Renewal of State of Emergency not likely, PM says


Prime Minister Gaston Browne today committed to gradually reduce reliance on the national curfew as a measure to control the spread of COVID-19.

Browne also stated during an interview on his radio programme that the State of Emergency is not expected to be extended into 2022.

Listen to him here:

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  1. Still waiting on the delivery announcement of the miracle vaccine that will neutralize Covid-19 an Ebola that was pronounced by you on the parliamentary floor some three weeks ago with one injection.

    Your words. Partner!

    • You must be having nightmares with the PM occupying your head. Wow. What a sad life to live? Can you tell us what he eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner and then he goes to the toilet what is the color of his “Do Do”. Padna, you are loosing your head. Please see a bush doctor before you end up at Claireview.

  2. We want to hear about how u sell off half of Antigua while we were fighting one another about vaccine and losing our jobs. Wake up people. They smarter than us.

    • Do something that is constructive (NO DISRESPECT MEANT) that will make a difference.

      DO YOUR PART TO ENCOURAGE ELIGIBLE PERSONS TO REGISTER TO VOTE so that we can rid ourselves of this present A.B.L.P. Administration.

      Do not get tired in this drive. We (including myself) could talk and talk and comment all we want BUT UNTIL WE BEGIN TO ENCOURAGE PERSONS TO REGISTER TO VOTE WE ARE SPINNING TAP IN MUD.

      THEY ARE NOT SMARTER THAN US. What they do is that they stick to their play-book more than us.


      • @ Former A.L.P. Voter YOU DON’T HAVE TO TELL ME TWICE .
        Dealt with the Minister of lands about some business prospects and it was

  3. Forcing people to get vaccined with the threat of exclusion from society, travel, and having a job, is not the same as encouraging people to get vaccined, Mr PM. You should know the difference.

    • Mandates don’t means forcing.. laws created by both Parties in government are called mandates. The majority of the voters have the present the mandates to govern them. There are always consequences for not adhering to mandates. I am sure if the present PM had say you don’t have to take the Vaccines, many of you Charlatans would take the Vaccines. You guys so deceptive and playing this nasty political games whilst 90+ plus of our people are in the graveyard. You naysayers have no decency, class, humility and empathy. You all must pray that this deadly Virus don’t come knocking at your doors. Stopped playing your filthy political games.

      • Mandates don’t mean FORCING so I guess that six (6) and half-a-dozen is not the same.

        What an idiot. S.M.H.

        • The lips of the wise spread knowledge not so the hearts of fools. Spouting ignorance and nonsense will not change the facts that both parties have put mandates in place. By the way the mandates are working and is so heart warming that the majority of Wadadlians don’t follow ignorant people. All you jump high or low. The government leaders have done an excellent job in controlling this deadly Virus. By the way I would strongly suggest that you Charlatans read the book of Proverbs 26:3-12, 10:23, 12:15 and 15:7. Romans 1:22. My grandma use to say..empty drums make the most noise. Get a life. Every day you guys get and spout gabbage.

          • @Colombo
            Controlling the virus? You mean by not tested the vaccinated? The virus is no where close to being controlled. A 99.7% survival rate and yet still our deaths has tremendously browns since vaccines? The cases were lower and so was the death LAST YEAR WITH NO VACCINES so therefore the conclusion is that it’s making shit wayyyyy worse and it’s about to get worst. It’s sad that majority of wadadlians are sheep and soon from now will start dropping like flies. Gaston knows why he got those containers….You listing bible verses yet so fast to fall into the system and take the devil poison?? Give me a break.😂😂😂😂 If this was about social and public health and well being, why did they have to mandate knowing its experimental and dont know the long term effects? Why did they have to BRIBE people with vouchers, tv etc? Why are they censoring AND DELETING statements and videos from fully vaccinated who are sharing what the vaccine did to them AND their families? Its not about covid and if you cant see that then idk what to tell you. Your gandma would probably be disappointed knowing you are the empty vessel spiritually and LITERALLY.

      • I am vaxed, sorry you r wrong. No Charlton here, just someone with an educated brain, not a sheep. This gov has no clue, just watching cnn

    • They never force anyone to get vaccinated. You have the choice to say in your yard if you ate not vaccinated.

      • Same thing you idiot….
        That’s taking away people’s RIGHTS because they CHOOSE TO EXERCISE THEIR RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHAT GOES INTO THEIR BODY….which is UNETHICAL.


    1 At case one the country was plunged into a state of emergency by the PM. Not that there was any recognize emergency.,….

    2 At 700 cases plus the plan is to remove the state of emergency at this advanced point. Qualify this…

    3 The jabs does NOT impact the infectious rate. So even if 100% is jabbed it means nothing to the infectious rate so justify the removal of the state of emergency….

    At no time was A & B experiencing any emergency, it was all made up by the PM and his GANG. The CMO and Dr Duncan.

    The èmperor stands naked, a lie can never become truth no matter how many times it is repeated.

    • The same way how St. Lucia did, St. Kitts did, Barbados did, just like BVI did, just like all the other Caribbean did….. All these countries have or just lifted their State of Emergency after the same amount of Year as Antigua and Barbuda……We were all using the same tools to fight covid…. I guessed you don’t expect the bloggers to have known PM Browne not doing nothing different from what the other leaders doing to save their Citizens life.

    • MELCHESIDEC to begin with you did not need a State of Emergency to implement the covid 19 Regulations under the Pubic Health Act. Gaston Browne and his government keep pushing the false narrative that the curfew required a State of Emergency to be in place. I am sure he will (as he says) remove the restrictions and State of Emergency at the end of the year. I am also sure that he will remove both at the same time. However, I still maintain that the State of Emergency can be removed tomorrow without any thing changing i.e., the curfew and other protocols. All the State of Emergency does is to give more power to the government with respect to detention. Under a State of Emergency the normal rules regarding detention do not apply. To the credit of the government I must admit that they have not as yet abused the powers of detention under the State of Emergency. In all of this though, I am just concerned that Gaston Browne and the government is still propagating the false narrative that you need the existence of a State of Emergency in order to implement the covid 19 Regulations. That is a big LIE and another example that the government does not understand the LAW.

    • I’ve been thinking about that too….and you know most vaccinated are sheep and believe everything that is said to them so he will get majority of the votes….

      If you look at it that way, Antigua is doomed. Asf.

  5. Colombo you better be careful with your speech! The statue of limitations has not run out from your corrupt practices! Simmer on that!

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