PM says he tested for COVID-19 everyday while on U.K trip


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says he took the necessary COVID-19 precautions while at COP26 in Glasgow.

He was criticized locally for not wearing a mask during a photo with Joe Biden and other world leaders.

Browne addressed the issue upon return to Antigua and Barbuda.

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  1. Notice not one of them wearing masks but here in Antigua they would set police on us and take us jail. Worse yet, all a dem are strangers from foreign countries all over the world. We in Antigua are on a small island. Govt nothing but a bunch of lying, hypocrites.

    That Gaston and his party need to be removed from office.

      • That is true. So if our prime minister is happy to follow those rules and not wear one he should also know that no child below the age of 11 years old has been required to wear a mask. And certainly not while in school. But he wouldn’t be interested in that now would he? Jumby certainly know who to frighten.

  2. Hypocrites them be for real, vaccinated don’t need to be tested here it ok for them to spread the virus but it is an abomination for a non vaccinated to spread and should be tested constantly, now he is in other territories claiming he has been tested daily, never trust the lies of this 🤡

  3. Prime Minister Mia Motley showed what true leadership is all about. Stonehenge can’t even have a seat at the same table with her. She’s generations ahead in her foresight amid the crisis that we as a world have to deal with.

    The contentious, litigious George Jefferson syndrome of a man named Browne will find himself on the wrong side of history. He only have five more months in office so he hands in his pocket.

    Hope he enjoys his souvenir with “saying it ain’t so Joe.”

  4. Wait, did Gaston run go stand up next to Biden? or Biden run go stand up next to Gaston?


  6. The UK has been been having 30,000+ new cases every single day despite vaccination. The EU has seen a rise in Covid infection as the weather cools… another wave underway despite the vaccination levels. PM delegation probably brought that new variant back to Antigua.

  7. All you haters of Wadadli PM are a bunch of sanctimonious hypocrites getting up everyday and spouting ignorance and falsehoods.The sane people of Wadadli is going to show all of you that his opponents will not see the reign of government again never again. By the way Wadadli Pm is most visionary and forthright leader in the Caribbean. All you can take that smoke that: getting up every day and calling people liars. A bunch of “vagabonds and duttie hooligans you all be”. Instead you all fight this Virus that has killed over 100+ Wadadlians, you’ll are fighting against the vaccines that has worked in mutations for donkey years. Definition of Stupid: knowing the truth, seeing evidence of the truth, but still believing the lies. Frankly, you all have blood on your hands for spouting foolishness and falsehoods. When you know better then do better. Just maybe if you idiots were not spreading some much propaganda plenty of you’ll followers would be alive today. All you gwarn, dead people can’t vote. It’s so refreshing to see that so many Wadadlians are fu fu people. They aren’t sitting on their brains.

    • Hello Bullombo you ready for another bulling session I see. This time we going to use your mouth too. Sing baby sing. Oh wait you can’t with your mouth full.

    • Hello Bullombo you ready for another bulling session I see. This time we going to use your mouth too. Sing baby sing. Oh wait you can’t with your mouth full. Don’t worry, we not using your brain, not that you have one, we only using your bottom.

  8. Majority of Wadadlians are not fu fu people that used their brains intelligently and protect themselves and love one’s and ignore you’ll ignorance.How you’ll sleep at nights? Goodness..Gracious.. show some humility and decency. Me sick too the bone when you sick people is using this deadly Virus as your F….ing political games. People are ending up in the graveyard and what are you F…g solutions?

    • Have an English Harbor or two and enjoy your Sunday. Stone have you wind up tight in his defense! You must be handsomely compensated in some way!

    • Hello Bullombo again we not interesting in using your brain, only your bottom and mouth. You don’t even have to be vaccinated. You will dead at some point but in the meantime, we will have fun in your behind. Sing baby, sing.

      • Proverbs 10:23, 12:15, 26:3-12 and Romans 1:22. Please read and look into the mirror you dumbtards. You idiots lacks any decency or credibility. The lips of the wise spread knowledge and truths not so the hearts of fool’s. I am blinded with political hatred and ignorance. You all are so pathetic and are causing others to go the graveyard for spouting foolishness and ignorance. I slept well at night. Hope you jackasses can do the same thing. Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable. Keep on dumping down your own people with your ignorance. Sadly, most of you leave your brains in the toilet and causing the gullible to end up in the graveyard. Get up off your tired and idiotic brains and fight this deadly Virus. Again, what are your solutions? Normally, people who behave like jackasses are very easy to ride. I used to own and ride plenty donkeys.Please don’t forget to read the book of Proverbs. You duttie Hooligans and Nasty Vagabonds.

        • Hey Bullombo why are you saying Proverbs? I can understand Romans because you and I ok and others indulge in your firm and tight back door. Words can never describe the soft plush feeling when we enter it. Talking about riding jackasses, you ride like a high end vehicle. You have a great suspension for riding.

  9. @ Christopher Colombus you sound like a paid blogger or maybe you are the PM himself, this man is never wrong in your eyes

    • FYI: Just for your own edification the only time I ever voted was for the PLM and I never ever met the Present PM. That’s how all behave that someone is getting paid off because they don’t you’ll ignorance spout so much political foolishness and hatred. I have no tolerance for anyone who is playing this dangerous political game with people lives. You can disagree but when the truth stares you in your face and you ignore by spouting foolishness and ignorance you are causing the same people who you want to vote against the government their lives. You are all sanctimonious hypocrites

      • You must be a man of a certain age so I’ll refrain from what could be said about compensation. We are all Antiguans. You feel and have a particular opinion about the present leadership and governance in Antigua.

        Others are of a different view. Apparently, you seem to have migrated to North America. Since PLM was elected in 1976. Hope that has worked out for you and you have made a meaningful contribution to the Society. Whether in North America on in (Little) LA!

  10. I was one of those who supported the change in government in 2000. I was bamboozle also by deception and falsehoods of UPPITES. They promised their opponents we’re thieves and would be sent to 1735, they had 10 years to do so, they used a young lady to spread falsehoods on their opponents, they introduced PIT etc, even though they promised they would not raise taxes. By the way I use to pay PIT from management salaries, they victimized a anyone that they feel didn’t support them, they took lands from Wadadlians who feels didn’t support them. I can go on an on for five years. The UPPITES were the worst government in Wadadli history. All you can do is to dust off the old play book and try to fool Wadadlians but we are much more intelligent than you all think and wouldn’t make the same mistakes again. Tell the people what you will do differently instead of spouting so much garbage and ignorance. The present government has handled the pandemic with positive leadership and should be highly commended. That how quality leadership does in times of crisis. Wadadli leads and others follow. This Bla..Bla…and casting all these aspersions will not helped against this deadly Virus. All you Naysayers are doing is fighting against the vaccines that have always worked in the fight against any viruses. You guys are bunch of hypocrites and duttie Vagabonds.

    • Don’t worry Bullombo I love the way you support yourself when I slide in firmly. Your entrance is pure nectar. Don’t let anyone get to you. Just enjoy our sexy sessions. You do need to shave your entrance a little bit though but that won’t stop me from sliding inside your velour passage.

  11. So the mask is only needed because its required, not because it works?

    By the way please don’t ask Biden to wear a mask. What’s left of his brain needs all the oxygen it can get. – Let’s go Brandon!

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