PM says he will donate 30K to fund entrepreneurship campaign by Alister Thomas


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  1. Alister Thomas – the self-proclaimed regional and international inTERllectual who is the most intelligent Teenage Pageant contestant from the UPP school.

    • @ JACKIE

      Jackie…Are you employed by Wilmoth Daniel as a SLIDER down the pole. Come clean Jackie. Stop hiding behind the bushells.

  2. Great idea PM Browne since that amount would be almost insignificant for you given the largesse that you benefit from the State and other sources on a monthly basis.

  3. Charlie, is it true you going to be a UPP candidate in the next election? You could speak your Truth and let the people decide. Why not? Then you can run for the UPP leadership, too. Many would welcome the change. You have ideas that need to be heard. With respect….

  4. Backup your chat now Alister or are you another one from the UPP camp filled with hot air who suffers with political diarrhea

  5. Alister why don’t you clear the air once and for all?

    1).Did you run on the ACLM ticket and got 30-34 votes?
    2).Did you GRADUATE from PMS?
    3).Does the house you live in LEGALLY belong to you? (title deed?)
    4). Will you defeat the incumbent come next general election? (how confident are you?)
    5). Are you still hearing the voices of “ancestors” waking you up at night urging you to defeat the incumbent?

  6. The PM is right. What we need is the development bank to partner with SS and IRD to. Don’t give him any money Gaston. Alister have no clue and you will waste your 30,000. A lot of dounces walking around in suit and tie in a hot sun. We need to designate our villages as Enterprise zones and give the same concessions you give the montzungu and training to serious people. You know a serious person by what they are doing. Make everything easy to do

  7. CHARLES TABOR has the BIGGEST chat. Tabor could never win a seat
    TABOR is trying for AG which.will never happen. We are rolling.out our team. Colin James will destroy PRINGLE for sure.

  8. Nothing is wrong with the state funding a program that will benefit the youth. Yes if you look at the salary of every politician in Antigua and do a proper accounting of their financies and I am talking about their entire political life , the jails will not have enough room. Stanford is in Jail Antigua politicians took millions of dollars in cash as gifts from him, shouldn’t they be in Jail.

  9. Dear MrChoksi. How well do you know your neighbor Victor?
    Word of advice. Stay close to home. do your research. don’t let the second time be the charm.
    Be alert. Don’t let no pretty girl invite you to go walking. Or driving. No matter how tempted.

  10. @ JACKIE

    Jackie…Are you employed by Wilmoth Daniel as a SLIDER down the pole. Come clean Jackie. Stop hiding behind the bushells.

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