PM says Antigua is timing the arrival of the new LIAT planes

Exciting Progress for LIAT2020! 🛫 This Air Peace Embraer ERJ-145 proudly displays LIAT20 titles (location TBD). Stay tuned for two demo flights this week as the airline progresses towards obtaining its Air Operator Certificate. #Avgeek #LIAT2020"

Gaston Browne Provides Update on New Jets for LIAT: Operations Expected to Start in May.


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  1. Has the Prime Minister forgotten to take his meds again? He must stop misleading Antiguans an chatting pure nonsense.


  2. I can tell you that I worked on the ERJ and the CRJ for over fifteen years,and I can tell you it’s a very reliable fleet, much much more reliable than this Gatson Brownes administration, most certainly.

    Anyway, what we need to see is the signed contract Gatson. You posted your supposedly signed agreements about details with your son’s rental building, so let us see this contract that you signed with this Lait 2020 deal,after all, the Antiguan citizens have over 60mil invested in this deal, according to you.

    You posted the MOU’s about the Chinese deals, let’s see this one, why not?

  3. It’s amazing how this guy could put out all those constant leading /misleading baloney statements and get away with it. ANR is full of his maybes and suppositions and is-going-to-happen. It is sickening.

    He is torturing this nation as sure as if he has a knife digging into us. This is not normal. It’s as if he has worked some kind of obeah on the people.

    • I emphasize with you, and that’s one way of looking at it, and I don’t disagree.

      This is what happens when corruption, lying and misinformation has been normalized. Lies become facts, corruption is just smart living and a route to wealth.

      Thats why AIR PEACE owns 70% of LIAT(2020) by supplying two leased planes; and Antigua gets 30% ownership and takes on $60 million in debt from the Caribbean Development Bank and another $20 million to get the LIAT planes and other operations ready for certification and operations and no one bats an eye.

      We live in a society where a large portion of the population are just as corrupt as the Prime Minister and the ALBP. They will never admit to it, for they live and survive by corruptive means that has been normalized.

      It’s not obeah. The spell is ignorance, and so long as the society remains ignorant the spell prevails as a reflection of the culture.

      We are a people who go to church on Saturday and Sundays; we claim to be a Christian country but in fact we are compendiously without morals and lack the mental ability to understand right from wrong.

      We are also under the ANR spell. Like the politician wants power and riches; ANR want profits.
      The people who can bring about change are in the pockets of the politicians. The ecumenical, the lawyers and the Judicial.
      This Country is no longer a Democracy. Antigua and Barbuda is an “electoral autocracy. What we are seeing and hearing are life in an autocracy.

  4. Why does AIR Peace own 70% of LIAT 2020 when all they are doing is promising two leased planes ?

    Somebody has some hidden ownership in LIAT that AIR PEACE is fronting for them.

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