PM Says He Runs A Corruption-Free Government


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has told those accusing him of corruption to produce the evidence.

Browne says this extends to his entire administration which he says is free of corruption.

“There is no credible evidence of any wrong doing in my government,” Browne told Pointe FM.

He said despite having to fire Asot Michael and Dean Jonas in the last six years of this government, there exists no proof of corruption.

“There are all sorts of speculations, innuendos, lies, fabrications, and we cannot stop people from making up stories but at the end of the day bring the evidence,” he told radio listeners.

The prime minister called on anyone with questions about corrupt dealing to put those questions to him without the fear of being sued.

Following the Cabinet’s Good Governance retreat which took place last Saturday, February 1, 2020, the Chairman of Cabinet reiterated a policy which has been in place for five years.

The Prime Minister has agreed to continue to recuse himself from involvement in any procurement request which comes before Cabinet.

Further, since Minister Maria Browne is a member of the Chairman’s household, the two Ministers have agreed to be bound by that self-imposed policy which is an expression of good governance.

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  1. The Honourable Prime Minister is absolutely right. This is a People’s Government and governs by the consent of and in the best interest of the common people. The PM is right in calling for ANY evidence of corruption. Amazingly, there is no such evidence. Nobody can stop lies and liars, but they must put up or shut up. The PM continues to build on the legacy of V.C. Bird and the founders of this nation, whose ideology was based in labour, social democracy, black democratic socialism, and social justice for all. The spirit of V.C. Bird still walks among us, and we are not alone. Power to the People! Forward Ever! Backward Never!

  2. Lard gad, me jus larne dis New Math, me nebbah tink, e go cum so handee, so soon!

    Sum bady ge me piece a Rock Head, and wan white board…

    A.B.L.P. + Pointe FM – ZDK ÷
    Negative Observer Radio raised to the POWA of Radio Lighthouse to the Intergral of True Labour from UPP to DNA equals = EQUALS to NO CORRUPTION in Antigua, Barbuda & Redonda Govermnent for the years 1901 to 1921…
    Dis timing and Time Machine Right pan time…

    Children go to school and learn well, otherwise later on in life you ‘re gonna catch real hell…

    Nah, we ain’t worried about Back To The Future. Worl Boss is at the master control, and that’s how We roll…

    …Mic Drop!


    Kum (new word) boldly, and dare dem boldly, Cabinet colleagues ah n ‘all.

    Let dem point any darn fingers at ‘…You and Maria’ to suggest ‘…Crookedness in Governance.’

    Dey will see how many fingers remain on deir darn (new word) left hand; dat is, if dey point wid dey left hand.

    Now, if ‘…any wan ah dem tink dey bad more ‘dan’ yuh (not the darn man in the van though), let any ‘wan’ ah dem ‘…impute wrongdoings in the Government.’

    Keep dem ‘…Speculating; …Innuendoing (new word); …Lying and Fabricating.’

    There is something ‘…suspiciously unnerving’ at paragraph 6.’

    Let’s see ‘…who wud teck the darn bait.’

    But den, if yuh tro ‘karn’ (new word), don’t really have to ‘…call no darn fowl.’

    Quicker ketch a ‘…darn fowl’ than a ‘…Wolf.’

    Still ‘…Gud Utterings PM and ‘…Gud Move’ to.

    Could not get away from this ‘…Duncy Bat’ fella.
    He is asking me ‘…Why de PM fire Asot?

    Asked the ‘Mitch,’ ‘…Who name so?

    Said ‘…Me know what yuh want fuh call me, but me nah name ‘…Mitch.’

    Asked who said he fired ‘…Asot and Dean?

    He replied, ‘…An nah de PM say so.;

    Told the ‘Mitch’ then ‘…Ask him why he fired dem.’

    He said, ‘…Ah don’t want to get in ah his business.’

    • @Mr Pompey

      Why fix it if it is not broken just reiterating the point huh?

      A bit of advise Mr Pompey stay clear of the politics, the most Rev Dorssett say so.

      Stick to the police force like how Calypsonian Shaky stick on CBH.

      • MELLIE BOY

        You know that ‘…Rawlston Pompey’ takes no pleasure ‘…indulging in political matters.’

        Ebry darn wan ah dem know Rawlston Pompey.

        Fully aware that the ‘…political directorate’ reads these comments.

        Learned that from several ‘…gud frenz.’

        Just adding a bit of humor for those that need a little laugh.

        What makes you think that ‘…Rawlston Pompey’ would ‘…expose his carcass,’ whatever the hell that means.

        Not ah soul, ‘…Jamal ah n all,’ getting no darn ‘…Contract to pick me up.’

        Na-a-ah, Mellie Boy.

        Leaving now. Back next week.

  4. There is no evidence of curruption, because they are certainly covering well.

    There is no evidence of corruption cause they got their lackeys in the right places.

    There is no evidence of curruption, because forever an always ppl in Antigua see only through red and blue glasses.

    Gimme a break Gaston, you probably the most corrupt of them all 🙄🙄🙄

    • so UNCOVER the evidence for the sake of your country. In a court of law, it is all about EVIDENCE! Yes everybody know O.J. Simpson guilty, but the gloves did NOT fit. There was NO EVIDENCE linking him to the crime, but for sure he has “blood on his hands.”

  5. Is the Prime Minister serious when he says he runs a corruption free government? Wow! whereas before I had a modicum of respect for the Prime Minister, now I believe he has totally lost it. Please Sir, forget about the big mattters like Odebrecht, even the small matters like the operation of the Sheer Charity and the sale of property that Sheer purchased from the government and sold to you is corruption. I suggest before you speak you must first give your definition of the word corruption. In countries where good governance is practiced, the sale of the property by the Sheer Charity to you would be frowned upon. Anyway, I should not really argue with your position since I believe you are using your own irrational and distorted meaning of the word corruption.

    • A&B government was involved in Odebrecht, scandal? Brethren outside of opposition members what intl body has made such a charge? The documents that there was an alledged wish by Odebrecht, to hide, did government officials not willingly share said documents with international partners? Are you not aware that Odebrecht, officials met with A&B opposition officials? You have no issue with the fact that Oderbredt or its principals acquired a bank in ANU in 2010? Are you not aware that the current opposition party leader represented said entity even though he was finance minister in 2010, hence minister over the regulator who approved the licensing of said bank in 2010? You see no corruption in such even though he at first denied it and then later only admitted it after statements showing payments to him were released?

    • @ Charles Tabor. Simply dropping names like “Odebrecht” is not enough. Shame on you – aren’t you an attorney? Where is the E-V-I-D-E-N-C-E? It is not enough to “fling stone and run away” in this day and age. What a lame attempt to arouse the emotion of the public. Again, if you are in possession of any EVIDENCE, as an attorney I am sure you know what to do with it. Wilmoth Daniel accused a certain individual of bribing him in the Spencer administration, but there was no evidence produced. Did that person ever face any prosecution? Why not?

  6. Look ah joke! That’s like Donald Trump saying ” it was a perfect call”. Even the blind can see the brazen, blatant, in your face corruption that is the hallmark of this government. This is a Kakistocracy!


      Just what the hell is ‘…Kakistocracy.’

      Can’t even ask the darn ‘Bat’ what it means.

      Shying away from ‘…Maria,’ the darn ‘…Duncy ‘Mitch’ might say, ‘…Ask Zaria.’

      Whatever the hell it means, and as long as it is not ‘…Corruption,’ seems like a ‘…darn gud word’ too.’

  7. Of course the PM would say that, the guy is a legend in his own crazy mind.
    Before he got elected we heard he was a genius in finance lets see one year under his watch we went from 100 million surplus to 400 million in deficit. He creating a power house yet the private sector not catching his vision thats why he doubled the public sector wage bill with the come raids.
    This guy is obsess with the wealth he sees from epicurean/horizon/galley bay verandah/st james/ pinapple and he trying his best to duplicate the 40 year comrade but he will sink antigua in the process. Good luck weston

  8. “Oh! What A Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice To Deceive” All I will say to you Antiguans and Barbudans follow the money in the CUB and Global, the rasta contractor that no eat pork but get all goverment contracts., the 26 year old millionaire son at Monroe with mall and trucks in the sourh, the hairdresser with land swap and housing, the baby mothers in high government positions, lands from the port authority that now belongs to a charity, no talk about them eyes on Barbuda lands, wait grandma get restuarant what happen to grandpa hotel at dulcina. Top dawg you want me to continue with the creative enrichment scheme and nepotism in your good governance scheme? How could I forget the duty free scandal and people signing your signature. Look let me stop because the red koolaid minions love corruption, so if the top slack the middle and bottom a go drop out. Capiche!

    • do NOT tell people what to do. DO IT YOURSELF since you are so sure. Why don’t you do it since you care so much about this country?? oh wait! You have a U.S. passport and USA does not recognize dual citizenship, so an A&B passport is of no value to you. I am paraphrasing the words you spoke into the public realm on Observer radio.

  9. When some people make statements such as (All I will say to “YOU” Antiguans and Barbudans)…. it mayappear to show the ignorant and demonic state of their mind set. If some are so inclined to separate oneself from Antiguans and Barbudans, why the hell should folks take them serious about the future of this bit of Paradise? Only the desperate and malicious folks indulge in such attitudes.

  10. Hmmmmm all other countries in the world that were touched by the Odebrect scandal conducted investigations. Do you know the only country that has failed to convene an investigation? The answer is Antigua and Barbuda. Strangely enough Antigua and Barbuda was the epicenter of the scandal. Please don’t listen to all the illogical and rediculous reasons Gaston Browne has given for not conducting an investigation. First he says there is no evidence as you yourself has done. An investigation is conducted to find evidence and not vice versa. If the Prime Minister is the “world boss” as many of you think he is, then please tell him to investigate and let the truth come to light although it will be truth that he would not like. He can continue to fool his sycophants with flippant, illogical and nonsensical statements but not sensible, right thinking people. Hmmmmm please stop repeating the Prime Minister’s nonsense.

    • still no E-V-I-D-E-N-C-E huh?? Just as I thought – you’re blowing hot smoke out your ass. And you call yourself a LAWyer?

  11. Hmmmmmm I am very disappointed in you. I thought you read and understand English well. You require an investigation to unearth evidence once a serious allegation is made. I am sure you are aware of the Mueller investigation in the USA about Russian interference in their election. First there is the allegation, then you need an investigation. Not in a million years would Gaston Browne ask for such an investigation in the Odebrecht scandal since he might be involved in some way in the bribery.

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