PM says decision to reverse vaccine mandates was an act of “mercy and compassion”




  1. The “Coefficient Of Variance rules.

    PM your decision is based upon first hand information which you got from your HANDLERS(oligarchs, plutocrats and their henchmen) when you met them in person recently.

  2. Gaston, tell the truth, it has nothing to do with compassion. You and your cabinet know election coming soon. It’s all for selfish reasons. It was a bad idea to mandate and now that the pushback may hinder your election results, you lift the mandate. You would not know what compassion is if it hit you in the face.

    • He is trying to be God but only in his dreams. However, l am wondered if Gaston remembered what happened to Lucifer, now Satan, when he try to be God and those who follow Lucifer. Gaston need to repent for how he treated the people that God and people gave him authority to governed. Yes, we voted In a general election but God is the one who choose a government.

  3. Bad decision to reverse. You forced others to do it who would have preferred not to take it if there was an alternative. You gave them no alternative at the time, what would you say to such ones NOW. They made a huge sacrifice just to support their families and now its like you turn around and are laughing at them saying “I got you, you fool!!”

  4. Mercy and Compassion. Really? Those are mere words.You would be judged by what you did not do. When you had the chances to do them,and what you did do against the people.

  5. How dis one man lie so an da WHO say an state dat herd immunity cannot be achieved smh who dis man ya a try fool u get da orders frm da elites an u haffu reverse wa u did plan an u see Biden losing ever case he a fight so u haul ass an tun back liard rass an ya clown government

  6. A dictator never have compassion for no one, only care for himself.

    A government that cares for the people so much if they don’t do what he says they should starve to death

  7. Going to tell my boss on Monday that coming to work is an act of mercy and compassion. Did he forget who he works for? Why did it take so long to find this mercy and compassion? Anyway, let us take steps so that we never again end up at his mercy and compassion.

  8. This man is fooling no one. All of his actions are self-serving. I hear my mom and dad talk of how corrupt the Lester Bird administration was but my mom says gaston make Lester’s administration look angelic.

    I am so miffed by the how this man’s leadership has tainted our country and people. He has not even a gram of mercy or compassion. He is vulgar, disrespectful of the office he holds and I am convinced his main motivation for being in politics is greed. After all he did tell his colleagues to enrich themselves. So please, what mercy and compassion can come from such a character.

    My sister friends and I are doing all in our power to influence all around us to vote you all out of office. Good riddance.

    • Hey Kathy, I am doing the same thing to by influencing people around me to vote out the ABLP out of government in the next coming election. So far, I was able to influenced 12 people to registered both middle age and younger. We also need to get more native Antiguans and Barbudans to register especially the younger eligible generation.

  9. Chemical weaponry used on the population along wing with hundreds of rounds of bullets was also an act of mercy.
    The PM said the police did the right think by hunting civilians in the streets and peppering them with bullets and Chemical weaponry….

    In recent years the pensioners cried plead, begged for their rightful payment and the PM is talking about election mercy?

    • No one can have compassion in his heart for the people he governed, and put mandatory slavery on them. Wicked Gaston and his cronies. Gaston took away the rights from the people who choose. Not even God Almighty who gave us that choice to choose will take it away.

  10. The nets is now closing on all the lies and misinformation from Gaston Browne and his cabal in government, regarding his vaccine mandates … history will not be kind to all those who were complicit.

  11. Gaston need to ask God for mercy. He used the Prime Minister seat 💺 to take the rights given by God to the people to choose, from them.

  12. All me a tell Gaston and his campaign team don’t come into my yard and ask me to vote for him. All I want to hear from Gaston is an apology how he mismanaged the country finances and the slavery mandate he put on the people of this country.

  13. Before my father passed who I may mention was a DIE HARD ALP supporter from the time he was born, cried like a baby for the way in which the Gaston Brown administration dealt with the people of this country who gave him the power and put him in the position to make the country on a whole greater than what it was. He suffered the pensioners who was and still is the cornerstone of our nation. As we never stood up as one body in unity, we were bound to fall for every and anything that follows. Do you think what this PM is doing is right? We know it’s not but my people is soooooo laid back and don’t fight for anything they believe in that everything around them will fall apart as they murmur, complain ad become disgruntled but still sit and do nothing. I’m extremely disappointed to say the very least. But pressure bus pipe so what will it take for y’all to rise up? After all of your rights as a human being is taken away?


  14. not even gaston shadow think he trustworthy or have compassion. and if you own shadow no trust you no you nobody else can. people no foolie. dem that beg you things might be but a us see you for who you and you good comrades in government be. me a one who cant wait to vote you all out.

  15. boss no mannas and no respect you hab so you no hab compassion or mercy fu nobody. real talk dat.

    but do you thing cause neaga want fu know how you get you riches. asot press de right button pan dat one dey. and look no think dat arwe nar watch de land dem all ah you ah cooby. investigation must come pan dat. and trust me dawg arwe ah watch all ah you who hab ar you family an friends ah get rent contract and supply contract and heavy duty equipment contract and mo. nearga ah watch ar you laka hawk me tell you. corruption must done round yah.

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