PM says All Saints West “Not one of our strongest seats”


The constituency of All Saints West (ASW) is of great concern to both political parties, amid the legal woes of its Parliamentary representative, former Education Minister Michael Browne.

Browne resigned from his ministerial post late last year.

The Prime Minister acknowledged that ASW is not the most secure for his party, but was similarly confident that they would retain the seat.

“In All Saints West, I have to admit, it’s not one of our strongest seats, but we are pretty sure that if we had to replace the candidate, we have good prospective candidates. It’s not going to be a walk in the park, but we’re pretty sure that we’ll be able to retain that seat,” the PM added.

The UPP candidate for ASW is another young man, Anthony Smith.

The ABLP secured 15 of the 17 available seats in the 2018 general election, with the UPP and the Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM) securing the other two.

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  1. Interesting u should say this PM. now it all makes sense that u along with Daryll Mathew (content edited for defamation) u wanted mr. Browne out…Remember god does not sleep both u men have sons!….Mr. browne show them u can win that seat again.

    • Sir it’s true! The gal from willikies lie no wha.she family na even believe she.whole a willikies know she lie. She better tap! accident nearly kill she.

  2. PM u always a chat!! just shut up! same way u wanted asot out…u doing the same to michael
    u always a chat

  3. what a wicked prime minister this man is
    how do u people in Antigua deal with this man?
    this man say any thing that comes to his head…shut up and let the people decide for themselves. u might lose your seat be careful.

  4. Tell him Comrades to chat some more on that Choksi scandal. That Antigua and Dominica are now embroiled in. This Choksi matter has blown up in Gaston’s and Roosevelt’s faces. It is not going away anytime soon. Gaston has a big round head and a very big mouth. All talk and not any actions.Michael Browne on the other hand has a very,very, serious matter before the Courts. His arse could be grass at HMP Hotel 1735.

    • Serious case?…lol ask gaston why he set up he own comrade…same shit he did asot!! he just evil….daryll what gaston overing u? Antigua small remember that!
      But gaston your u should be worried about this scandal u got yourself in with choski.

        • @DEAN: I am an honorable man. I have lived an exemplary life. That word Honorable should be removed from in front of Elected Officials names.Because in my opinion.They are not Honorable.Them lie,them thief,them use bobol to get finances,them use insider information to enriched themselves and family members.What do you say to that.

    • ERIC (THE RED) you can only retain a seat if you are the candidate. I can bet you now that Michael Browne will not be the candidate for All Saints West in the next general elections.

      • Charles Tudor(blue) why will he not be the the candidate cause Hitler hint at it? When the whole of Antigua know what he did to michael browne! Also Asot! But it comes a day when u have to repent for your sins because what doesn’t fall on u. Fall on them. That’s my take and I hope he reads these comments cause he wicked!

  5. Wow wow u should be scared u lose your set PM.
    Who u got to replace him the one that upp throw out that be on your radio show…lol

  6. Gaston study when Scotland yard land ya! Lef the man and let the man finish with his case and run again. U might get jail and ya comrade ya set up get out…u hab man pickney tap act like (black Hitler) when man na listen to u . U want destroy them life!

  7. IF this guy is found guilty, he will spend many years in 1735. He won’t be a candidate for dog catcher ever again. It’s time to find a new candidate, one whom the people love and respect. Such people are out there.

    • ( To Kristi) he wouldn’t be found guilty cause it’s all a lie to get him out. Watch your son and may no woman ever do this to them. Have a great night from a woman to another. Cause I got sons I wish this not even on my enemy. He should have let the people vote this man out and not do this.

      • (To Sharon) your information is simply wrong. Let the courts decide this one. Until then Michael Browne is still a member of parliament. He’s got some ‘splaining to do. Truth and Justice shall prevail.

        • (Kristi) why is her information wrong? It sames like u know what happened?Because it doesn’t go with your narrative? It’s all a lie! Did u hear him on his radio station. He just want both Asot and Michael out. And she’s right do u have sons?

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