PM says Canada visa imposition ‘a good thing’


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has told Pointe FM that the decision of Canada to impose visa restrictions on Antigua and Barbuda is a good thing.

“I know there are some people who are upset about Canada imposing their visa requirements on us, as far as I am concerned it a good thing because they must be responsible for whoever is entering their country,” the prime minister told radio listeners.

He made the point was speaking on security concerns regarding the Citizenship by Investment Programme.

“So I don’t know why some of our people so caught up about it,” Browne added.

He also questioned, “how many Antiguans go to Canada to shop?”

“The point is, I don’t think we should be vexed with them because they decide they want to tighten up on visa-free access to control who comes into their country. That’s okay with me.”

Many residents are still hoping that Canada will reverse its decision last year to impose visas on Antiguans traveling to the North American country.

Canada did so in light of concerns with the CIP.

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  1. Mr PM within the same vein who goes to these countries we find ourselves signing all these visa waiver to, of what benefit is it to Antigua people.

    • You really knock the nail good.. This man really is an effing moron!!

      No one wants to feel they begging to go anywhere. All them other places that you go to seek visa restrictive removed, don’t benefit us, because most Antiguans don’t go them places.

      Lord you DAM stupid!!!

  2. What utter nonsense from the Prime Minister. Look at this two ways. First, citizens of Antigua and Barbuda are now inconvenienced, and must incur additional expenses (to travel to obtain the visa) before they can travel to Canada. We have family living in Canada, and others have children studying in that country. Ask those students and their parents how “good it was for them” to have to get visas in order for their children to return to college in Canada.

    Second, visa free access to other countries is one of the primary attractions of our CIP. Just last week we were boasting about how many countries we may travel to without the need for visas. The loss of visa free access to Canada dealt a serious blow to the CIP, and the PM acknowledged last year that it resulted in a significant reduction in new applications for citizenship. How then can he say that this new requirement is a good thing for Antigua and Barbuda.

    Clearly, the PM has no respect for the intelligence of the people, but then again, he is right, because they would not have voted for him or his party if they were using their brains.

  3. PM is you so brite or so illuminated that you should think we are upset with Canada for their imposition of Visa on us? Our anger is towards YOU and your government callousness in handling the CIP and the necessary security that is required. How can you respond otherwise if you do not seem to understand our problem is YOU and your government. Look at the scandals that the CIP has generated and the results and we are still not getting full facts on it or its implementation. This hide and seek business you and your government plays will continue to have a negative effect on Antigua especially when you as leader cherry pick even on the little piece of information you provide. No transparency, no accountability just a gimmickry, trickery and gymnastics with words.

  4. Guess what? The UAE now has visa free access to Canada. Guess those folks won’t need an Antigua passport now.

    • Every country is concerned about who enters their country, except Antigua. We let all kinds of criminals into our country and if they stick around long enough they get an Antiguan passport. Canada imposed visa requirements because they don’t these criminals in their country. Now law abiding Antiguans have to incur additional costs to get a visa all because the ABLP needed the non Antiguan vote to stay in power.

    • There are lots of other reasons other than travel why people want to have another passport. Could be to hide your estate from the country where you are born.

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