PM Says He’s Not Bluffing About Early Elections

Prime Minister Gaston Browne with supporters in the 2018 general elections (file photo)

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says he is not fearful about calling early general elections despite the circumstances brought on by the coronavirus.

The local tourism dependent economy has taken a major hit as the covid-19 pandemic forced the closure of borders for over two months.

But speaking on Pointe FM moments ago, the prime minister said he is confident about returning the economy to almost near pre-covid levels.

He said with the planned economy activity and the return to work “I guarantee you we going to have a thriving economy next year.”

The prime minister said based on the projected recovery “I will drive elections in their skin.”

Browne made the comments while rubbishing the new candidates announced by the opposition United Progressive Party this week.

He said he was hoping the UPP would announce candidates to pose a challenge to his team.

“So those who think it is too soon let me remind them that the late Sir Vere called election within four years, then in 1984 he called another election, four years again. You know I am a VC man, so careful how you second guess me.”

“Let me make it clear here. No matter the circumstances from the time we get to November 2021 we literally in an election cycle and the bell can ring anytime there after,” Browne added.

Browne who led the Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party wins in the 2014  and 2018 elections disagrees with analysts saying that doing so again would be too soon.

“Four years in a political term cannot be considered to be too soon. The United States have elections every four years so if I choose not to wait for the 5th year and to  have it towards the end of the fourth year, there is nothing grotesque about that,” he said.

The ABLP leader admitted “It maybe a little risky” but hastened to add “I am the type of person who is willing to take risks , sensible and prudent risks.”

Browne also stated that he is not afraid of defeat .

“Now you have to understand too that I am not afraid to lose and that is the difference between me and others leaders within the region…but in terms of becoming fearful and calling an election and losing, I don’t have that kind of fear.”

Browne clarified that he did not state definitely that there will be early election, only that it is possible by November 2021.





  1. Confirming what I’ve suspected. The PM is so overwhelmed by his failure to manage this country that he wants out. He wants to drop the mess he’s created like hot bread. Leave the headache for others

  2. Hon. Gaston Browne knows for sure that the Opposition in Parliament is very very weak. Therefore He knows He can call an election at any time. The Prime Minister knows that the UPP is in SHAMBLES. Whenever the election is called for ABLP will take all 17 seats including Barbuda. Judging from the four Candidates rolled out by the UPP None of Those Candidates will win. Awaiting to see the other 12 Candidates.

  3. This BS again shows why we need a reform of certain aspects of our constitution.

    I believe, should be a fixed date for elections. We can go every 4 years.

    • @ Wadadli Man

      Prime Minister knows about election. He can teach you and UPP how to win election. UPP cannot handle Their internal Problems muchless to rule Antigua.

  4. PM.Browne will win he know how to handle the country, Lovell had his time he must take heed step down as leader of UPP, a new and vibrant leader is need so we can go forth.

  5. Well guess what Mr pm papa bird is rolling in his grave for them Chinese and Yida also the covid food packages and nonsensical passport sales which hampers our visa free travel to Canada and other bs you and other leaders of the former ruling party put in place!

  6. The UPP will likely have a new leader BEFORE the next election. This is necessary if they want to win a couple of seats at least. Lovell should gracefully retire as an elder leader and make room for a woman. Otherwise they will go down to the biggest defeat possible, even worse than the last time.

  7. Election’s stimulate the economy, and the economy is in need, of stimulation($) in more ways, than one.
    Strategy is a hallmark, of winning!

  8. Attention seeking Narcissist.Pat yourself on the back for doing absolutely nothing.Great talker with nothing to show for it.Great talkers are also great liars.

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