PM says Antigua may have to donate if vaccines are not used


Pointe Xpress: Vaccine hesitancy appears to be stronger among indigenous Antiguans and Barbudans than among the expats dwelling among us, the nation’s leader says he has observed.


Prime Minister Gaston Browne shared those comments on Saturday during his weekly radio program, The Browne and Browne Show, on Pointe FM 99.1.


“I notice, too, that it is primarily the indigenous Antiguans and Barbudans who are fighting the vaccination process,” he told the program’s host, Senator Colin O’Neal Browne, adding: “What I’ve found is that a lot of the Caucasians who are living here, early and bright they got out there, they got vaccinated. A lot of our Caribbean brothers and sisters, they went out and got vaccinated.”


Prime Minister Browne said despite their own unwarranted hesitancy bordering on stubbornness, a lot of native Antiguans and Barbudans were likely to later blame local authorities for consequences that arise as a result of failing to avail themselves of the vaccines while they are available.


“Mark my words … at some point, if we run out of vaccines, and some … indigenous Antiguans don’t get vaccinated, they are going to blame the government and say we prioritize foreigners, when they had the opportunity – equal opportunity – to get vaccinated, and they totally allowed the boat to … literally sail past them, deliberately,” said the head of government. PM Browne then went on to pose a vexing question that he disclosed has been assailing his mind for some time: What would happen if the vaccine supplies that Antigua and Barbuda currently has in stock (but which are only very slowly being taken up by the eligible public) should reach their expiry date, unused?


“Where would we get the moral authority to continue to fight the international community for vaccine accessibility and equity? All that will go out the window. And certainly Antigua and Barbuda will not be a priority for vaccines in the future if we are going to dump vaccines in June [next month!] if they expire.”


The Prime Minister said that in such an unfortunate scenario, “What we may even have to do if by about, maybe, the middle of June we recognize that we still have a large quantity of vaccines that may not be utilized, we may have to donate them to another country. And then what if, having donated them, we end up with an outbreak – let’s say – early July?”


PM Browne posited such discomforting probabilities as further proof that, “Our people need to look at all of these issues and to be a little more mature in their thinking.”



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  1. HalleluYAH!!!!!!!! My people are slowly waking up. let them who believe in The Most High and His promises stand on one side, and let those who believe in the World, babylon and Science so called, stand over there……..keep your kentucky, you cant bribe the truth.

  2. So…. These vaccines are the ones from Covax, after second Vax are given to those who got first Vax up through March 12, when first Vax was mostly halted to ensure second available?
    I know we went over the half-way mark on first Vax, but are you saying the Vax through Covax had a short expiry time frame?
    Would really like expiry date on first batch of Vax from India and second batch through Covax.
    Make it plain data and understandable
    Thank you

  3. When they are sitting at home UNVACCINATED, UNEMPLOYED and UNABLE to pay their bills or get a job, perhaps then it will dawn on them that getting vaccinated is the answer to their employment problems as well as to the spread of covid locally. Perhaps they must feel the pain of not being vaccinated before they come to an understanding of how this works.

    • Wordddddd…..They are looking for handouts as i understand it. Sort ah thing you get in a welfare state.

    • When you are unable to work because you took the vaccine, then the non-vaccinated will get your job.

  4. send the vaccine back to india they need it more than us…….. so india created their own vaccine.. so why why is the outbreak so bad over there?????…. hmmmmm what happen they no taking what they created..

  5. “Time’s up doo doo birds”

    Why does this useless Jamaican PM always attack indigenous Antiguans? “Caucasians.. early and bright” my big foot. Election coming and the ALP lowlifes, all the terrorists, and drug runners will get kicked out of Antigua.

    • The Caucasians are less likely to die from the vaccines… they have more receptors for the spike protein. There is a reason why they have a melanin conference every 3 years and black scientist aren’t invited. The depopulation agenda is to get rid of the melinated people first.

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