PM Says He Had To Remind His Dad About The Importance Of Quarantine

Prime Minister Gaston Browne

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says he had to remind his own father about the importance of quarantine following reports that he was seen in a vehicle.

“My father recently returned from New York, and I was told — he said it’s not true — he was in a vehicle,” the Prime Minister shared on Pointe FM.

The country’s leader said he visited his father at his home in order to drive his point home.

“I said, ‘Look, let me tell you something, you need to stay at home.’ He has since done his COVID test and so on. But I was told he was out. It seems to have been false information.

“I went to his home to look for him and told him, ‘Let me tell you something, you just came back here. The law is that you have to stay at home and quarantine for 14 days.”

“We’re begging, we’re pleading that our people must be personally responsible and to be vigilant,” he said.

“People are beating up on the police and saying that they’re not enforcing the regulations and the protocols … I am not making any excuses for law enforcement and I expect them, where they see violations, to enforce the law, but the police can’t do it alone. We must hold people personally responsible.”



    • You hear lie, you hear lie, is this the same father he said he never had? Look liers need to remember what they say in the past. What happen the father just show up now he is Prime Minister. This can’t be the same rum man.

    • CErmle: Which cave did you just crawled out of.PM is a man of principle???Stop drinking that infectious Kool-Aid of the Labor Party. Gaston Browne is a narcissist. Always looking and seeking for ways to get attention.He certainly got yours.

    • The Spanish woman who broke quarantine.She was charge and fine in the Courts.So why Gaston Browne’s father did not get charge for breaking quarantine.Are there two sets of rules and or Laws on Antigua.If you are related to the tap dawg.You may do as you like and to hell with the Law.Just like the Beaches.Black skinned persons may not go to the Beaches on Public Holidays.However,those blue eyed people known as Tourists.They could go to the Beaches anytime on all days to include,Public Holidays.That is such a double standard.The Law is supposed to be administered to all equally.I am glad not to be in Antigua today.I would be on the Beach.They would arrest me for sure.Then I would get a Lawyer outside of Antigua.To challenge the Law in the Courts of Appeal.Because the Law is not being applied to all the same way.This piece of Legislation has eyes,the Police.However,they would see and turned a blind eye.

  1. Cermle. How much you got paid to defend or make Gaston look good on social media? Cermle its evident that as long as you have a face Gaston will always have a chair to sit on. #kissass

    • lol You nailed it.

      I said his head stick so deep up Gaston rectum that if Gaston dead, CErmle would dead from suffocation.

  2. CErmle are you really serious? Do you know that the Prime Minister’s father broke the law like others who left their place of quarantine. I am sure you are smart enough to know the consequences meted out to law breakers.

    • You are so right his acting is getting better with his lies and make up stories. His friend De Niro has nothing over him.

  3. Someone that accepts and believe everything they hear is like a toilet that takes waste without rejection

  4. Uppittes are the worst government Wadadli ever experienced. The Naysayers can continue with their foolish diatribes. They can’t keep the most forthright and truthful Leader down.

  5. Please answer me this question.

    If you come to
    Antigua with a negative covid test a few days old and you take another covid test upon arrival in Antigua and it’s negative as well. Do you still have to quarantine or can you go about your business?

  6. Gaston Browne,which of the one of the Browne’s is your father.I am a Browne.My father came from Urlings Village.I have hundreds of Cousins from Ebenezer to Old Road.Then onto Swetes,All Saints,Freeman’s Village, Freetown,Willikies and Potters.That is what my parents told me,since childhood.I have met many of my relatives on the Southern side of the Island.So Gaston where did your Browne originate.What is his given name?

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