PM says he likes the idea of offering immigration amnesty in exchange for the COVID-19 jab


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  1. 🌈what next the #Pot of gold, at the end of the rainbow?
    How about throwing in, 500 pounds of “pot,” not the wren king piss in kind, to the #WrenkingSmoke kind, plus quarter acre of prime agricultural lands, fenced?
    Now, that’s a🔥🔥🔥⚡️🍀🌴bonitued offer, to a Rasta. Phuck, I’ll be then able to grow food to eat raw, and sustain I n I, to fight off the next batch of Mutant Cheney COVID Ninja Warrior.

    …#RawFoods from the garden are TRENDING, trending! Trending!
    …therefore, I n I must be specific!
    Specific! Specific!
    …as, the PM pulls from his bag of tricks! Tricks! Tricks!
    …all while getting his kicks! Kicks! Kicks!
    …and People watching these hands of perilous #Times. Tick! Tick! Tick!
    …to the Point FM, his main Medium
    …from which he shares his licks! Kicks! Licks!
    …to anyone who opposes his tactics ! Tactics! Tactics!
    …and, dare try to resist! Resist! Resist!
    …for he knows, all must be counted on the list! List! List!
    …but, he’d better Cease and desist! Desist! Desist!
    …for although “Ignorance is still bliss!” Bliss! Bliss! Bliss!
    …I’m sure, that he’s aware! Aware! Aware!
    …this, he must beware! Beware! Beware!
    …because if he’s not sincere! Sincere! Sincere!
    …crappo will smoke your pipe my dear! Dear! Dear!
    …for even if some see you as a King Lear! Lest! Lear!
    …others say! You ain’t nothing but a dirty liar! Liar! Liar!
    …‘cause look what you done did?
    …by being insipid, to both Asot & Lester! Lester! Lester!
    …two men, and some #Who’re now your present Bed Fellas! Fellas! Fellas!

    …Papi…que paso amigo!
    …mamasita, que dice!
    …Usted Una Bella! Bella! Bella!
    …Y, Usted no esta buena! No esta buena! Tu no esta buena!

    …Hoy! Blow it well!
    …Blow de Conch shell!
    …Papi you sounding it from Heaven to hell
    …some are even calling you Orwell.

  2. Novel idea,says Gaston Browne. AMNESTY,for taking Vaccines? That in itself is a dumb idea. Someone’s Immigration status has nothing to do with taking of or not taking the Vaccine. So for “A Comrade” to suggest that in my opinion is Bribery. Is that texter suggesting. That the Voters lists would be padded by the Non-Nationals. One of the ways to do so. Offer Amnesty for taking the Vaccines. They would surely vote for the ABLP.

  3. Ah stupidness that…. immigration nah do dem wuk like before…nuff a dem ah Rome dey road…. like 1 ah dem Karen trotman. Glaston how much more can Antigua Tek??

  4. Hell no! No jobs for Antigua people, but this fool wants to flood the country with more illegals. Antigua for Antiguans.

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