PM says deportation for non-national criminals


The government is prepared to have non-national criminal elements who are found to be committing illegal acts in Antigua and Barbuda deported.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne, while debating the Firearms Amendment Bill 2017 said one person was deported from the country yesterday and there are others who will follow having been declared persona non grata (an unacceptable or unwelcome person).

“In fact, we just deported one of them yesterday, and we have in custody four individuals who we are making persona non grata. There was another one who was deported last Friday, and what we are sending to this population is a strong signal that this government has no tolerance for crime and violence

“When you are a visitor and you come to this country, you must abide by the laws of Antigua and Barbuda, otherwise out you go, there is absolutely no negotiations on this issue,” Prime Minister Browne declared. 

Browne said the safety and security of citizens , residents and visitors to the country is of paramount importance, and thus the government is putting measures in place to protect the citizenry.

Speaking specifically to the Firearms Bill, the prime minister said not only is the jail time for gun possession being increased, but a comprehensive approach is being taken on the issue of gun-related crime. He said most of the recent shootings are gang-related, but added that two innocent individuals lost their lives as a result, so mechanisms have to be put in place to avoid any further loss of life.

“…that is why we are going the extra mile to strengthen the laws to make sure that we do not have criminals going in and out of jail every nine months to go back into the society to create carnage. Under my government, crime and violence will not pay, and those who persist in crime and violence will surely pay,” PM Browne warned.

Browne said based on intelligence which the government has received, there are criminal elements from within the region who are operating here, many of whom are involved in the illicit drug trade.

He said also, that these individuals are utilising local Antiguans and importing persons to carry out hits.

Browne noted that “some of these regional visitors” having overstayed their time in the country would seek to obtain legal status by marrying Antiguans.

The PM has placed individuals on notice that he will not be assisting Antiguans who may be related to individuals who have been ordered deported for committing serious criminal acts.

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  1. good work pm not coming from a kool aid drinker but someone who see a 9 and call it a 9,this is how you lead.. very disappointed in joanne massiah when she said something similar and pulled it back,and she was speaking about the criminal elements coming into the country that has nothing to do with hating foreigners anybody take offense to what she said is people we have to take a close look at…….advice to the leader of the dna anytime you make a statement defending Antigua please dont change ithe. …..

  2. Dave i’m in total agreement with you we have to many non nationals in the Country who come here with little or nothing. Which open the doors to crime for them to survive. The Law should be that you must have a certain level of education to qualify to enter – to many Zigaboos are admitted.

  3. Delighted to see the stance that the PM is taking. The country’s economy hangs on th security of the island. The citizens deserve to be protected. Next move Mr. PM is to tighten emingration, this is inextricably link to keeping the island safe.

  4. Hating a specific nationality isn’t the point …toooi many nationals from Jamaica and Guyana is in small ANTIGUA!!! How many ppl from these said countries have told police they ate wanted for murder …
    they act like they should be feared when they are criminals hiding in ANTIGUA …
    If stupid thirsty antiguan WOMEN want to marry them the PM is right to say HE will NOT shelter these women or men.

    After they serve their time str8 to airport or whatf and deport them wife or husband can GOOOOO with them

    As in a previous headline no more fines either when they are found with unlicensed guns….jail n then deport..

    Sound the alarm PM its about dammmm time…

  5. Joanne Massiah had the handle on this issue then dropped the ball. Antiguans are dying for a 3rd option and she came out swinging and then punked out after a little criticism. Now the PM has confirmed what she said I wonder if she’ll double down or stand up. Soon as Antiguans hear the word xenophobic they put their tails between thei legs.

  6. lastone…..truth how can we follow people that are afraid to make tuff decisions I felt so good to be Antiguan when joAnne massiah made that statement, then two days later she backfliped and she said nothing wrong she gain a lot of points by making that point, but after she retracted the statement because of a few non nationals that are a custom to crime…..some of them dont care just check when a crime is committed they sensationalize it of saying Antigua again oh crime is high in Antigua and the coming from countries that have 2000 murders per year …..but it just a smart move to send the wrong signal ……..PM KEEP WORKING ON THE CRIME SITUATION IF U CAN ACOMPLISH THIS IT WOULD BE VERY HARD TO BEAT U AT THE POLES ,OH AND THE WATER SITUATION THESE ARE THINGS THAT ARE KILLING THE PEOPLE LITERALLY. ……AND ALL SAINTS WEST U NEED TO GET RID OF MICHAEL BROWN IN THAT AREA JUST A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY,I CAN BET ANY MONEY THAT HE CAN NOT REGAIN THAT SEAT,THE ONLY HOW HE WINS THAT SEAT IS IF NO ONE RUNS

  7. I am waiting to see the non-national criminals deported as soon as possible. Also I would love to see more Antigua nationals work at Immigration and Custom department to help protect our boards. When a country have a large influx of non-nationals than it own nationals, it is heading for a disaster.
    In the government sector jobs, there are too much non-nationals working in it. This is an area I would love to see the PM clean up or address.

  8. Closing the gate when the horses have already bolted. Many of these persons have children who are born Antiguans. Both males and females are involved in these criminal activities. However, that does not prevent the State from taking a firm stance on criminals. I support any Policy that puts Antiguans first and the safety of Antiguans as top priority. We pay taxes so that the common services can be provided to ALL Law abiding Citizens of Antigua and Barbuda. It does not matter who proposes, but it is critical who implements. My Government has had a history of talk in public but overturn in private. I await the successful execution of this Law/ Policy. Please don’t let me hold my breath in vain.

  9. Prime Minister
    Immigration needs a mug shot gallery of deported criminals to easily identify any who attempt to return under false name/identification.
    Immediately entry can be refused and criminals detained and returned to their own country.

  10. oh yes!!! They cannot go to the US and getaway with criminal behaviour. Agree with the PM on this one for sure!! I however do NOT agree with Chet Greene using Harriett Tubman as a part of our local Independence.

  11. People can change their facial appearance…Michele but they cant change FINGERPRINTS!!!


    I DNT KNOW TOO MANY ANTIGUANS WORKING IN JAMAICA IMMIGRATION SUSTEM or government jobs but LIKE i said thristy ANTIGUANS marry dem they used dem for citizenship then they go get goverment jobs( cause nobody wanted the job…)

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