PM says he’s aware of farmers involved in ‘water theft’


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says he’s aware that there are farmers in the country involved in the stealing of water by tampering with APUA’s equipment.

“I’m aware that there’s some farmers, what they do is that they get government water but they screw off the metre and by so doing, they’re able to reduce the cost of water,” the Prime Minister explained.

“That is what you call water theft.”

According to Prime Minister Browne, one of the country’s well-known farmers is the one “championing” the issue of a conflict of interest as he ventures into farming and builds a water catchment.

“I want him to tell the people of Antigua and Barbuda if he’s one of the farmers who screws off his metre on his farm in order to thief water. And it’s a question I’m asking, I’m not accusing him of anything,” the Prime Minister clarified.

“All I’m saying here is I cannot subject myself to that type of behaviour in which I have to go and screw off a metre as Prime Minister of this country to thief water to run a farm.

“And they can’t say that the government is not assisting farmers. We’re going the extra mile, we’re building dams for the farmers. There’s one that we just completed at Sandersons. My understanding is that dam there holds up to maybe 50 million gallons of water,” he said.

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  1. If you Gaston Browne as Prime Minister knows of any person thiefing water.Report the matter to the Police.Let them handle the investigation and arrests whom ever.Your mouth opens and stories jump out.My late mother used to say.Are you too,may,may,lippy.By the way,are you making up stories.

  2. Stale news Gaston.

    School children have had that word on the street for a while.

    They (school children) say one popular person who work in St. John’s is known for stealing water and transporting it to ‘a farm’.

    People in authority will hear school children talk but do they investigate? No.

    Then again, maybe it is who is stealing water.

  3. This Person is soooo DISHONEST and He the First Person to accuse the Government of all of things.

    As the Old saying goes…PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH . Some Guys have the FATTEST CHAT and

    in the dark They are bad as SIN. HYPOCRITES. SHAMEFUL.

    • @RUPERT MANN & BEEF: Do you guys know the person that is thiefing water on the Farm? All of a sudden Gaston said something.You guys are swallowing it hook line and sinker.If you guys know of someone,anyone stealing from the people.You should go to the Police and file a complaint.That is what you ought to have done.Not regurgitate after you have listened to Gaston Browne.

      • @ BLACK MAN
        We shall mention the name shortly. You will NOT be surprised. You GUYS should practice what you preach. SHAMEFUL.

        Did Not see Knight comment on this topic. Is He hiding ????

          You guys,should practice what you preach.I do not steal anything from anyone.I have never been arrested any where in this world.Never been to Court.Never been inside of a Police car.Never been in a cell any where.My only run ins with law enforcement is speeding.I got speeding tickets and I paid them all.Can you say the same in regards to your character.You are mentioning Knight.I do not know Knight.I never met the man.

  4. What are the Extension Officers doing.When they visit the various Farms.Looking at the water situation should be on their checklists among other things.They should also be visiting the Farms unannounced.Not having Gaston Browne on his Radio Station.Flapping of his gums without the evidence in hands.This man goes on his station and make assertions and gets away with it.It has to stop.I hope someone stops him.Other than himself.Does this man listens to anyone else.

  5. Mr. PM, please remember that the law is the law… What goes for one should go for all… I certainly agree that the matter should be reported to the police if you have proof that water is been stolen. At the end of the day, It is us the poor people who will suffer. Clearly, the farmer or farmers who is breaking off the meters to steal water have no civic allegiance to the country or to your administration…. I am sure Mr PM that If the coin was flipped and you were caught as a farmer stealing in that manner I can assure you, that those perpetrators would not have any mercy for you.

  6. Please,agriculture is the most essential component in every economy so it is even the responsibility of the government to provide the farmers the enough and affordable water to ensure that they produce enough food for the country.

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