PM says Antigua may soon offer KFC for those taking first COVID-19 jab



Prime Minister Gaston Browne says Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) may be offered as an incentive for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Browne told his Browne and Browne radio show on Pointe FM moments ago, that he has been told, KFC seems to be a popular option.

He said, the government may well be prepared to explore the option of giving a bucket of KFC for the first COVID-19 jab.

Currently, residents can benefit from a EC$ 50 food voucher and will next week benefit from a $50 gas voucher with the first COVID-19 jab.

Browne says this is not strange considering that other countries are offering their own incentives such as cannabis and lottery winnings in exchange for the jab.

So far about 32 thousand residents have been vaccinated.

Browne who is also finance minister says if 70 thousand residents are not vaccinated in coming months, there will be serious consequences for the country.

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  1. KFC may be a liked option but Steamed Fish would be healthier. Working out those logistics though may be a more difficult prospect.
    Still trying to find out where or how one accesses the Epicurean voucher. Which government department is it done from?

    • @joan Salmon… Be practical! You can mass produce KFC, u cannot and it’s not affordable to mass produce and cook and season steam fish … the government is not promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. It’s just an incentive … countries all over the world are now doing it as an incentive to receiving the vaccine .. it’s up to people to take responsibility for their own health and know that you can’t eat KFC 24/7 but if you have it once in a while nothing is wrong…..

      • Sum Tin Rong!
        Its representative of all things wrong as health (social trans) is a department involved, you firget?
        Antigua people just lub ah ugly&PM tink we have no value. Maybe we dont. Look how many gunning fir de bucket. Reminds me of sloppail when there is pitlatrine
        Give them gas from wioc, hell give them shares in wioc (progressive and worthy), no! we want our young people to strive for kfc. What are the dividends there?
        You wan ah gal, tek she kfc, CHEAP
        AKA toilet water, trashy, tramp

  2. Are we witnessing a government displaying the very same behavior and practices it uses during election campaigning: enticing the populace with gifts to achieve its agenda.

    That is tantamount to BRIBERY ! Whichever way you may try to twist or slant it: BRIBERY it is. For those who think otherwise, then you really do need a lesson in ethics.

    Parents/teachers reward children for their good behaviors. Notice that the reward is given after the behavior. Once the reward is given before the behavior then it is nothing but a bribe.

    There is a much more ethical way and approach to encouraging persons to accept the vaccine. Once a government begins to offer bribes to achieve this effect, it tells much. It really shows that it is simply displaying a well-known and practiced discipline from its handbook.

    It is really shameful. I listen to Prime Minister Keith Rowley of Trinidad & Tobago encouraging the people of that nation to get vaccinated. Never did he even attempt to use such ploy as offering incentives. One person mentioned that if Rowley ever went down that path, he would be chased out of the country.

    It is time for the misleaders of the nation of Antigua & Barbuda to climb to a denomination of higher ethical standards. Just in case, you did not know or have forgotten: The Master of the universe will hold every man/woman accountable for his/her stewardship of their lives here on earth. That day is fast approaching.

    A word of warning is given: CONSIDER YOUR WAYS AND MAKE THAT CHANGE NOW.


  3. The GOVERNMENT is trying Their best to get Persons vaccinated. These are just incentives. Mary- Jane why CRITICIZE the situation? Let’s get together and solve COVID-19.

    • So why kfc, do you hear yourself. Is it not the health minister who tells people about chronic illness caused by fat and sugar. Isnt hypertension caused by products made from salt. The HealthMinistry is going to give kfc to entice vaccine taking. Well either the vaccine real poisonous or kfc real healthy.
      Dear Lord this is the saddest thing that I have ever ever heard in my 52years..shoot me now!!

      • This is so typical of the mindset of the ABLP. Even in this health crisis, bribery is their go to option. They have no powers of persuasion, just like the elections, they bribe their way into office.
        Isn’t it about time that Antiguans stop being so gullible? Always looking for something for nothing…… that’s why Gaston don’t like the Barbudans, they are not easily bought. So the PM really
        believe that a buckett of fried chicken, will get you to allay your reservations about the vaccine? I consider that an insult!

  4. Why we did not have any incentives when people lost their jobs and home hungry struggling to survive? Don’t pretend you care about the people now bribing for vochures and food and the experiment .
    Don’t fall for these bribes!

  5. The concept is good, however the voucher should be valid at ANY restaurant or fast food place in Antigua. It should be a matter of personal choice. KFC is a privately owned business and should not be singled out in this way. Give every food place an equal opportunity so we can use the voucher at any restaurant of our choosing, including KFC. That’s fair.

  6. The issue is so serious that anything goes. We need to get to herd immunity. Just name your price. Not getting there may cost us much more. I wish we didn’t have to do this. But if that’s what it takes? So be it. The end justify the means. And we see that all over the world. Not just in Antigua and Barbuda.

  7. Traitor dictator tyrant Gaston Browne always trying to bribe people. That is his M.O. so he can continue to rob from our nation and sell out our people.

    We are tired of this thief grabbing all the prime land for dirt cheap. How much more of his ignorance and underhandedness are you voters going to put up with? Are his “gifts” worth being sold out? His son buys prime land on the east side and sells it for how many millions? And how much of that money did he give back to you? I am guessing that answer is none. Hope your bread crumbs were worth you voting for dictator traitor tyrant Gaston Browne. He will always get the filet Mignon while he gives you bun and cheese.

    • Looks like Hitler and believes that he is Hitler. This Man is a disgrace what do you expect from a man who was salivating over the prospects of having Young Vincy girls in his lair? Medical Tyranny is rasing it’s ugly head in the Caribbean and these head clowns must be removed from office they do not have that interest of their citizens at heart.

      • Alex Jones, that’s exactly what I have been saying the entire time. That piece of shit maggot world dictator traitor tyrant Gaston Browne needs to be removed from office and be put on trial for all his underhanded dealings especially robbing our nation and our people.

  8. Hold on. I thought this was about health?
    How is giving processed food for free, high in fat, which links to cardio vascular disease, which is the #1 killer in the world, helping our health? How can you justify this? We have seen that the people of Antigua and Barbuda, who have died WITH (as Covid hasn’t killed anyone) had underlying health issues, such as high blood pressure, obesity etc, all from poor diet?

    The insult to mine and the nations intelligence is unbelievable.

    Do not buy into the lies that this is about health! This is about global control!

  9. FROM THE SIDELINE the end does not always justify the means. What next a bag of marijuana to entice the young smokers who are penniless and cannot afford to buy a bag. Schemes in other countries do not justify the adoption here. What is more shameful here though is the enticements used. You cannot get any more ridiculous than a bucket of KFC.

    • I agree wholeheartedly Tabor. Wreaks of desperation do not help. The first solution would be for Gaston to shut his mouth. His party’s handling of the pandemic and no support for the citizen is what will cause the ALP to lose the election; not whether we reach herd immunity or not. His desperate attempts are pathetic and laughable. However, I think members of the UPP need to get more responsible. I’m specifically singling out Serpent. He mentioned yesterday that Newsco has been at the forefront of vaccine education with PSAs, programs etc. That says nothing when some of their most influential hosts (including him) are peddling antivax rhethoric, under the guise of opposing Gaston. This is not about Gaston. What Gaston did was indefensible and beneath the leader of a country, and his continued utterances, like threats to public servants are doing more harm than good.

      As future law makers, the double signals are iresponsible. Also, these are people whose kids could not enter school (Serpent) or University (Frantz) without being vaccinated. A crippled economy will be no use to a UPP government. People will still need to be vaccinated and it’s time for the party to seriously start debating how they intend to counter the vaccine hesitancy and get people vacciated. The economy cannot restart until mass vaccination ensues. It’s the reality.

    • listen to the news. In Ohio its a jab for a beer. Everywhere has ghe same problem and they are trying out anything that would entice people to come forward. The end does justify the means. As the Pm said what if we get the Brazilian or South African strain and we have not reached herd immunity? You rather see we dying like flies? I guess that’s how much you love your countrymen/women. I do my part I preach to everyone that I meet and try to convince them to see the importance and urgency of overcoming this pandemic. So far we can say we have been blessed. But for how long can we say that. Look what is happening in T&T 21 dead in 24hours. This is no time for your narrow minded political mind. A nations survival is at stake. Could be your brother, sister, mother father etc. Therefore we have to be our brother and sister’s keeper. It’s not about everyman/woman for themselves and God for us all. It’s everyone looking out for each other. But maybe reality has not kicked in as yet for some of you.

  10. KFC for taking the Vaccine? Of all the things in Antigua to mass produce to eat. Why KFC? In my opinion,Gaston Browne has run out of forward thinking ideas. Go on State TV and Radio.Talk with the people.When I left Antigua many decades ago.We had some of the more intelligent persons in the Caribbean in Antigua.What has gone wrong since then.Too much drinking of that Red Kool Aid and smoking of weed.Just asking.

  11. So Antigua has also been counting fatal automobile accidents and heart attacks as “COVID-19” deaths. The clown with the silly mustache actually admits that in the video, and probably, only because the lie had been exposed.

    BTW: There is now an ongoing curfew in Trinidad – 9PM to 5AM – and I’m sure they will be ushering in a similar marketing campaign with KFC. You aren’t even allowed to buy take away food there now. Perhaps this is why GASTON et al., have 24/7 armed security at their homes, and everywhere they go; they are so loved by the people they lead.

    • so you pull up a link with ONE man and trying to mke it seem like it´s 100 men who it happened to????

      I hope when the people around you focus on the one thing you did wrong rather than all the many things you did right, you won´t mind one bit.

      Stop looking at the snapshot instead of the big picture
      Stop looking at the one tree instead of the FOREST

  12. If GB would just be quiet and take a back seat and allow the medical professionlas to lead this conversion, I’m sure we’d have more people agreeing to be vaccinated. Every time that guy opens his mouth he makes the problem worse. Instead of bullying or bribing people to take the vaccine, get on a major educational campaign to show people how the pros outweigh the cons in this whole discussion.

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