PM says he was not body shaming 300lbs sister of opposition candidate (+VIDEO)


Prime Minister Gaston Browne said over the weekend that his comments about an opposition politician’s sister was not meant to body shame her.

Browne told Pointe FM that he was merely trying to make the point that obese people are at serious risk of dying from COVID-19.

He said he also wanted to make the point that members of the opposition are undermining the vaccination process using subterfuge.

Here are the comments by Browne that some have criticised:

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  1. Gaston Browne,you have the cojones to body shamed others.Have you looked into that mirror lately? Have you taken the time to look inside of your Cabinet? Do you like what you have seen?

    • But I guess he was prudent and got himself vaccinated before everyone else with a vaccine unavailable to anyone else on the island except his rich friends…which by the way was illegal

      This guy is an embarrassment

  2. I am awaiting some rebuttal from the women’s groups in ANU.I am also listening with open ears to hear from Samantha Marshall and Maria Browne.

  3. How much does cutie and choko western weigh and don’t forget Samantha. Those obese members of his cabinet look like they weigh more than 300 pounds.

    • That’s why they were responsible enough to be vaccinated as soon as it was possible… can’t say the same for the upp candidate and her sister.

  4. So why did you shut the gyms? Why have you put us on curfew to not allow us out to exercise after work or before work?

    Gyms have no recorded out breaks. In Antigua or outside of Antigua.

    If you cared about our health, subsidize the cost of healthy foods, veggies, fruits. Open the gyms. Instead of pumping unknown harmful man made poison into people and children.

  5. I thought the comment would’ve been worse but I get the context. He said, the person only got vaccinated recently after mentioning her weight to convey it should’ve been a priority to get vaccinated if you’re obese.

  6. A pedo statement for a brain sick society’s who responded to his ILL SICK COMMENT…do you sure this guy’s is ok from his neuronas?

  7. Everything the Hon. Gaston Bowne says….It is taken out of context. Hon. Gaston Browne was saying that when you are obese you should be at the top of the list for vaccination. I do not see anything wrong in what the Prime Minister said……..UPP blue koolaid drinkers stop gasping at straws.

    • then that’s what he should have said instead of mentioning a specific woman and ridiculing her weight.

      He is an ignorant bully and is not a leader

  8. The woman’s weight is none of his business.

    The reason there is a COVID crisis in Antigua is because this clown refused to implement any intelligent protocols and restrictions on the thousands of tourists who come to Antigua every month

  9. She should sue him for defamation, he is a bully, a narcissist and an all around horrible person. Wonder what his wife Maria has to say about this. She married a real winner there, smdh

    • You obviously don’t understand the law. A defense against defamation is… truth and the claimant has to prove they suffered loss. You all are the ones assuming there’s shame in being 300 pounds when all the man is saying is, if you’re obese, you should have taken special care to get vaccinated.

  10. The truth is if one is fat they are fat and need to do something about it. It is a health matter. This country is too damn fat, and they ought to be ashamed.

  11. Most of you all miss the point. All the PM is saying is that -High risk, vulnerable individuals to severe Covid19 symptoms and death should be the first to get the vaccine. The should not play politics and wait until it’s too late.

  12. The COVID-19 vaccines were to have expired at one time, very strange, u get other meds n they have a long Time to expire n they were worried they would gobad on them 🤔🤔

  13. Look friends, there are just too many fat people here, and it’s time to do something about it. It’s called portion control. Gyms are not the answer. Ever notice how people who go there still get fat. PORTION CONTROL is the pathway to victory over this nasty obesity that’s all around us. Call it “shaming” if you want to, but it’s really a wake up call. You too damn fat!!!

  14. So many people justifying GB insult he did body shamed.
    He should have mentioned from the onset what he meant. If he’s bringing awareness to obesity and Covid it would have been more ethical than mention the woman 300 lbs. He is arrogant and has no class. He needs to go take some class to speak.

  15. If Gaston was trying to make a point of the under lying factors that could be deadly with covid, great point.
    Why call anyone name? We all know that 300 LBS is just dat 300LBS. It no hab no name assign to it.
    You dam rude Gaston. You need some decision making skills and learn to bloody listen to yourself and the community you are elected to serve. You are tone deaf. Think before you speak and if you not sure, don’t speak it.
    You need to improve you bloody communication skills and also know when to shut the hell up.
    Leaders should be able to express their thoughts and vision in a CLEAR and UNDERSTANDING manner. Take some bloody responsibility for your actions, verbally and other-wise. You need to apologize to this young lady, if you got the balls to do so.

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