PM says he will take Covid-19 vaccine first


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says has no problem with being the same person in Antigua to take the COVID vaccine.

“I will avail myself as the first recipient of the vaccine in order to encourage Antiguans and Barbudans to do likewise,” he stated.

“If other countries are doing it and then they normalise, then let’s say the majority of our population were to resist the vaccine and people remain vulnerable to Covid, then what would happen is that we may see an increase in the prevalence of Covid cases and far more fatalities.

“The deaths resulting from that may be far greater than the downside risk of taking a vaccine,” he purported.

Twenty thousand vials of the vaccine are due to come to Antigua and Barbuda.

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  1. Oh my God! Somebody please don’t tell me the Americans send Donald Trump clone to us here on Antigua. This failed experiment really love the spotlight. Top dawg nobody cares what you take.

  2. The Countdown is on…
    …10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.99, 1.98, 1.97, 1.96…Doggone it, will you get to 1? Everybody’s waiting on this #One to happen!

  3. Antiguans and Barbudans are not sheep.

    1 What are the ingredients of the vaccine?

    2 What are the side effects of the vaccine?

    3 What are the long term effects of the vaccine?

    Why a vaccine and not medication to treat the virus if contracted?


  5. Right… Vaccines are now known as ticking time bombs for later manisfestations of diseases for targeted demographics worldwide. Until the long-term effects are discovered that s@#t ain’t going in my blood. Period. But feel free to be a guinea pig…

  6. Here’s another load of bullshit. I hope someone accurately documents the dictator taking the vaccine. Inspect the bottle and make sure he get his dosage.

    In the meantime, we the citizens have to pay to fix our vehicles because Economic Poor House made deals under the table and awarded the contract to BHMess that didn’t build the roads and drainage properly. Gasyon continues to steal money and accept bribes instead of putting our country in a financially stable condition. He makes his wife and son MP’s. We the people did not vote for them to be MP’s. Cronyism at its blatant best.

    All he has proven to me is he’s in office for his selfish reasons. We have Yida again destroying the mangroves and doing as they like in the protected area and ever since this all started, Gaston has not said a damned thing about it. Just a general statement, if China wants to give him gifts, he will take them. Gaston doesn’t work for the people, he makes us work for him. When that area is totally devastated and we have no fish in the area, what next? The Chinese are taking over and people are so blind they will continue voting this regime in while they are happy accepting the usual standard bribes like ham, turkey, microwave, driver’s license, stove etc. from the current regime.

    It is not a matter of party it’s a matter of the party working for us and making our country better. If you think the white colonials were bad, just wait till China takes over. Dictator Gaston continues to give away our lands in the form of taking loans from China. Those same loans Antigua will never be able to pay back. The next step will be China taking our lands as compensation for the unpaid loans. And Gaston and his cronies will have a cush life while all those who voted for him and left behind and forgotten. The said voters have no one to blame but themselves. I hope they can live with it. All microwaves, ham, turkey, stove, fridge and the rest will stop being handed out when the Chinese are in power. You can also thank your current PM and his regime for that.

  7. No vaccine for me, thank you very much.
    There are plenty of therapeutics that work very well and faster without the risks!

  8. We are not to take the vaccines ! Dont listen to him, the vaccine havent not went through any proper testing to follow. Death is inevitable whether you take the vaccine or not. Let us empower ourselves learn about what herbs on the earth build our immune systems and use them. Tell me if this make sense the pharmaceutical industries will condemn a plant the herbalist use for healing but they will use that same plant in their tablets to treat illness, Money Over Health they prefer. The healthier you are the less money they make. Lets think logical not political, be wise alot of wolf and luciferan spirits is out there to decieve. God knew all these trials and tribulation, plandemonic events and create our immune system along with the herbs for healing but man say take the vaccine and you shall live.

  9. We, the people, have a right to choose. I choose to reject any Covid vaccine until long-term side effects are determined. There are other solutions & government ignored preventative measures.

  10. Once, the #GLOBALIST roll out their vaccines, to live, work, play, travel in their #MatrixBubble, we’ll have to comply or REVOLT!
    New York is already passing legislations to make it #Mandatory for all New Yorkers to be vaccinated; DC has already passed legislation, allowing children as young as 11 years to make the decision, to take the vaccine without parental/guardian knowledge, or consent.

    The #GLOBALIST are resetting their systems of control, from money to medicine!

  11. Why most of you always giving the Honourable Gaston Browne such a hard time? Are you patriots or traitors?

    He’s the only leader I know – so far – to come out and say he would take the new vaccine, whereas the other world leaders’ like Trump (USA), Johnson (UK); and not forgetting the elitists, monarchs and super-rich (like Bill Gates) who keep telling the rest of the world to take this relatively new and unknown (and dare I say risky) vaccine; yet aren’t willing to take it in the first instance to reassure their ‘kowtowing’ public servants.

    You get the feeling that this cabal are all waiting to see what happens to the rest of us first, before embarking on this cure-all-end-all drug – taking us all for fools and guinea pigs in the meantime.

    Name another current world leader who is willing to take this bold step.

    Without doubt, the Honourable Gaston Browne is a true patriot …

    • Because the other world leaders know what’s up and they can’t bluff being first in line for the vaccine, as their people hold them accountable.

  12. Now where is FROM THE SIDELINE with his usual leadership matters mantra? FROM THE SIDELINE I am waiting to hear from you with your hyperbolic congratulatory remarks for Gaston Browne.

  13. Let him that take vaccine despise him that dont take , everyone have a choice . People talking about giving the PM a hard time cant be serious, is the PM your family member or are you the PM making these statements. Just because the PM say something that mean it is all truth. People use psychology to get there way. The Art of deception. Stop putting your trust in Man they will fail.
    Remember Jim Jones captivate the people minds that they love him more than themselves. Dont be gullible

  14. What is wrong with so many of you? When you go to the dr and they prescribe something, do you ask what the ingredients are, do you say, “no I’ll take my chances”?

    Why such skepticism about something so mundane as taking a vaccine?

    When you start up you car engine in the morning, do you do an inventory of all the parts, to make sure everything is in working order?

    Stop being silly and so self-centered. A vaccine is about preventing further death and sever illness.

    You sound uneducated and irresponsible with these conspiratorial statements.

    Get it together people. I’ll listen to the experts. They are not perfect, and newsflash: neither are you!

    Jesus Christ!!!

  15. A real leader leads from the front. Not many leaders would make such a commitment in order to proof to his nation that it is safe to do so. Especially this vaccine will be met with lots of scepticism. Since it has been politicize so much in the USA. People all over do not trust the Pharmaceutical companies to do the right thing and to take short cuts. I can tell you I will not follow the PM out of my own fears. I need at least six months to see what is happening to those that have taken it. And perhaps a year. But I will not drop my guard when it comes to wearing a mask and keeping a distance for strangers as much as possible. Especially those coming from abroad.

  16. Some of you are angry because a person dont want to be vaccinated, are you angry with a vegetarian who refuse to eat meat.or vice versa .
    Everyone has a choice and a belief. The vaccine is not going to be the saviour of this world,no one knows the side effects of the vaccine. putting your trust in a vaccine is like denying the power of the Almighty, and putting all your trust in man God give man wisdom for medicine , but none is 100 percent safe, if a person dont feel comfortable with something you cant force comfort on them. Some of you who are upset with a person belief must be vaccine agents doing your jobs to get paid

  17. FROM THE SIDELINE I was patiently waiting for your comment on this matter. Now I must say that I am very disappointed in your comment. Why would you be fearful to take the vaccine after the Real Leader would have taken the test to show the nation it is safe? Come on FROM THE SIDELINE I expect you to have more confidence and faith in the Real Leader. Have you stopped blindly following Gaston Browne?

    • You see what your problem is, you cannot be independent and objective. And when you meet someone that is you just cannot believe it. Cause the person has to be like you. I have showed you on many times where I disagree with Gaston yet as far as you are concerned I should be all the time against him. Sorry to have disappointed you, but I am not a follower of no man but Christ. I do have a lot in common with the Labour Party’s philosophy of governing. And I do have admiration for Gaston Browne his foresight and his leadership in the manner in which he is steering the country even through these turbulent Covid times when everything is coming down at once, The economy, the fiscal the health situation and you name it. And when we thought we got spared hurricanes this year we get showers of blessing bringing some flooding as well. The UPP would have long time throw their hands up in the air and ask the IMF to come in and run the country.
      You never will give anything an objective look as long as Gaston is involved. That’s why sometimes I cannot take you on. Because I know you know better and are much smarter than that. But you allow your hatred to take over all your emotions and senses.
      Sometimes I wish that you would give up and act rational. but I guess you’re too far gone. Perhaps you should come clean and lets us know what your real issue is with Gaston Browne. Did he take your girlfriend away at one point in your life or did he do something to a close family member that you cannot seem to forgive him for. Or is it the Labour Party on a whole that you have this hatred for. Cause I know many of the old guard of the ACLM and the old teacher strike that up to now they cannot forgive Papa Bird for what he did to them. And to what he did to George Walter. If you are suffering from a hatred such as that you should consider asking the Lord to cleans your heart before its too late. Remember the Lord’s Prayer. “Forgive me my trespasses as I forgive those who trespass against me”. And you sure don’t want that. And I can testify to that. Used to be very unforgiven. If you stepped on my toe once that’s it for life. I will get you back. And you may not even know it.
      So take it from a sinner leave the hatred behind, it will kill you.

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