PM says dropping vaccine mandate for passengers no longer a priority for the government


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has given more insight into why the government has placed on hold plans to end the vaccine mandate for travellers to the state of Antigua and Barbuda.

He gave the reasoning on Pointe FM over the weekend.

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  1. Surprise! NOT. As long as the stake holders are not strapped for cash, it’s a no go. When and if occupancy of the hotels declines, then the unvaxxed will be allowed into the country. It has not been about health and it never will be.

    • Returning nationals who are barred aren’t ‘stakeholders’ but hoteliers and foreign tourists are?

      What nonsense is this.

      Pure slave mentality.

  2. As of tomorrow (1st Feb 2022), Denmark admits failure of all Covid control measures (including vaccines):

    In less than 12 hours, Denmark turns into Florida.

    No vaccine passports. Any person vaccinated with ANY Covid shot can enter the country without a test: UNVACCINATED people can enter with a negative PCR test:

    “We say goodbye to the restrictions and welcome the life we knew before”.

    Also, even the Prime Minister of Canada doesn’t exclude his own – unvaccinated – citizens from travelling.


    • Again you are spreading disinformation Brixtonia;

      Magnus Heunicke, Denmark’s health minister, wrote to parliament on Wednesday saying that he would remove all Covid-19 restrictions on February 1, except for testing on arrival from abroad.

      • Again again what ?
        What exactly are you correcting Brixtonia on . What is not true about the statement.
        Looking for something when there’s nothing .I read it and it’s exactly as stated.

        • JaJ, Brixtonia stated :

          Any person vaccinated with ANY Covid shot can enter the country without a test:

          This is misinformation….

          • Ah, it sounds to me like you have taken the vaccine without doing due diligence and attacking the MESSENGER, like most pro-vaxxers – BUT I WON’T HOLD IT AGAINST YOU … stay safe!

    • Wrong. You cannot board an aircraft in Canada if you are unvaccinated. Applies to international and domestic travel. Canadians returning from abroad who are not vaccinate are not permitted to continue onward domestically by air when they arrive in Canada. They must test before they board their flight to Canada, be tested on arrival, on Day 8 after arrival, and must quarantine for 14 days (at a designated quarantine facility/hotel).

  3. Trudeau tested positive for cowardice and blaming covid. He’s triple vaxxed supposedly & has covid, so he should realize that the vaccine doesn’t prevent infection — Why is he pushing mandates on the truckers? The truckers convoy has him hiding.

    • They are actually pushing for his resignation. He needs to get with the program. This is the only so called vaccine where you can still contract the virus at any given time.
      This seems to be all about the making money for the Antigua and Barbuda government. They can’t afford to give up their golden goose COVID-19 tests.
      Never have I seen or heard of a SARS vaccine.

      • Go back to Vegas Celine. We prefer you there. 85% of truckers (and Canadians) are vaccinated and will support front line health care workers over a handful of rouge truckers any day.

        The protesters, most of whom aren’t truckers, are a small but loud group. The have the same crackpot extremist mentality that’s infected America.

        Even conservative politicians want the protest to end. The protest is backfiring. It’s only giving wankers in banana republics visions of there own convoy wet dreams. May they all move to Florida.

  4. The PM is a money grabbing grifter who dances to the tune of foreign ‘investors’, real and imagined.

    He couldn’t give a shit about nationals be unable to return home as long as he keeps Massa happy.

    Pure slave mentality.

  5. Gaston Browne will drop the vaccine mandate just in time for the elections.

    That bithc looking for votes.

    You not getting back in you back stabbing bithc Gaston.

    I hope someone decapitates you figuratively speaking that is.

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