PM says he received second dose of Moderna vaccine


Prime Minister Gaston Browne disclosed over the weekend that he took the second dose of COVID-19 vaccine, Moderna.

He did not say when this was done.

Browne announced on February 8 that he took the first dose of the vaccine some time in January.

He was strongly criticised for taking the vaccine “in secret” and was later criticised for taking Morderna while giving the rest of the population AstraZeneca.

Speaking on Pointe FM on Saturday, Browne said he was encouraged that so many people took their first dose of the AZ vaccine.

He assured them that their second dose of the same vaccine will be available for them when the time comes.

“We have been promised that we will have at least 14,000 doses from the COVAX facility at the first week in April.

“This will give us a full 27, 000  AstraZeneca vaccines to cover the second dose for those who were vaccinated.

“Our people should not feel as though they are running any significant risk to get the second dose of the vaccination,” Browne said.


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  1. Is this the kind of leader that’s good for our country? He brings in his choice of vaccines for himself and his ass kissers and get the other stuff for the rest of us. Those vaccines were paid for by our tax dollars.

    Dictator and traitor Gaston needs to be removed from office.

    Where are the murderers of Nigel Christian and Andrea Hughes?
    Where are the murderers of Nigel Christian and Andrea Hughes?
    Where are the murderers of Nigel Christian and Andrea Hughes?
    Where are the murderers of Nigel Christian and Andrea Hughes?

    • He didnt brought in the moderna vaccine. Seems you commenting without knowing the facts. He was given because the family that brought it in believes he should be protected as the prime minister of the country and a dear friend.

  2. Is this really the kind of leadership we in Antigua and Barbuda needs, am just speechless, nothing Gaston Browne uttered from his mouth make sense anymore.

  3. In other words he saying:
    Don’t fret OUR PEOPLE, I have you covered, just believe me…
    and please understand I always have my own health & pocket before yours but don’t be anxious about that

  4. PM Browne needed to demonstrate confidence in the AstraZeneca vaccine by taking it himself. The majority of us in the country do not have the option of sourcing or buying anything else but what is available to us here in Antigua & Barbuda. His action I think was the worse demonstration of leadership I have seen anywhere. I have no personal issue with the AstraZeneca vaccine and I would advocate that everyone take it. The PM and his Ministers ought to have led the way in taking it. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. AstraZeneca is not for the poor and downtrodden and Moderna for the mighty, affluent and those who can afford it. Leaders must lead!

  5. One needs to take the Moderna Vaccines 28 days apart. That is the standard for that Vaccine. How would I know that.I got both Moderna Vaccines in that time frame.First shot February 4 and second shot March 4.Feeling strong like a BULL.

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