PM says his 25-year-old son is in charge of the farm

PM's farm

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says his farm will have a coconut and avocado orchard and will also grow sweet potatoes for the manufacturing of sweet potato fries.

He says the intention is not to compete with local farmers nor to do farming work on government’s time.

Browne also says his 25-year-old son will be in charge of the farm.

Watch Browne address concerns about his farming investment.

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  1. Funny that people who believe farming is beneath them are arguing about the PM’s farm.
    Has Lovell given up his law practice

  2. His son is in charge of everything. He is just a plant to cover. That picture above of Gaston Browne. At first glance,I thought it was Hitler. That other person in the above picture. Is it that of the Senator? Just asking because I do not know those people.

  3. The worst thing that can happen is for this man to have open access to free speech via a radio station.

  4. Strange these people. They really do not know what issues they should take up to run opposition. Any straw they find they would hold on to. Here you have a Prime Minister doing what many should do. Put his money where his mouth is. The PM has been calling on Antiguans time and time again to invest in this country they say they so love. But unless there is no risk no one is willing to do so. That is why we are known to be ‘Risk Aversed’. Farming is big risk. You could lose all your crops in one weather disaster or a insect or virus or bacterie investation. And farming is hard work and is very technical in nature. The PM is not a Farmer. He is an investor. He has invested in a farm. And at this point in time Antigua needs more people to invest in farming. When they heard that Mr. Barrett was interest in farming, they cry out how he will compete with the small man. But if you leave such an important sector to the small man you will never get anywhere. You need big investors to take the risk that small investors cannot take. I mean I mentioned before that you had the famous Robert Hall that was a minister of Agriculture and had a farm. You have this day many officers in the Agriculture department that have farms. Not only vegetables but also lifestock and Beekeepers. So while they are paid to do the government work they are also doing their own work. And one in particular is Owelabi Alebanjo. I remember his fallout with Dean because of the use of the government excavator on his private farms. The PM has put his private money at stake to do all the clearing and preparation of the farm. I only hope he hires the best people to run his farm, or he will kiss his investment goodbye. Investing in a farm doesn’t make you a farmer. Investing in a bank doesn’t make you a banker. Investing is just that. You are an investor. With the hope to get a good return on your investment. My shares in Microsoft doesn’t make me a software designer. Neither do my shares in ACB makes me a banker.

    • @Sidelines: You keep mentioning Robert Hall as Minister Agriculture. You are saying he had a farm.That is true. However,both situations are not the same.For the last time.Robert Hall owned a Farm.Before he was ever appointed as the Minister of Agriculture in the PLM Administration.Gaston Browne is going into Farming as the sitting Prime Minister.In my opinion.That is a conflict of interest matter.No matter he did say.His 25 year old son would be running it.Running an Agriculture Farm of that magnitude.Is not like running a small shop.He Gaston in my opinion would be involved on a daily basis.Would he be able to give the country 100%.For the work he was put into that position as Prime Minister to do.Remember,that is his money being invested.

      • Just point out where the conflict is. To say its a conflict is very easy. To proof where the conflict lies is another. And even if Robert Hall was a farmer before he took office he did not resign or stepdown from being a farmer while in office. Now that is a conflict of interest. You have others being lawyers and go in to government as AG and still are attached to theit office. One to call is Cutie Benjamin and Justin Simon and Errol Cort. And for the last time The PM is an investor into a farm. And the conflict can only come if he ever accepts government contracts. So far he has paid for everything out of his pocket. When the UPP was in office all the cases where they needed lawyers when their own party associates. To mind comes Chaku and Derrick.
        So Mud Man keep on throwing your mud, perhaps some will one day stick

        • @Sideline
          Just obtaining government lands when you are prime minister and your wife is minister of lands would be a conflict of interest in a real country with enlightened people.

  5. @Sodeline. Please list the investment portfolio that you have amassed in the country you love so much. Antigua and Barbuda! No fluff.

  6. How long are we going to let this rat dictator traitor Gaston continue to screw our nation and our people! The scum is now competing with local businesses.

    All the illicit funds dictator traitor Gaston has is now being used to screw us yet again.

    The scumbag dictator traitor Gaston must be removed from office and all his accounts be frozen while a complete and thorough investigation by an independent and foreign body is performed. All he has done is work his creative enrichment schemes using we the people as his financial slaves.

    There are his cronies on this site which is pointless to mention but we know who they all are who in their eyes, he can do no wrong. They are on his payroll.

    Get rid of that rat dictator traitor Gaston and all his crooked cronies before our nation goes into oblivion.

    • Avatar photo Why anyone would fashion their likeness to Hitler one of the most brutal monster the world has ever known . Truly astounding that some on here still find this " Whatever " can no wrong .

      ” Àntiguan Citizen ” A TRUE PATRIOT you always see right through the SWINDLER AND THEIF A TRUMP WANNABE .

  7. Lies to cover lies is only more lies, trying to justify conflict of interest is still conflict of interest

  8. How can he as a pm pick the prime land that his wife is over. How he got water and light on his farm while other farmers for years has been waiting and still can’t get water. These idiots on this site’s so stupid they can’t see past their big nose. When he’s done with this country nothing is going to be there for the next administration when they get into office. But you know who’s going to suffer the red kool aid drinkers because all that friends and company positions in the work force will be out the window. How can a person build these buildings and rent them out to the government as office’s? When these clowns on here realize it will be to late when they children don’t have a job and they will sell themselves to the highest bidder and then what? Remember idiots him and his family has other passports when some of the idiots that’s crowning his shit don’t even have a visa and can’t buy a plane ticket don’t worry some of them will end up working for the Chinese cleaning and preparing dead dog. He’s using his position and him and his party is enriching themselves and I just want them to know when they’re dead they can’t take anything with them and the curse will be on their children no amount of money can’t buy health don’t care what his son will be running the farm show the nation how much you purchase the land for how you got water and light on the farm? Private property is waiting for lamppost and the light and can’t get it even some streets but you got it on a farm. You’re selfish and you and your family is not about no love of the country it’s all about personal gains

  9. Mr PM I just have a suggestion while the top is on lands
    Since so many of us living in rents and have been hit by covid. Can u please make lands available and affordable for us to purchase? Please this is my cry.

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