PM says decision on used car issue will be in the interest of the masses


Even as he awaits more information for the formulation of a policy on the importation of used cars, prime minister Gaston Browne has said that in the event of conflict any decision taken on the matter “will be made primarily in the interest of the masses.”

“If there is a conflict between the requirements of the people and the requirements of the new car dealers then clearly we will resolve the conflict in the interest of the masses,” he said on the radio over the weekend.

The prime minister estimated that the new car dealers in the hay day sold up to 2000 units annually.

“Then they say a reduction to about 500 units during the lost decade of the UPP and they would have seen an increase under my government back up to 1000 per year,” he said.

The prime minister said from all indication, there is still profitability even though they are not making the large profits that they once enjoyed.

He said their reduced profitability could be due to natural changes in the market.

“We have to understand that consumer buying patterns would have changed over the last decade so for example, more people are buying online.

It’s just a new reality that we have to deal with,” he told Pointe FM.

Browne who is also finance minister said he does not agree “that we need to make it more onerous for these individuals by increasing the taxes in order to force them to buy new cars.”

“I am on the view…that we should not introduce any form of policy that will make it more onerous for the average man to own a vehicle be it new or used.”

He said the policy to allow the importation of used cars is good for the economy and for national productivity.

Up to 6000 units come in annually.

“For us it is very empowering for the ordinary person. We have seen a number of individuals being lifted out of poverty by virtue of their mobility

We have to make sure that any new policy does not undermine that type of empowerment that the new policy would have created.

I was buying used cars and selling them and nobody trouble me so I don’t want to go and kick down the ladder now.

As far as I know all you going to do is damped entrepreneurship,” he said.

The new car dealers want several restrictions on the importation of used vehicles including limiting them to 5 year old and raising the environmental levy to what obtained before.


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  1. You are the most educated Prime minister that i have ever known . Also finance minister like Jagdeo.I agree that it will raise productivity in all aspects of this economy and will help to elevate our population , thank you for making antigua good again.

  2. He will be the most respected if he can investigate Michael BROWNE and the E BOOKS and the money they got from the donations to liberta school……..

  3. Honourable Prime Minister stay focus: Inter alia our national anthem states, “Each endeavouring! All achieving!
    The Monarch King Short Shirt, reminded us that “Antigua is big enough for all of us share”!
    He also re-echoes, that Antiguans and Barbudians should not be at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder, as menial workers, standing at the side of the road with their families under inclement weather, begging a ride and utilizing the beast of burden as the prime means of transportation!
    There is a significant demand on the market for pre-owned vehicles, to facilitate the needs of the indigenous population.
    Since there is always a demand for new vehicles in the nation; therefore the local vehicle dealers, are extremely ravenous, avaricious, gluttonous and insatiable.
    Honourable Prime Minister!! Continue to “STAND-UP” for the “POOR-MAN”!!
    God Bless You!
    Long live the World Boss!
    Fair Antigua we salute thee!

  4. Proud of you PM Browne. Spoken like a true Antiguan who knows the pressure poor people face…. Free professional advice to the dealers now… Yall need to meet consumers where they’re at. Change up ur marketing strategy. Come in line with the 21st centry. You need to hire qualified marketing personnel to undertake this for you. You made an atrocious marketing blunder by going to the govt with ur rediculous proposal. U didnt even do proper research to make ur case!! I suspect ur gonna see even further decline in ur sales cause me for one know dat even if!!!!…If I had the money trailing behind me I would not buy a new car from non ah ar u!!!! How dare you try to encourage the govt to raise taxes on us!?!! Everybody must nyam man!!! Check our own phone/internet company and learn a thing or two, cause ar you haffu nyam too.

  5. Well said Mr. PM these dealers need to lower their prices to meet the ordinary man’s pocket.
    Ordinary ppl need to uplift and empower themselves for these car dealers alone it would never happen.. They dont care but u have to care Mr. PM it’s your call to uplift ordinary ppl.

  6. Mr pm remember the displaced vendors at the heritage quay vendors Mall Mr Fernandez and St John development cooperation should honor their word. We need our additional booths and cannopy. It’s off season now so as u look around it’s October again displaced Antiguan vendor for over 30years never owe a dallar good track record. I guess Antigua is not for Antiguan

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