PM Browne says Dwyer Astaphan apologised to him privately but won’t do it publicly


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says St. Kitts political commentator Dwyer Astaphan has apologised to him privately.

Browne was critical of Astaphan for statements he made on Observer Radio on his son’s wealth.

Listen to Browne here:

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  1. “Prime Minister Gaston Browne says St. Kitts political commentator Dwyer Astaphan has apologized to him privately but not publicly”.
    So, Mr. Browne why should anyone believe anything you say?
    After all, you are a politician….

    • The PM thin skin, he is just like Trump. Nobody should criticize him or he throw temper tantrum but he can criticize anybody he feels like. He abuse his power, he is corrupt, his actions are wicked and he is incompetent. He is greedy and he misleads the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda. I think he strives to be like Adolf Hitler why he wears that stupid mustache, he is a dictator to the bone. None of it is coincidence, that’s his bad man persona. Antiguans do not need a PM who only enriches himself and his family and belittle the rest of us. We certainly can do better than that. Time to get rid of Gassy.

  2. You go after everybody who speaks the truth about you. Don’t know why Dwyer Astaphan would apologize to you privately when what he said was the truth. We will believe there was an apology when we hear it from his own mouth. I think you should get out of politics as you have destroyed Antigua’s image in the world.

  3. Who cares really? Our PM is so immature. Real men apologize, so if Astaphan did what is wrong with that. Will somebody give Gaston a pacifier and change his pull-ups!

  4. always a sue ppl, always in drama with those who talk the truth about him. What a poor excuse for a prime minister smfh

  5. Dwyer jump from pillow to post and party to party in SKN. He left Dougie to edge up under Tim then left Tim 😏 When your significant other would rather spend time doing pottery and ceramics, you know that you have failed as a man and husband. Smart choice Carla!

  6. Good afternoon Antigua and Barbuda.If anyone believes that Dwyer Astaphan apologized to Gaston Browne.Then I have some Ocean front properties to sell you in Freemans Village. Gaston Browne is so lie,that even lie runs away from him. He could out lie,lie itself. Me garne this side yah.

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