PM says his cabinet colleagues are “too silent” and need to defend the government


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has called on his party chairman EP Chet Greene and other colleagues to step up their game.

Listen to him here explain why:

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  1. Why should they talk when in fact you are doing and taking all of the talking for yourself. You would discuss certain things in Cabinet,in the week. Then on a Saturday you go to that Radio Station and say things contrary to what were discussed in Cabinet. You have a Jekyll and Hyde personality. That needs to be cleaned up sooner rather than later.Plus those Cabinet Members cannot utter one damn word without your say so,permission from their Dad. The Tap DAWG.

  2. What kind of governance is Gaston talking about? Rape and pillage of our nation by any means necessary?😳

  3. If the Cabinet Members are so gullible to fall prey to the ignorance Gaston is now saying (basically to defend him and his ignorance) then they are deserving of getting voted out as Members of Parliament.

    Let Gaston go ahead chatting and exposing himself.

    Let Gaston continue to make a fool of himself.

    Let Gaston continue to chat and leave him out there to show his nakedness.

  4. I’ve always said that radio station is going to be the PM’s downfall. It will be his waterloo. He gets on there every Saturday and run his mouth like he take salt purge. It’s only a matter of time.

  5. You know realize that they need to speak up??
    Speak up about who??
    They are not for you.
    Being the top your poodles are turning…hmmm your time is up!!
    You need to the election!!
    Give a date..

  6. What are you guys really going to defend? WISEZ? CALALLOO QUAY? YIDA? BEST WESTERN? SOLAR FARMS? RONDEZ-VOUS BAY PROJECT? You and your ministers are all LOSERS that have done nothing substantial for the country and the people.

  7. The push has begun to stomp out the truth – “PM says his cabinet colleagues are “too silent” and need to defend the government”



    Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is Widely regarded as the most knowledgeable and outspoken physician on the adverse impact that vaccines can have on health. The conversation begins with Dr. Tenpenny discussing the tests and how they don’t work. The pandemic was created by fake tests and fear from the fake news. The vaccines are being used to transform the human population into something completely different. The entire agenda is darker than anyone could imagine

  8. Gaston Browne all a dem know you a backstabber. You back stabbed them like you did me.

    Now you going to learn the hard way. You don’t own us and we don’t owe you shit. Time for you to return with interest all the money you stole from us.

    • Sounds like you needed a little backstabbing. Maybe you should workingon cleaning up your potty mouth.

  9. One man is the cabinet, every decision made is what the PM wants and now he is asking for help with his nonsense. We will not continue to support this PM he has sold us out to enrich himself, nothing he does is for the interest of the people , only interest of his pocket. A greedy leader should not and would not be leading this country any more. Time for a change! Any other not this greedy leader

  10. All I will say Gaston, you cannot defend the indefensible since that will be an exercise in futility.


      CHARLES Tabor
      Tabor , what are your thoughts on JONATHAN JOSEPH endorsement of tge ABLP. He spoke from the heart.

      Tabor as an ADVISOR , why do have all your Candidates read from papers during the UPP LAUNCH?

  11. With all due respect, why isnt Tabor a candidate for UPP??? I’m puzzled. Maybe he considers that a waste of time. I’d love to see him run. Come on Charles!

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