PM says 300K payment in ministry of Aviation was for Barbuda Airways


Prime Minister Gaston Browne is denying corruption in the acquisition of aircraft.

Browne says the opposition is trying to suggest that the transaction was corrupt.

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  1. Where is that Airways known as Barbuda Airways. It is flying on hot air circumnavigating the world into perpetuity. You,Gaston Browne,went spending money like a kid in a candy store. The money was not your personal loot. It was the people money. You were spending it willy-nilly. What could that $300,000 be used for in this guava crop times. You as the BRIGHTEST AND MOST FINANCIALLY SOUND PERSON INNA ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA. Paid for an Aircraft that has been on the ground for the past years. It has not flown an inch. You were outsmarted and or outwitted by a scoundrel. You bought a pig in a blanket. Then you got home and realized it was not a pig in the blanket after all. It was a fake,an imitation of a pig.The same hold true to that Plane. I wondered why no one has been arrested and be charged with FRAUD.Gaston,a way de auto pilot foo de Plane garne? A how much you pay foo dat?

  2. So Prime Minister the $300,000.00 was for the Barbuda Airways. That is fine. Where is the Barbuda Airways now? Is it flying? So the question to you now Prime Minister, as the financial genius you claim give, was that good value for money? And please, let’s not even talk of the auto pilot for the said Barbuda Airways. Mr. Prime Minister I am sure that you would agree, being a financial genius, that one can find many ways of making purchases to enrich others (and ultimately oneself) through creative purchasing decisions. This is also tantamount to creative enrichment.

    • @ Tabor
      Where is the aircraft now? Didn’t Gaston say that the plane couldn’t fly because of the pillage of the aircraft parts. imagine the government spent taxpayer’s money to buy an aircraft only to have it stripped and no one has been held accountable. There is so much corruption in this government that some people can loot government assets knowing they can get away with it.

  3. The ONE person who goes under the following names is absent. Come defend your TAP DAWG
    Lynda G
    John PQ
    Frederick B
    Francis G
    GT Arbor
    JB Reno
    Provist K
    Clouston B
    RT Carney
    Lynda D
    Lynn B
    Phillip G
    etc etc

  4. Remember the days when the ABLP were in opposition and they were against the CIP.
    Now it is their salvation. But look at how they wasting it. Gaston Browne is the worst Prime Minister ever. Poor Wadadli

  5. Is this the same plane Chief Lienohell bragged about some time ago. That it would revolutionize connectivity between Antigua and the sister aisle. Hope COVID-19 will not be the scapegoat. Whey the money gone? Most importantly as well where is the aircraft?

  6. Where is the airline now.

    Where are all the ABLP minions. Let them try to defend this glaring piece of corruption.

    I guess they are selective. They only attack Harry.

  7. Calling on
    Just saying
    From the side lines,
    Eric Carsden
    Lynn B
    Phillip G
    LK Dunkor
    Lynda G
    John Pq
    etc etc

    To defend.
    Ras Smood you too

  8. WHERE ARE THE GASTONITES? TENMAN,SIDELINES,CErmle,and all others. I would like to hear from you in this matter.

    • WHARF RAT the GASTONITES are all in hiding and you forget people like BEEF, JUST SAYING, PHILLIP G, CARRSON B and J.P. to add a few others. When they cannot defend the indefensible of their Icon and World Boss, Gaston Browne, they do the next best thing and BURY THEIR HEADS IN THE SAND AT FORT JAMES.

  9. Traitor dictator Gaston is beginning to believe his lies.

    That scum must be removed from office.

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