIG MOUTH.

      • @Bishop
        Are you Gaston Browne or one of family members? I know he thinks everybody but him is foolish. He knows Antiguans like you like to live in poverty while he enjoys his wealth. You are too dumb to figure out how he got rich, unless you are Gaston Browne. You will vote him back in office because you are daft.

        • @ JACKIE ( THE CLOWN )
          I am a WEALTHY PERSON. I work hard and DO NOT envy Person like you. I admire our Prime Minister because where He came from and where He is at today.Get your own wealth and stop BEGRUDGING others.
          I will definitely vote for our Prime Minister next election.The following are the results for election 2023.


          JAVKIE continue to support your Hero Harold Lovell…The LOSER.

      • SMH. It’s like the word foolish was created for you bishop. 🤦🤦🤦🤦 I don’t understand how people could defend a man who doesn’t care if they float or sink. My Lord. Gaston must be feeding y’all real good to defend him like that

    • Wealth is not a virtue. All depends on how it was obtained In the end what matters is not how much you had, but how much you gave away.

  12. The evil that men do lives after them.The good is oft interred with their bones.So let it be with Gaston Browne and his family. In all of my mortal life.I have never seen any one person.Bring their earthly riches with them into the box.They are buried in….By the way Gaston Browne.What has become of the Hotel lease on Barbuda…..Talk about conflict of interests.I cannot wait to see you all backsides locked up in handcuffs and ankle chains.Be sent off to Hotel,1735 for a long relaxation time.Just do not drop the soap.

    • @CLAUDE:Thousands of people on Antigua worked their behinds off. Yet they struggle to make ends meet,daily. While many in Political Offices have enriched themselves.They also live a very,very,comfortable life.Then they turned their backs on those. They were supposed to Represent in the Constituencies. While those who voted for them are hungry every day.By the way.What is your financial status.

    • Hey Claude clown
      If the poor wasn’t paying for their free ride Eg. electric,water, gas and the buildings they rent to the government. Then we would have more in our pockets to obtain our own assets.
      If you head wasn’t up their ass then you would realize that when people vote it’s like their adopting big children.

      • The alphabet boys are scrubbing the financial holdings of many. Time will tell who’s next on a flight like Leroy King. How hard the fall of that mighty Trojan horse will be.

  13. U think when poor ppl can’t get their pension on time and ppl in this country corner mouth white and u grabbing all u can get! U think u can get way? God nar sleep buddy ! My 87 years old blessed mother always say time will tell ! “ Lord teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom “.

  14. G reedy
    A rrogant
    S elfish
    O obsessive
    N efarious

    When a man loves power he looks to bad talk to stay in power all his life

  15. Gaston looks like Maria’s father in the above picture.She looks like a 12 year old.LOL.
    He says everyone of his colleagues own their homes and accomplished. So there is not a need to steal.I say:There is a want to steal.

    • Editor of Antigua News Room:
      You made adjustments to my comments.What I did say.Gaston Browne echoed those sentiments in the Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda.I have the printed copies of your on line news saying those same thing that you banished from my comments.Are you and your portal an arm of the ABLP of Gaston Browne and the untouchable Asot Michael.

  16. Antigua News room…..I am DISAPPOINTED that you will publish this GARBAGE. Why Antiguans
    don’t work hard to accumulate wealth as our Prime Minister Family instead of ENVY and JEALOUSY. I am quite sure this is coming from the UPP. Do not blame the Prime Minister if your Candidates DO NOT have Their own homes. You Guys are very very jealous.

  17. Are all of you people talking about being jealous of the PM for real? Why doesn’t he tell us how he worked hard. Do you think the integrity commissioner knows? … I am waiting for Asot Michael to speak

  18. What is there to be jealous bout where GB is concerned?

    Most of his Ministers only now building their homes within the last three years; now why is that? Even he himself with his 30 Million admitted to living with his Mother-in-law.

    Pray tell where Maria get Assets fram… Who are they really trying to fool?

    Only In Antigua

  19. Are all of you people talking about being jealous of the PM for real? Why doesn’t he tell us how he worked hard. Do you think the integrity commissioner knows? … I am waiting for Asot Michael to speak

  20. Just curious as to why a 50 or 60 year old person does not have a home to call their own. It could even be a tiny 12X12 plywood coob! A roof over your head should be everyone’s priority especially if they have children.

    • Some of them don’t have a home because they don’t want one.
      I am sure Sean Bird has as much wealth or even more than Samantha Marshall whose father is an ex politician. Sean is the grand son of the father of the Bird dynasty. If his grandfather did not leave them wealth, it would be because his generation of politicians was not primarily concerned with creative enrichment.

  21. Dictator and traitor Gaston has told so many lies he’s probably believing all of them himself now.

    Where are the murderers for Nigel Christian and Andrea Hughes?
    Where are the murderers for Nigel Christian and Andrea Hughes?
    Where are the murderers for Nigel Christian and Andrea Hughes?

  22. When people get together to discuss accumulations that is not theirs, no benefits will be derived.

    Wealth becomes useless when it is stored. Other than ego, if it is stored what good is it?

    In other words is your belly full because your cupboard is filled with the finest foods? No

  23. @ Bishop
    For people like you, wealth is every thing. You should read Mr. Jobs death bed confession. People obsessed with wealth will steal, and indulge in unethical practices to get wealthy.
    Instead of accusing people of being jealous of Gaston, you should ask him to explain how he and his family acquired their wealth so others can follow by example.
    I have very little respect for people like you as a lot of the few rich people in Antigua are part of the racket.
    I guess you see nothing wrong with a rich prime minister parachuting his wife into a safe constituency and she has not been heard from since. Why wasn’t a poor smart Antiguan given the opportunity? Did they need the money or is Gaston just greedy and selfish and is primarily concerned with wealth accumulation for himself and family. Now he is bragging how wealthy his wife is.
    People like you think Gaston is god. Is it because your so-called wealth was acquired by a.. kissing or by being part of the thieving cabal.
    You are calling people you do not know clowns and fools. I could be the well educated medical doctor who looks after you.

  24. @ JACKIE
    You have a PROBLEM with Persons accumulating wealth. Sorry for you. I hope someday that You will give Us your real name and stop hiding behind the bussels. JACKIE does NOT like MILLIONAIRES…..Jackie likes POVERTY. Jackie believes all MILLIONAIRES are THIEVES. Shame on you Jackie. Hope someday you will be wealthy.

    • @Bishop
      How do you know I am not wealthy? I have no problem with millionaires… Are there any parallels to a lot of black African countries where dictators cling to power by any means necessary, bank their countries’ stolen wealth in overseas bank accounts while their countries are left undeveloped and their people for the most part live in poverty.
      You are glorifying a leader who has given away millions of the government’s taxe…, while in time of need like now the people are suffering.
      People like you and a lot of Antiguans are miseducated. The education system in Antigua needs to be overhauled as it is producing too many people who lack analytical skills. I do know some Antiguans who are professionals and educated but have chosen to attach themselves to the gravy train.
      Why don’t you provide your real name so I can know you when we meet?

      • “JACKIE ” your comments are right on point well written . This BISHOP FOOL MUST BE DUMB
        OR STUPID OR BOTH . How can you question someone’s wealth and you have no idea who your talking too IDIOT !

        • Bishop is one of them a..s kissers attaching himself to the gravy train. How else do most of them acquire wealth in Antigua? He sounds very much like Sideline.

  25. Maria Browne,as a Member of Parliament.Could someone,anyone,point to one thing. She has done to help anyone,anywhere.Point to one young girl and any young person she has mentored.All she has done based on her husband’s words.She accumulated assets at her age of under 30. When and how did she get those assets.

  26. Greedy and lies helps accumulate wealth for some people while the worshippers declares people are jealous of the greed

  27. This is truly not the zinger the PM hoped it was.

    On the flip side, he is saying UPP people are “poor”. Well guess what? So are the majority of residents here. So maybe the UPP is more in tune to the ordinary poor man’s plight and will look out for them more if they win election.

    This statement by the PM could be taken as an explanation as to why his Cabinet may appear out of touch at times, and think they are better than people.
    Most of us poor people simply cannot relate to their lifestyles.
    Maybe we DO need the poorer and more relatable UPP to have another go after this pandemic crisis.

    Stop the gutter politics. The important thing will be disclosing what assets you do have. Have all your Ministers and MPs done so? If is only quart UPP people have to their name, they just have to disclose it.

    This is condescension that I personally have no space for during this pandemic.

  28. This is what would happen.When you run out of ideas and not know what to say.Now people are going after Maria Browne.Because of Gaston Browne and his big mouth.He should not in my opinion used her to get his points across.She is a Member of Parliament. She is also your wife first and foremost.Let her create her own issues good and or bad.You Gaston Browne,must not create non issues for her.Then people attacking her from all positions.

    • @BLACKMAN, did you think she became a Member of Parliament on her own accord? She is nothing more than a placeholder for her husband who made her Minister of Lands so he himself could be in charge of that Ministry. I am so embarrassed for Antigua. This man has us all like fools. He is getting bolder and bolder, and I could see that the country could get destroyed before we succeed in getting rid of him. She hasn’t a clue what is going on, nor does she care, because she does not have to.
      Why are the people of Antigua so afraid of this man? When will we be rid of him and his child bride and all his posse ministers?
      She collects a salary and a fee for being on all kinds of boards, even the WIOC Board. The two of them lie about their academic qualifications and they could not be bothered if they are found out. To be fair to her, she cannot do or say anything that he does not approve of.

      What has put us in this predicament? Is it because we are too greedy, grudge-minded, coward, spiteful, hateful, and would prefer to see him destroy everything just because we do not like this one and that other one.
      Gaston has turned Antigua into a Barnum and Bailey circus show and the whole world is laughing at us.

      • He did say.He did not she was going to run for Political Office.That I do believed is a damn lie.

  29. We are here struggling to keep our heads above water, facing destitution in the face and he can be boasting about his wife’s wealth. He is so out of touch and his behavior will be his demise.

  30. The Chinese have a saying, the first generation makes it (by whatever means), the second generation spends it and third generation reverts to poverty.
    The bible also states that the sins of the father falls on the third and fourth generation.
    A few years ago an Antiguan politician’s granddaughter was murdered in the Virgin Island. I can’t imagine what this girl could have done to deserve such a fate.

  31. Gaston Browne did say.Serpent does not own a house.Perhaps Serpent should file a lawsuit against this Administration.For having him arrested on some flimsy charges.Then everything came crashing down into their faces.He could then used the money from winning that Lawsuit and buy himself a house.Just a little food for thought.

  32. Well school children say the baby mother who was a hairdresser also acquired significant assets since he became PM. Particularly after she swap swamp land down dredge Bay for prime lands at friars hill.

    • Only in Antigua can this type of boldface theft occurs and no outcry from the docile population. Antiguans are fooly fooly.

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