PM Says He Would Accept A Million Dollars From Investor


Prime Minister says he would take a million dollars from a foreign investor.

During a radio interview over the weekend he hastened to add that “if the person without any quid pro quo, offers a million dollars, and its clean money, I will take it and I will declare it.”

He said he would take the money because the investor “could not come and ask me to do anything illegal.”


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  1. Many folks already believe that some/most investors get shake down by politicians when they want to invest in the country, however sometimes it’s better to keep ones mouth shut rather than say stuff that will agitate others. Are people that arrogant because of authority?

  2. The Prime Minister always looks after the best interests of the common people. He is trustworthy, honest, fairs, and a believing Christian,

    • Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! “Many men, many, many, many, many men. Wish death ‘pon me. Lord, I don’t cry no more. Don’t look to the sky no more. Have mercy on me.” – 50 Cent!

      “A government or a party gets the people it deserves and sooner or later a people gets the government it deserves.” ― Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth!

  3. A people who elect corrupt politicians, impostors, thieves and traitors are not victims… but accomplices
    George Orwell

  4. I like this PM because he is direct and realistic – no BS from him. The key part if his statement is that ‘he would declare it’, which is the right thing, a good thing.

  5. All You Guys are gasping for air. You are all the blue koolaid drinkers. Our Prime Minister was joking and the media GUBBLE this up. The Prime Minister know exactly how to play You Guys. When the Prime Minister is on Pointe Fm He relax and have fun with the People . I wish the reporters would relax and know when our Prime Minister is having fun. Loosen up You Guys. Stop turning everything into politics.

  6. Continuing to accept money not even his body can pay back. And in return he gives away the crown lands to the foreigners while making some ambassadors. The same foreigners that you despise taking away the lands you farmed on etc.

    Keep voting him in but don’t complain. You are part of the problem


    Hon. Gaston is the best Prime Minister for Antigua. Who would you honestly vote into office HAROLD LOVELL ?????. We would never see another Prime Minister as Hon. Gaston Browne. The UPP is FINISHED..Please vote for the BIG BIG joker JAMAL PRINGLE.

  8. On The Move

    Go right ahead and keep voting for him. Don’t complain when you have to learn Chinese and your descendants have no lands and waters to live on.

    What Antigua needs is leaders with integrity and transparency.

  9. poor uneducated people don”t determine there there circumstances. it determines them. so they are haplessly dancing to the pipers tune.

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