PM Says Antigua Will Go Back Under Lock-down If There Is Community Spread Of Covid-19


Antigua & Barbuda will return to a lock down of the country “if at all there is community spread” of the coronavirus, Prime Minister Gaston Browne has said.

” If at all we end up in any form of community spread, then clearly we have to lock down the country, there is no doubt about that.”

He made the remarks while responding to a listener to his weekly radio show who asked what would happen if more cases of the coronavirus were imported.

The prime minister said the number of cases is not the only factor “unless we have an overwhelming amount.”

He said it was more of an issue about our “capacity.” He added that before the country had put measures in place, 12 cases would be enough to close down the country. But Browne said “we may find ourselves in a situation right now in which we can manage 12 cases, we’re able to manage 25 cases.”

“So it is based on the capacity to manage the cases and whether or not there is any community spread,” he added.

“So what I am saying is it’s not exclusively a function of the numbers but the capacity of the country to manage the number of imported cases and to avoid local spread and ultimately community spread.”

Browne told Pointe FM that such a decision would not be taken easily and urged residents to continue to be cautious.

To date Antigua & Barbuda has recorded 26 cases with only one active case.

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  1. Thanks Hon. Gaston Browne for EXPOSING Harold Lovell LIES . I watched your PROOF of Harold LIES on Pointe FM yesterday . I saw it in Black and White. Waiting to hear what KNIGHT , CHALKIE , SERPENT ,TWO TABORS will say about what was published . All those UPP Guys mentioned above are bunch of losers. UPP borrowed over TWO BILLION DOLLARS ($2,000,000,000 ) .Someone should be in Jail. UPP cannot give an account for this money They borrowed.

  2. Well I can say from where I stand, that it is inevitable.. Just imagine locals a quarantine for 7-14 days while, guest down a Sandals a walk up and down without using face mask.. some of the staff don’t even have PPE equipment.. Look a problem coz a lot of the guest coming from high risk country… Not because they tested negative on arrival, that mean they are Covid free.. the hotels should be conducting daily check up on these ppl

    • I totally agree with you what goes for nationals should go doe thw tourist or anybody else as a matter a fact.

  3. me prime minister a question for you I am a citizen of Antigua and am only due to two weeks vacation to which I wanna spend with my husband children and grandkids now you wanna tell me that if I get 14 days for vacation I have to spend in a hotel when I have my house me can go spend it at now this is bullshit what are you gonna do about the cruise ship ppl that come in for a day do u know how much of them have vivid and don’t show any Symtom how many taxi man is gonna be expose come on my prime minister am not saying u r not suppose to protect your border from this deseas but how u are treating the returning resident is wrong we don’t have any money most of us isn’t working because of the carona I have been a alp supporter all my time in Antigua and still is mi red till me dead but then some of these things I just can’t condone it some of these tourist still have the virus and come to get the beach and sun for healing please be careful and considerate on how u treat your people

  4. There is no cause to be afraid of covid. The virus is no worst then the flu. The people that die from it are usually old with weak immune systems. Wearing masks don’t protect you and they don’t protect other people either. All masks do is remind people to continue to be afraid.
    None of the restrictions imposed on the people are based on science. One more thing, the curfew makes absolutely no sense at all. It is absurd and can’t see a reason for it. The only thing that makes any sense to me is it is all about CONTROL. Why they feel they need to control us like this, I can not fathom. Maybe they’re just psychopaths. They should remember that we get to vote them back in or out come the next election.

      “5A. Special measure applicable to the
      period 11th June to 31st July, 2020
      For the further control of the spread of the dangerous infectious disease COVID-19, the Board hereby issues and directs that
      the following special measures be observed throughout Antigua and Barbuda:
      1. Duration
      These special measures shall take effect from 11:00p.m. on Thursday 11th June, 2020 until 5:00a.m on Friday 31st July, 2020.
      2. Restriction on freedom of movement
      (1) Freedom of movement of every person in Antigua and Barbuda shall be restricted only in accordance with the
      provisions of these Regulations.
      (2) Except as provided herein, every person shall, during the period of the mandatory curfew, remain confined to his or
      her place of residence (which includes the porch, gallery and yard space of his or her home) to avoid contact with others who
      do not form part of his or her immediate household occupant.
      3. Mandatory Curfew
      (1) A mandatory six (6) hours curfew shall be in effect from 11:00p.m until 5:00a.m beginning 11:00p.m. Thursday 11th
      June, 2020 and continuing every evening thereafter from 11:00p.m for six (6) consecutive hours until 5:00a.m the day
      (2) Subject to this regulation, the curfew period will not apply to individuals who are involved in a medical emergency.

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