PM says expect more COVID-19 deaths reflected on dashboard


Currently, the dashboard indicates that 32 people have died from COVID-19 but Prime Minister Gaston Browne says this will increase to about 40.

He gave this explanation for the expected increase.

Watch video below with his explanation.

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  1. I already knew that a long time ago. Then yesterday, in the Snake Pit. Serpent did say.He was told by a reliable source 42 deaths. Now all of sudden,King Liar is singing.

      • What is wrong with you??? The PM is very open and totally honest with the people. Thank you sir for your updates.

        • @ Kristi:You could not be so gullible. Do you believed everything you hear from Gaston Browne. Open and totally honest,you say. Really? Gaston Browne would throw his”piss” (not a bad word) on you.He would then asked you.How it smells.You would then say,it smells like Chanel Chance Perfume.Where are your reasoning powers.

  2. He is the only person I see becoming complacent about carnival and other bribes… sick piece of shit… worst PM ever
    .. not even a proper video he cant make

  3. Or he thinks everyone else is

    And if someone was one of the active covid cases, what was he doing in a motor vehicle? Shouldn’t he have been quarantined somewhere?

  4. Mr PM I am not sure what you are doing in that video but could you respectfully tell us if anyone died from the vaccine? We promise not to hold it against you since you are not the creator of Covid-19 or the vaccine. And ask Dr Simon to make sure is the truth he talking.

  5. Who the PM think his name is God Almighty? Now he done force people to take blood clogged vaccines, he a talk about death number increasing. Lord Jesus have mercy on the people of Antigua and Barbuda 🇦🇬.

  6. Get vaccinated and the UK could place us first in the Caribbean on their green list.
    Portugal in Europe is green listed and TUI alone are sending 44 FLIGHTS to Portugal this week from the UK.
    Yes we must ensure every incoming person is travelling with a a negative test but they will be coming with full wallets.

  7. Is there no one around this guy who can tell him to be quiet? He still doesn’t get why people are shying away from getting vaccinated. Lack of trust is at the heart of this problem and instead of taking a back seat and letting the medical professionals take the lead, he just continues to compound the problem. No one is an expert in all things, Sir. Dig deep and see if you can still find some humility in yourself and allow the people knowledgeable in the medical field to get this train back on track.

  8. Antigua isn’t testing enough and the vaccine is not being taken up. So many tourists will not come because the truth of cases is sketchy. Variants are everywhere.

  9. Vaccines never saved anybody from anything you clown! They’re used to dumb you down, compromise your immune system and give you something under the pretense of protecting you from something else. Those of you who think otherwise are the ignorant people he’s talking about, including his dumbass self.

  10. What I see here is a desperate man.
    Of course he’s now going to rise the numbers to scare people into being vaccinated.
    I predicted this a longggggg time ago. No surprise here……

  11. Oh, and one more thing. Covid does cause people to die of heart attack.
    It messes with the function of the heart and every other organs of the body. Mr Prime minister….

  12. the PM gets the vaccine in secret and jumps the queue (for which people were prosecuted in other countries), then tries to make a virtue out of it. Now turns out he’s been hiding the number of covid deaths. And head of a party he expects people to vote for at the next election!

  13. Why did you hide and take Moderna. And giving d rest of people AZ. Explain urself tap dawg

  14. Thank you for confirming what we suspected all along. That they were fudging the numbers on the dashboard. You just dont know when to shut up and your poodles have no guts to tell you you’re making them look bad.
    What else have they lied about?

  15. The Caribbean has a high rate of obesity but you want to include kfc if someone get the vax. A leader that really cares for the well being of its citizens. I really don’t know who advise this man or he don’t think before he utter nonsense.

    What kind of person agree with everything someone says?
    Something is seriously wrong with some people mind set

  16. PM is now willing to fudge the covid related numbers in an attempt to scare people into taking the vaccine. A little tweak here (>new cases) and a little tweak there (>deaths).
    Run come crowd a people, Run come. Work with the PM!

  17. Amazing that Dr Molwyn can’t even get the simple tabulation of numbers on a dashboard right, but he was knighted for how well he handled our response to the pandemic. On Saturday, Dr Simon was asked a simple question: has anyone died from the vaccine? The honest answer (should have been): we don’t know because no one is documenting adverse reactions to the vaccine.

    There is no one so blind as the person who doesn’t want to see.

    The politicians have muddied the water so badly, its amazing that anyone is still taking the vaccine. There is no public trust in the process, nor is there any trust in the people who are trying to convince us

  18. World dictator traitor tyrant Gaston Browne all of a sudden think he knows about the science of medicine etc. All he know is corruption, schemes, lies, deceit, banging up (you know who) and abusing his power while misrepresenting our nation and our people.

    He must be removed from office. We are not his financial slaves.

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