PM says he had nothing to do with investigation into UPP bus scandal


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  1. This man is on record saying he will use the state to bankrupt individuals. Di Giselle who is the godmother of one of his children was locked up, taken to court, treated like a criminal, had to sign in at St. John’s Police Station daily for a pay raise given to her by the Board of Education.

    • She collecting 3 salaries. One of which is RESEARCH OFFICER for Jamale Pringle and look at his PISS POOR PERFORMANCE in the Parliament. Is she sharing her salary with you

      • You are a real backside. So because she worked three jobs Gaston them were right to treat her this way when she committed no crime. How many jobs does Mary Clare Hurst have?

  2. Unless r you served the judge some spiked red cool aid, from what I heard in court today, the case seems to be flushing fast.

  3. A former Minister of Government use a school bus donated to children of Antigua and Barbuda and He transformed it into a strip-club .
    You tell me that that should just go so

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