PM says he’s willing to face political consequences of unpopular vaccinate or test policy


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has addressed the issue of a possible political fallout from measures aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19.

Browne told Pointe FM today that it’s a risk he’s willing to take in the interest of the country.

The Prime Minister says tough decisions must be taken in the interest of the health and economic well-being of all citizens.

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    • JUST SAYING he will be facing the consequences as he rightly said but not so much from the vaccine policy but from his mismanagement and corruption. By the way, he should be facing consequences for the SHARE scandal alone.

        Please stop your STUPIDNESS. Everything pertaining to SHARE was done LAGALLY. I hope you listened to POINTE FM on Saturday and heard the Hon.Gaston Browne spoke on some of the of the RUNWAY FORENSIC REPORT FINDINGS. Harold Lovell should be having sleepless nights. 1735 Harold is on His way.

        TABOR I wish you would stop Painting HAROLD as a CHOIR BOY. You are the only Persons that believes that Harold hands are clean. I forget that you are trying very hard to secure AG which will never happen.

        • Strange once again that ANR didn’t touch that. But the little that the PM let out, he’s putting Lovell on notice that he has plenty to answer. The Tenders Board didn’t approve no ninety-five million US Dollar project which Lovell seems to have signed off on. Anyway, let’s wait and see the outcome. When you’re living in a glass house don’t throw stones. When we finish taking out Harry the entire UPP will be done.

      • With the indecisive bumblers in the UPP, it is a good thing that ALP is in power now.
        Tabor, say all you want, but with you all favour- seekers, can’t wipe you all behind without consultation about the new toilet paper attitude, Antigua would be swimming in raw sewage.

    • Free moral agency is given by the Creator to every human being. He NEVER and NEVER will ever force His will on anyone. The Creator is LOVE.

      You should know that forcing one’s will onto another is far from being love.
      No way can a government force its will onto the people it is supposed to serve. This type of governance is typical of totalitarian/ dictatorship regimes.

      A democracy is by the people, of the people and for the people. When even one of those principles is withdrawn, then it can no longer be considered a democracy.

      This is what we are witnessing here in Antigua & Barbuda. Democracy has been thrown through the windows by political wimps.

      People need to stand up for their God given rights and not allow cowards and misleaders to dictate their personal choices.

      All who parade aimlessly behind these wimps are even worse than they are. Yes: I am talking about you business owners, radio talk show host, political party jumpers, air traffic controller, calypsonian, trade unionists, permanent secretaries, religious misleaders, statutory board members, taxi/bus drivers, bar association, police officers, coast guard personnel, and the list goes on.

      You are ALL a bunch of CORRUPT WIMPS. You skip and dance for the crumbs that the corrupt politicians allow to fall from their tables. You grope under the tables to see how much of the loot you can garb into your hands.

      But WOE….your day is fast approaching. You fool! You will read what you sow.
      Those who have conscience to understand, let them take heed. WRONGTEOUSNESS will be your demise.


  1. And there you go again Gaston. You are smarter than what you say. And Antigua Barbuda is smarter than you give us credit for. You used the term ” heard immunity” again, discussing people getting this flu shot. Really all it is, a targeted flu shot. But no heard immunity is achieved with any of the world known vaccines, you can still get it and still transmit it. Alibit less likely to have sever systems, and die. But ” heard immunety” is scientificly impossible with any of these vaccine that are out there today. You should scrub that term from your mouth. Inoculations, like polio, give you heard immunity, not flu shots. What you should say is get vaccination so as we as Antigua and Barbuda don’t overwhelme the poor critical care system we have in place. The system you Gaston have been funding, or not, but as leader of our nation have been in charge of for the last 8 yrs. Please take what is available and pray we all come out on the other side of this flu.

  2. Well Gaston. You should have taken the Astro, Sputnik or Kung Pong Vaccine that you made available to the population. You clandestinely took the Moderna and chat you mouth off as you were enjoying your Facebook moment enjoying your beverage of choice.

    Your done. So stop looking for sympathy for you and your Cabinet of Deplorables!

  3. Well Gaston prepare for your party to loose the upcoming elections.

    You are not god and this country is not your god damn house to do as you please with.

    People keep focused. KEEP FOCUSED. Election Day must come.

    Do not fall for the nine (9) days talk.

    For those who will not picket on Monday (private or public sector) for whatever reason, just
    stay home from work and relax in your house.

    Let us fight this fight on multiple fronts.

    If everyone of us take an action of protest as we see fit, we would have started the fight.


    He (Gaston) said he prefer to be in opposition yada di yada da……. so let us oblige him and vote out he and his party.

    • Are sure about that? At this point if any of you antivaxx get sick with covid I won’t feel sorry.

      • Instead of spending time on the internet responding to every damn comment use to educate yourself on the issues Instead of spending time on the internet responding to every damn comment use to educate yourself on the issues


        • You are so right. It will take me years of training at reputable college of viriology to educate myself about viruses and vaccinations. I will just listen and follow the advice of expert who are well educated on this.

  4. Immunity- not being able to catch a disease

    Hitler kill over 6 million Jews, don’t let the reincarnation of an evil man control your minds and action. In everything is a season a time for peace and a time for war.

    One clown hide and take a different vaccine and want to force others to take something different stating it his body his choice ,very hypocritical!

    • @ Quest: Are you sure he took a vaccine? Most of the elites are taking a placebo on tv making believe they’re taking a vaccine. This is a experimentent, therefore, you must have a control group. Pay attention to who is dying and suffering disabilities from these vaccines. Not one of theses people in power. Are they really so much more healthy than everyone else? Where I live, the walgreens pharmacy had to back 100 people because they got a saline injection “by accident” instead of the vaccine.

  5. We late now he already grabbed everything that he wanted to grab and enriched himself to the point that he trying his best to lose the upcoming election. Then run off to be farmer brown and god knows whatever else. Then the next party that gets in will come in and put on a show then repeat the process. The amount of laws and claws they create nothing can be done to them at the end of the day. Politics is the devil’s playground.

  6. The world is a place full of dumb people. That’s why we all need politicians, we could not exist a second without leaders because everyone is to self driven ignorant and stupid. We would kill ourselves over nothing… that’s the reality! People stab each other in the middle of the road over silly arguments. We are worse then any animal on this planet. Good night

  7. What we should be conscerned about right now is getting Gaston and his party out of power.It is the peoples choice and rights to make such decision.Again, do you wanna die like Haiti president? I swear if he was in certain other Countries he would be dead already.Clearly that man doesnt care about nobody.He has already pocketed his money so whether he lose the election or not he is still set.But I say to you Prime Minister GOD NAR SLEEP.YOUR TIME WILL COME AND YOU WILL HAVE TO ANSWER TO THE LORD.

    UPP will be BURNT out by the time election is called in MARCH 2023. Hon.GASTON BROWNE is giving UPP enough rope to hang THEMSELVES. UPP has peaked before election date is announced.

    I’m willing to die before I take y’all vaccine so you just careful ..

  10. In the meantime unvacinated tourists can arrive, and go to any bar or restaurant they like. Heck they can even leave the so called bio secure places and be all over the place, no questions ask.

  11. SHARE,INC. should be and must be investigated. A way de money garne? While many of your hungry penniless arses are standing up for Gaston and Maria Browne. They are raking in the dough every month. While many of you go hungry and begging. That Labor Party must be a Cult. Where like those in Jonestown, Guyana. Watched others standing in line ahead of them drinking the liquid and dropping dead like flies. However,even though they did see that. They also drink that liquid and died. Those are the Labor Party supporters. They see no evil,they hear no evil.If it pertains to their ABLP.They would drink that Party Liquid and die. Are they brain washed?

  12. Question for any Constitutional Scholars. Hypothetically speaking. If UPP win 9 seats in the next election. DNA 4 and ABLP Deplorables 4. Who would be appointed Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition?

  13. @ Sugar Apple
    I personally don’t believe he took any vaccine, I look around all these countries in this world and none of the world leaders has died from this dangerous virus even before vaccine started to be administered it’s like all the world leaders are perfect in social distance and all the protocols, something don’t look right, it’s like they have the perfect formula to stay alive and not get the virus. Citizens are dying but the leaders are lying and still living

    The only leaders that died is the ones that stand up for their country and rejects the vaccines they are pushing, that cannot be coincidence

  14. Look how all of them distancing themselves 6′ apart and wearing masks. Now if police come to an establishment and see us doing the same thing, we get arrested.

    This is the double standard bulls that goes on in our country. They tell us what, where, when and how to do it while they follow their own set of rules.

    That’s the kind of assholes we have “representing” we the people.

    Get them all out and vote for people who will represent we the people and our nation properly.

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