PM says he will cover lawyer fees for Donna Chaia if Lovell sues her

Prime Minister Minister Gaston Browne says he will provide the lawyer fees for Donna Chaia if United Progressive Party (UPP) Political Leader Harold Lovell makes good on a threat to sue her.

The Prime Minister threw his support behind Chaia Saturday evening.

Last Saturday Lovell said he would sue Chaia for statements she made about him on radio recently, regarding the Odebrecht scandal.

EARLIER ARTICLE: United Progressive Party Leader Harold Lovell says he plans to sue Donna Chaia for statements she made about him on radio recently, regarding the Odebrecht scandal.

Lovell said Chaia will not be allowed to defame him and make allegations of criminality against him.

“Having listened and having taken time, this is enough, I am going to sue her,” Lovell said on Observer Radio.

According to Lovell, this is not the first time that Chaia has attempted to sully his good name.

He said his lawyers have already been given instructions to sue Chaia who should prepare herself for an apology or to find money to pay.

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    • Gaston Browne would do and say almost anything to be in the news. I agreed with Lovell to file a Lawsuit against that woman. Let Gaston pay her Lawyer’s fees.Lovell,when the UPP becomes the next Administration. I would like you convene an Inquiry into that Odebrecht Scandal. To include those millions of Euros. That were supposedly return to sender. Cannot wait to see some persons going to Prison in Antigua.They must walk from the Court to the paddy wagon with both hands and ankles in cuffs.

  1. Hon.Gaston Browne…Thanks for supporting DONNA. Harry wants to shut up DONNA. Will never happen. Harry will be in Guinness Book Records of losing the most elections.

    • Why Gaston does not support the Pensioners of Social Security monthly.Today is the 18th of April. Pensioners who have toiled and contributed their hard earned cash into Social Security.They are having a tough time every month.To get what is theirs,not a hand out.However,he is very concerned about Donna and her Lawyer fees.Give me a damn break.I really wondered why he is willing to pay her fees.Think about it people.Could it be ———–.Fill in the blank.

  2. Quite generous of you Mr. Prime Minister but then again her legal fees would be just peanuts when one considers your millions. I see that you will go to any lengths not to have an enquiry into the Odebrecht scandal even though it is believed by Donna and many of your supporters that Harold is the culprit (to use Donna’s word). I wonder why?

    • An enquiry is going to cost upwards half a million dollars and the Upp would want to deplete further government funds so that Gaston Browne Administration can faulter paying salaries on time like the UPP did in 2013 and the first 5 months of 2014.
      That will not happen…
      PM Browne never stood in the way of any investigation into these people……. how you think they found the cheques paid to the “people” they contracted?


    TABOR… Did you listen to the Prime Minister on Pointe FM on Saturday ? If not you can listen to the same show on Monday ( BROWNE and BROWNE).The Prime said that He would call an enquiry to find out where the $45,000,000 DISAPPEARED. TABOR ..please quote the Hon.Gadton BROWNE correctly.

      • @ EDUCATE ME
        This is the difference between the amount of the contract $45 000 000 and the amount paid $ 94 000 000.ThE difference is $ 49.000 000. Sorry I meant $ 49 000 000 not $45 000 000. This. involves the ODEBRETCH scandal for the AIRPORT.


    Mr.Tabor…One of your UPP BIGGEST Supporters J’TRUTH declared that He has to disband His show because the possibility of MENTAL PROBLEMS. TABOR I listened to J’TRUTH and I knew He was NOT normal. I applaud Him to be honest with Himself. Any Radio Host who CUSS anyone on Their program daily has a problem. I hope KNIGHT and SERPENT will follow J’TRUTH and declare that They have a problem and seek PROFESSIONALLY help. What do you think…TABOR ?

    • @ Bishop
      I listen to the Browne and Browne show and all Gaston do is cuss the UPP and Harold. Do you think Gaston Browne also has a problem?

  5. I listened to the DNA VIRTUAL CONFERENCE and I was very impressed. DNA spoke about Their plans for the Future. Very PROFESSIONAL.

    When you listened to the UPP VIRTUAL MEETING it was a DISGRACE. All Candidates just CUSSING the WORLD BOSS.No substance. DNA will be the official OPPOSITION next election 2023. UPP DEAD / FINISHED .

  6. Who y’all trying to fool?
    Trying to change the subject here – bout peanuts when one considers his what? – John ashe didn’t give PM Browne any-

    Now the story at hand….
    The man that he claimed that he went to Miami, he was there to meet a man name Luis Franco(a Brazilian)
    Antigua Overseas Bank was bought by Odebrecht in 2010, the bank that was in part used to commit the biggest bribery and corruption scandal the world has ever seen- these people are known for bribing politicians and other officials internationally to get what they want..
    (side note)
    I remember in 2019 the PM Gaston Browne refuse to grant a vesting order for the sale of Scotiabank because he thought a local bank could be given the first opportunity to purchase. It was only then I realize the Finance Minister has the last say if a Bank is to be sold or bought in Antigua. (now back to the point at hand)
    In 2010 who was the Finance Minister of Antigua and Barbuda? answer: Upp leader
    Was Harold Lovell get hired as a lawyer by Luis Franco for the bank? As far as I can remember Harold Lovell was a Government Minister for ten(10) years prior to 2014 June. So a former Goverment Minister that was not practicing law for 10 years, was in Miami by the December 2014 hired by the same bank in question?
    When this whole scandal first broke in the news, Harold Lovell claimed he didn’t know the players, it took PM Gaston Browne to bring a cheque photocopy to the parliament paid to Harold Lovell by the said bank -then he claim to have worked for the bank….
    General Election – June 2014
    Harold Lovell claimed his and Luis Franco’s meeting in Maimi – December 2014
    I’m no fool no Sir-re
    I’m going to live to be a 103
    So I’ll play it safe for you and me
    ‘Cause I’m no fool

  7. It’s suprisinng how people over look the facts, In the attempt to believe someone who is desperate to prove their worth (after switching allegiance with a need to be sanitized).
    Let’s state some facts. In the Bloomberg article, the alleged meeting took place in August 2015, Chaia’s meeting with Lovell was in December 2014. Lovell presented his passports with no history of being in the US in 2015, much less Miami, however PM Gaston Browne was in Miami in August 2015 proven by his travel documents. So let us show some degree of common sense.

  8. The Browne and Browne show . The other Browne that never pay a dime in child support for the many children he has inside and outside of marriage .

    • You know him? I know he took one woman to court to prove paternity of a child she showed up with four years later with another mans name , maybe you should check with his children.

  9. ANTIGUAN WITH COMMON SENSE you common sense is astounding. What you have stated there is the stark fact that neither Gaston Browne or his major apologist and propagandist BEEF can deny. The evidence shows that Gaston was in Miami in August 2015 when the meeting with Casroy James and others were held. Given the fact that Gaston was in Miami at the time was he at that meeting? At least we know Harold Lovell was nowhere in Miami at that time. They keep spinning and spinning and spinning but always fail to address simple and undisputed facts. Now they are using the airport runway project by Andrade Guitterez as a red herring to change the narrative. Let Gaston tell us whether the money that was sent to Casroy’s account (Global Residency Advisory Services) at Global Bank from the Odebrecht Sky Corporation Limited was sent back and when. Gaston Browne will never in a million years have an enquiry into the Odebrecht scandal and I can bet my life on that. He can fool people like BEEF etc but he cannot fool me.

    • Tabor (also Antiguan with…) nowhere in the Bloomberg article (No One Has Ever Made a Corruption Machine Like This One) was a month given as far as the meeting. According to Casroys statement the agreement was finalized in October 2015 (meeting happened before this) and the last payment was made Dec 2015. Don’t recall Donna saying December, what she did state is she tends to spend her summers overseas. Think you know summer don’t fall in December. Now here you are changing mouth because about a week ago, you stated Harold was the lawyer at the said meeting (excerps below). As far as for the airport construction company, I have long pointed out that there is a link between them and Odebrecht . Guy they are a part of Odebrecht investigation. They (Andrade Gutierrez ) has to pay some 381 million usd in fines as a result of the the same investigation that involved Odebrecht (they were involved in bribing government officials). You really think they only did that outside of A&B?

      Charles Tabor April 11, 2021 At 8:33 am
      FROM THE SIDELINE your illogical reasoning is again showing quite clearly.
      Harold never denied that he was involved in a meeting in Miami with Casroy James and Franca. He is the respected lawyer ….

      • TENMAN like your other ALP apologist and propagandist FROM THE SIDELINE you always write a lot without saying anything that makes sense. Harold Lovell admitted that he met with Casroy and Franca. That meeting took place in December 2014 at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables. That is also the meeting where Donna Chaia visited Harold at the hotel for dinner. Now, what does Donna spend her summers overseas or Andrade Guitterez being apart of Odebrecht has to do with the meeting that Casroy had in August 2015 in Miami with Franca and Soares. Please note that Harold’s meeting was in December 2014 in Coral Gables. Casroy’s meeting with Franca and Soares was in August 2015 according to the Brazilian newspaper Estado de Sao Paulo. Now, it was at that meeting that the Odebrecht bribery plan was hatched. According to Casroy in his Press Release (which you quoted), the agreement was finalized 1st December 2015 and the last payment was made in December 2015. By the way, the payment was made into Casroy’s account at Global Bank (Global Residency and Advisory Services) by Ultra Sky Corporation Limited an offshore subsidiary of Odebrecht. Now, genius TENMAN and genius Donna Chaia, where the hell does Harold Lovell figure in all this. TENMAN please don’t respond until you get your timeline straight and also all the facts.

      • And by the WAY TENMAN I am correcting my previous error which you quoted. Harold Lovell met with Franca and Casroy in December 2014 in Coral Gables and not Miami. And yes he was the respected lawyer (as Gaston harps about) since he has nothing to hide. Tell Gaston to have an enquiry and we will see who the bribe was intended for.

      • @TENMAN: My hope is not to see that woman’s face anymore in this damn medium.Just tell your insider buddy.To call an inquiry into that BRAZILIAN OPERATION CAR WASH matter.Let all the filth rises to the top. All of those millions of disappearing Euros.I want the whole truth to come out.Who was where and when sworn under oaths.

  10. It’s not common sense that is needed here, just truth.
    Gaston, how ready will you be to pay Donna Chaia’s legal fees after you realize that everybody now knows you and she are lying? Donna has to admit that she slept with Lovell that night and he took her to her car next morning – in December 2014. If she can’t even tell the truth about that, what else is she lying about?
    You have to admit that you were in Miami in August 2015 (yeah, yeah, you said you went to Disney). Now answer these questions.
    Did James pass on any of the €3m he got from Oderbrecht to you? Earlier at the height of all the confusion, we learned that it was two for you and one for him. Did you get any? Answer that.
    Were you the one who told Casroy James to give back the money when the furnace got very hot? You told us that he gave it back. If so, how much did he give back, and did this sum include what he supposedly gave to you?
    Why are you so against an enquiry? Are you afraid that what the enquiry unearths might incriminate you?
    This is not Papa Bird’s time, Gaston. This the age of high technology and mass media. What was easy to hide then is not now. Those guys who want to save some prison time will squeal (if they haven’t already). Casroy James does not seem to be a strong person. He was controlled by you, but he is away from you now and singing like a lark.
    Take this advice, bro, Comrade. Stop doubling down on the lies. Some of us are beginning to see what you are saying doesn’t make sense and sound confused, or rather, like lies. Donna Chaia is making the media rounds and every time she opens her mouth, her story changes. We have words to describe Lovell since we know him from long time. Antigua is a small place. We all know how the story behind the hook up between the two of them went down, but we know that he is not lying about this one.
    Right now, the less she says, the better for her. And frankly, she is close to losing the credibility issue. Remember, she gave the story life. The man was only defending himself. She did recant and say she might have forgotten that it was 2014. Don’t forget that.
    Sure you want to spend some of OUR money to pay her legal fees?

    • I think while we routing out corruption and so we should. But we should be consistent. The Minister of State in the Office if the Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer received 500 thousand USD relation to the John Ashe Bribery scandal which was specific to Antigua not a foreign Jurisdiction.. Dr. Mansour came on TV and said he received the money. Has he or Baldwin travelled to the United States since or you think they dont want to sing as well…. Let’s root out corruption and get to the bottom of them…

  11. Mr. PM please check with your wife first if she would agree with you on that. And furthermore Donna is financially well. She really doesn’t need any financial help when it comes to defending her against any law suit from Harold. I believe it is Harold that has to be concerned about a counter suit, having made available a letter that was read by his colleage and radio host Serpent and really made some insinuations about her character. That is what to me was more of a defamation of character. And Donna really needs to look into that with a lawyer and see if it merrits her to take legal actions against the radio station, the host and Lovell. defemation by insinuation.

    • FROM THE SIDELINE let me stop you in your tracks at the outset. Their is no way Donna Chaia could sue Harold Lovell for defamation for the contents of the letter read in the Snakepit by Serpent. Donna really should have kept quiet and desist from making her defamatory comments. Moreover, instead of keeping quiet she is going forward repeating her defamatory comments every opportunity she gets on Pointe FM.

      • FROM THE SIDELINE let me stop you in your tracks at the outset. Their is no way Donna Chaia could sue Harold Lovell for defamation for the contents of the letter read in the Snakepit by Serpent. Donna really should have kept quiet and desist from making her defamatory comments. Moreover, instead of keeping quiet she is going forward repeating her defamatory comments every opportunity she gets on Pointe FM.

        • FROM THE SIDELINE just as how Donna would have been ill-advised to sue Asot Michael when he accused her of wrongdoing in her father’s Probate matter, similarly she would be ill-advised to sue Harold Lovell for what transpired between them in Coral Gables at the Biltmore Hotel.

    • Gaston Checking with his wife? You want her to get a cussing out. You know how he likes to cuss out anyone who dares to question him.

  12. My opinion as a Non-Antiguan living outside the region I feel really sad for the future of my Caribbean people. We lined up so much behind our political parties that wrong or right is only defined through partisan lens. Mr Lovell called for an inquiry and the PM seemingly is calling for one. Who is aggrieved in this whole saga. Let me dare to answer and say the country not Gaston and not Harold. None of these gentlemen worry about paying APUA at the end of the month. My people wake ay u ass up. Tap defend Politian and defend u country. Odebrecht scandal needs investigating where UPP, ABLP or DNA officials are involved.

  13. “Mr Lovell called for an inquiry and the PM seemingly is calling for one.”This is a quote from you, Derek Ryner. Being outside the region would tend to make you less ‘offay’ with what is happening here. Let me spell it out for you:


    When you read or listen, please do this carefully. Otherwise your well-meaning comment would have zero effect.

  14. Dictator traitor Gaston would use the same funds he has pilfered from our nation. This anal sphincter continues to show his true self and is an example of what a leader should never be.

    This jackass dictator traitor Gaston should never be representing our nation or we the people.

  15. By the WAY TENMAN this piece of information is just for you. Harold Lovell’s meeting with Franca in December 2014 was to seek his legal services to look out for the interests of certain clients of the Antigua Overseas Bank (AOB) that was in liquidation. He was retained by Franca and Meinl Bank to do that. If like Gaston you believe that AOB was not in liquidation in 2014, please look at the affidavit of your coworker Paul Ashe that was sworn on the 24th July 2014 at the High Court.

    • Since when Harold is an angel and knows ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about lying? The same Gaston said he only ‘waved’ to Franca during Franca’s time in the U.P.P. Administration (that is about seven to eight years). Tabor, you ever did algebra in school? I am just asking for a friend.

    • Tabor. Have anyone ever come to your office to conduct ‘business’ and end up talking to you about ‘various matters’? Just asking for a friend.

      • @BEEF:Did you ever work for Observer Radio? Because I heard a Beef on Observer.He did not know much about anything.All of a sudden.The same Beef since Gaston became Prime Minister knows it all.He has the answers to all things like Gaston Browne.

      • It is really sad when the UPP for years now has been accusing the ABLP of corruption. And I mean 2004 we bought that. But what we saw and what happened is that the UPP was caught in many corruption scandals. And we can list them all. At one point Chandler said if we do not lock them up they will lock us up when they come into power. Our PM was pressed hard to start inquiries into the many scandals, but he stood his ground and said he will not waste scares government resouces on that. We had the scandal with he usses that blatently showed missuse and abuse of their power in public office. Why would one take up a bus that was donated to transport school children and transform them into party campaign busses and one in a mobile brotel. If that is not bad. We got the USA investigating a bribe for passports by Chinese officials and our very own Ambasor John Ashe was in the middle of it. And when they followed he money trail it came striaght back to the UPP coffers and that of the then PM Spencer. And they all clain not to have known that it was a bribe. And yet Gaston Browne refused to open an inquiry. He said it would do our country much damage. We have seen teh ABIB scandal that cost the tax payers hundreds of millions of dollars and yet again no one get arrested or even an inquiry. To the dismay of Senior politicians like Sir Robin. The PM again stood his ground that it would damage many respectable families in this country. But we have learned today that AOB was run by the very same Brazilian Franca that Harold didn’t know. Even while at the time he was minister of Finance and should have known who every top man was running an offshore bank. be it AOB or Meinell Bank. Some how the Minister of Finance had to give his approval. And time and time again the PM refuses to follow through and hold inquiries. Well now they call his bluff once again. Call an inquiry to see who really was involved in the Odebrecht scandal. The PM who has no relationship whatsoever with Franca or Lovell who we now have established that he did have a relationship with Franca. And one that perhaps is going back to the AOB day when he was minister of Finance.
        PM you are running out of reasons to your own detriment in order to protect these charletons. Politics is not a games for softies. This is hardball. Your move is next. call your bluff.

  16. @ TABOR
    Charles Tabor….You’re so ONESIDED it is not funny. You treat LYAD HAROLD LOVELL as an ANGEL. Please stop it TABOR. You’re are a HYPOCRITE.

  17. BEEF you can ask your questions for yourself and not for a friend. Yes I did algebra and I hope you and TENMAN did integral and differential calculus so you will learn to differentiate fact from fiction. Just like Harold is not an angel and could lie, the same thing applies to Gaston even more. Ask Gaston whether the Odebrecht bribe money was returned by Casroy and how much was returned (since he claimed some of it was for CIP work).

  18. @ BEEF
    Yor are correct. Charles Tabor is NOT Antigua. Tabor is working hard for ATTORNEY GENERAL. Which will NEVER happen. Tabor have his nose right up LYAD HAROLD LOVELL A*****S. Shame on Tabor.

  19. CARSON B., G.T.ARBOUR all you guys including BEEF, TENMAN, FROM THE SIDELINE and JUST SAYING believe you can spin anything to protect Gaston Browne, but no amount of spinning can get him out of the ODEBRECHT Bribery Scandal. Tell him to come to the nation and answer the simple questions I have asked. And if his hand are so clean why is he afraid to have an investigation in Odebrecht. What is he afraid of? Now, his apologists and propagandists like BEEF and TENMAN are calling for an investigation into Andrade Guitterez and the runway project. Tell Gaston to have an investigation into everything and let the chips fall where they may.

    • I have to laugh at my ‘friend’ Charlesworth Tabor.

      Tabor, the vision you MIGHT have in your mind of becoming Attorney General in this country WILL NOT HAPPEN. Not even by default.

      I have told you privately and I will now tell you publicly, the Odebrecht Bribery Scandal WILL BE DEALT WITH BY THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT.

      Tabor, do you really think Casroy James have not already told the United States Government who all was in the meeting in mid 2015? Come on Tabor. I thought you were smarter than that.

      Just as how the U.S. Government told us about the SCANDAL at the United Nations, they will tell us about who was in the meeting in Miami in mid 2015 so I AM NOT IN THE LEAST CONCERNED.

      Remember, when certain names and officials were referred to in Court documents with the United Nations Scandal, who was not shocked, POOPED in their draws?

      CERTAIN PEOPLE have to thank Gaston Browne for not removing the Diplomatic Immunity from Ashe because they would not be around here today, but that is a discussion for another time.

      I have faith in what the U.S. Government file in Court so that is why I am not guided by ANY NEWSPAPER STORY.

      I want to thank Donna for speaking up about what she knows.

      Donna was WRONG with her dates as to when she met Harold Lovell in Miami and SHE ACCEPTED THAT.

      She initially said she and Lovell met up in 2015 but after Lovell spoke, HE SAID that he met with Franca on the 19th of December 2014.

      Mr. Tabor, if you have or if you can provide the Public with any public notice or announcement that the public was ever told this BEFORE Donna said what she said, please direct me and the public to such public notice or announcement.

      My understanding of what Lovell went on to say was that THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME HE ‘SAT DOWN WITH FRANCA’ AS HE WOULD WAVE TO HIM WHEN HE WOULD SEE HIM.

      Now, keep in mind that Franca was a Hon. Consul to the Antiguan & Barbudan Government since around 2006.

      By my calculation, Franca served for roughly eight (8) years during the U.P.P. time in government.

      You, my ‘friend’ Tabor can decide if you believe Lovell.

      From my little research on the Odebrecht Bribery Scandal, it is my understanding that the company would enter into contracts with governments, inflate said contracts and pay kickbacks to government officials. That is my understanding.

      It is my further understanding that Andrade Guitterez is affiliated with Odebrecht, in some way, and they had a contract with our government that had an over-run of ONE HUNDRED PERCENT (100%).

      I believe it is reasonable for persons to be asking questions taking into consideration what we have been told about Odebrecht.

      I believe that those who served in the U.P.P. Administration should give an explanation.

      Maybe there exists a reasonable explanation for the one hundred percent (100%) over-run on the runway BUT WE WANT TO HEAR.

      I am beginning to believe more and more that there should be an investigation into Andrade Guitterez.

  20. One blogger quoted a portion of another blogger to make a point, however that blogger fail to mention the most important section of the post:
    (“Who is aggrieved in this whole saga. Let me dare to answer and say the country not Gaston and not Harold. None of these gentlemen worry about paying APUA at the end of the month. My people wake ay u ass up. Tap defend Politian and defend u country. Odebrecht scandal needs investigating where UPP, ABLP or DNA officials are involved”).
    These are some of the reasons why politicians will continue their corruption schemes because their supporters justify and defend their corrupted actions. It’s not about country any more. it’s Politicians/families, cronies, friends, party, country in that order.

    On another note. Coral gables is a section of Miami.

  21. BEEF if Casroy James got a bribe from Odebrecht was he supposed to all by himself persuade the government not to send documents to Brazil? Do you think that he will take the rap for the other or others?

    • Tabor ‘my friend’, ask the mutual person who know you and Casroy.

      I AM SURE HE (the mutual person) can put you on the right track.

  22. BEEF don’t you think that other than the mutual person (who ever that is), that Gaston Browne has all the information. We were presented with the ridiculous notion by Gaston when the Odebrecht scandal broke that he was going to hire a high price Washington lawyer to find out who was present at the Miami meeting with Casroy. Now Beef, does that make any sense even to you a Gaston apologist?

  23. And BEEF if the mutual friend you are referring to is Harold Lovell, tell me how in hell would he be able to answer my questions. Don’t you think Gaston Browne is in a better position to answer them?

  24. TABOR stop singing for your SUPPER ( ATTORNEY GENERAL) !!!!! This is a PIGMENT of your imagination. HAROLD is fooling you.

  25. CARSON B. when one is putting arguments for you guys (BEEF, JUST SAYING, TENMAN, FROM THE SIDELINE, PETE etc) to counter all you can come with is utter irrelevant nonsense. People will soon see all of you as a bunch of jokers. Let’s debate and stop dealing with trivia.

  26. CARSON B. tell me about the Odebrecht scandal and whether you think Gaston Browne is involved with Casroy James. Ask Gaston to provide proof that the money was sent back as he said in Parliament. Those are the issues you should focus on.

  27. By the way, CARSON B you have said PIGMENT of my imagination a few times and I to thought it might have been a typo, but you have been doing it so often I feel I should now correct you. It is not PIGMENT but FIGMENT. FIGMENT of a person’s imagination so please next time use the word FIGMENT and not PIGMENT.

  28. CARSON B. I can take it since I am not as thin skinned as perhaps you are. My correction was not meant to be a serious criticism. Please put all my spelling and grammatical errors 😂. Some of that is expected in this type of social media communication.

  29. If Cutie Benjamin could be the Attorney General of Antigua and Barbuda. Any first year Law student could hold that position. That man does not know one darn thing about the Constitution of the Nation.He is the Attorney General.

  30. Girl, I am sorry that you got caught up in this mess. You should have continued your father toilet paper factory 🏭. Right now toilet paper is a big business now that population has grown and keep growing daily. It will also helps too cutdown on the amount of toilet papers the country import.

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