PM Says Arrival Of Corona Virus To Antigua “Inevitable”


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says the entry of Covid 19, Corona virus to our shores is “inevitable”.

He advised residents in a Facebook post on Sunday that there “no need to panic, or become hysterical.”

Browne said “we have established the protocols and infrastructure to contain its spread among the domestic population.”

In the meantime, he called on residents to “kindly take the necessary precaution to protect yourselves from the Corona virus.:


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  1. It seems an aircraft flight might be the worse place to be exposed to this thing. We all breathing the same air on those flights. God help us all.

  2. How can I take the necessary precaution Mr. PM and where I work in St. John’s city don’t have constant running water to wash my hands. I have to pis on other people urine and use hand sanatizer to clean my hands whenever I use the restroom.

  3. Also Sailing Week is around the corner. People will be coming from all around the world to participate. Some are coming in planes and some in sail boats. What preventative measures do you have in place Mr. PM to prevent this coronavirus from reaching our shores?

  4. They stay too long to banned world travel. Now it spreading everywhere. The good news is the fatality rate is low.

  5. It would be better to issue a general press release advising people of what to do if/when there are cases of Covid-19 on our shores, so that peolpe know what to do beforehand, and can limit the spread. I hope the goverment have protocols in place with the relevant agencies.

  6. Just a matter of time..Also remember that these viruses change and can get worse before it ever gets better.

    Sailing Week is upon us and people are travelling regardless of the risks esp via Airports, cruise ships etc

  7. What an uninspiring statement from the PM! This virus came out of China and the Chinese first and foremost should be totally banned from coming into this island. The flu pandemic of 1918 that killed 50 million people in the world came out of China via transported Chinese labourers…sound familiar. Much of China is absolutely filthy and their treatment and handling of animals is barbaric along with being filthy. As is the case with the bubonic plague in the fourteenth century (also suspected to have come out of China) filth was a great contributor to the fleas and rats that spread the plague. The plague still happens in China.
    Instead of making the Chinese a first priority because of their extortionate loans and allowing them to entrench themselves here (and keep coming)…do something for the people and the country and get rid of them along with the excessive continually arriving population from other islands that this country simply cannot cope with in any which way. Much of Antigua now looks like a disgusting unhealthy ghetto and the appalling roads are just way too overcrowded with cheap (unsafe) cars driven by inexperienced drivers that continuously cause accidents. What American or any other upstanding brand name hotel is going to want to invest here in this overcrowded, overpriced, Chinese infested, unkempt hellhole? Dubai is a neat and clean city…did that not make an impression!!

    • Nothin like a bit of racism to add to the problem.

      Just when did you travel to China and see all this disgusting filth?

      China has gone from 88% poverty to less than 1% in the last 30 years, imagine that! That’s 800+ Antigua population lifted out of poverty, while the average Antiguan has gone?

      • On the subject of “racism” I am wondering what you would call 4 Chinese beating a male Zambian Civil engineering student (in China) to death with iron bars and stones and shouting that no black man is allowed to date their people and they would not allow black beings from poor Africa to be raised in their country….Just in case you happen to be Chinese and are not sure what the definition of real “Racism” is, the reason they murdered this man was because he was dating a Chinese girl. Despite efforts to block same the above incident can be found online. Next time I can get into the atrocities committed by communist corrupt China on a daily basis to their people, animals and their environment!!

        • So because there’s racists in China, it’s ok to be a racist in Antigua?

          Your logic is astounding. If the Chinese are to be banned since this current virus originated there, what should we do about the Africans? After all aids originated in Africa along with a bunch of other diseases.

          • I would suggest to you that racism in Antigua is being promoted by persons who are unable to move on from slavery and appear to forget to mention that all through history black has also enslaved their own people and are still doing this in Africa and as close as Haiti. This does not in any way justify the trans-Atlantic slave trade. IMO it is highly unlikely that reparations will ever be paid to anyone and if it is that Antigua wants to maintain its’ only industry, tourism, then perhaps in light of the percentages of who visits this country it would be beneficial for the govt. to promote unity and harmony instead of saying nothing when some of the news medias are busy broadcasting shows that come over as inciting hate against white and high colour races. My personal dislike of China comes from the fact that they are a communist dictatorship and have a world domination agenda which includes infiltrating countries that have resources that they want and taking advantage of the greedy politicians and defenseless people with way (estimate 50% – 75%) overpriced loans for crappy projects that usually start falling apart in a couple of years. As is well documented the Chinese then take over ports and power companies and whatever else they feel will financially be of benefit to China and only China, not in any way benefitting the host country. If you have not noticed they do not tend to hire locals and the labour they bring in are akin to indentured servants. Sadly the majority local population just seems to sit back, buy the junk they sell in their shops and eat the ‘origins and hygiene unknown’ food in their restaurants. My logic may be astounding (along with yours with regards to Africa) but, my main concern is the future of Antigua and Barbuda and I truly cannot envision a future of freedom with an economy that actually works in harmony with the environment and benefits the people of this country if we are to be alienated by the free world by being forced to be under the control of China!

  8. I am just angry that this government came out through the Ministry of health and said that there is no immediate threat posed to Antigua and Barbuda and then things are happening at the airport that they are keeping tight-lipped about. And now, the Prime Minister, not even making a press release, is saying the virus coming to Antigua is inevitable! Are these people believing that we are idiots

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