PM Says 20 thousand jobless from COVID-19

Prime Minister Gaston Browne

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has estimated that around 20 thousand people in the tourism sector have lost their jobs as a result of COVID-19.

“In the case of Antigua & Barbuda we have estimated that over 20 thousand people would have lost their jobs directly or indirectly as a result of the closure of the hotel sector and even the lock downs which have been taking place in order to protect our citizens,” Browne said.

He said, “those lock downs as well would have impacted on the operations of many businesses and put people out of work.”

The prime minister said revenue from tourism has cease “and in addition to that we would have a situation where the actual revenues collected by government’s would have plummeted.”

Browne was speaking on television last night ahead of a emergency CARICOM Summit today.

He said the impact of COVID-19 especially on tourism dependent economies will be much more severe than predicted.

He wants a rescue plan to be put in place to help countries within the Caribbean.

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  1. Go to the IMF. I understand you do not like IMF terms but you are in no position to be choosey. We are facing a DEPRESSION!! Government revenues are wholesale disappearing before your eyes, social Security cannot and will not be able to pay pensioners, most of the population are on their way to unemployment and no income for the entire 2020. DO NOT DELAY until the ship has sunk. ACT NOW and TAKE THE IMF FUNDS on their terms AND SALVAGE AND SAVE WHAT YOU CAN WHILE YOU CAN BEFORE IT IS ALL LOST. Your legacy will be judged based on your actions here and now. Swallow the bitter pill now and help heal the country.

  2. The number of layoffs mentioned, sounds to me that it is aproximately 20 percent of the workforce who contributes to the Social Security net. That amount is quite alot and in my view it will have a negative effect on the collections and moreso the payments towards the benefits especially the pensions….. It would be nice to know how Social Security will deal with the payments of benefits within the future..

  3. A way de rainy day fund garne.Eee disappear inna dee tin air.And are you people a say.Dee man a wan banka. Banka me backsides.

  4. Aren’t we all happy that we are not the ones having to make all the hard decissions at this time. We can just sit at the sideline and criticize. Somehting we are good in doing.
    Thank God we have a man like Gaston at the head who never seems to run from a challenge and always thinks outside the box. I can only pray for him to get the wisdom from above to steer u in the right way. These are unchartered waters, no one has sailed here before.

    • Hush ya mouth, this is not the first world crisis and surely won’t be the last. We were in one when the world trade center went down. Gaston has always had the answers when he was in opposition during the 9-11 crisis, now how can’t he find the answers for this one ya. I’m a fan of him but he’s all talk now a crisis is on his hand. All the economic growth he boasted about in January, where is it

    • It is because we have a man like Gaston Browne who thinks outside the box that the country is bankrupt. You and Tenman were always touting Antigua’s low Debt to GDP ratio. How is that helping Antigua now?
      I hope Antigua gets financial help soon or people will be starving on the streets. All the Jamaicans should consider returning to Jamaica as at least they can go “a bush” and fishing in the rivers to find food.

  5. One big dutty trupx.. Side line. When you squander and don’t save for a rainy day, what is expected.
    We need to be honest with our selves and tap play politics

  6. Oh my! Oh may! I am on my knees begging the IMF. ” Oh! What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” With over 2 billion in CIP revenues, it’s time to go into the offshore bank account. it’s time for you to pay Social Security it’s 500K . Antiguans and Barbudans need them stimulus top dawg.
    Oh! Them white corner Labour Party supporter can eat your hypertensive and diabetes food packages.

      • Knight is not a fool.Around,are you a fool? You would see things politically in my opinion.He sees things Antigually.A word made up by me.So may be I am also a fool.

  7. Yesterday,04/16/2020.millions of us got what is rightfully ours.Those who filed their taxes single got $1200.Those who filed their taxes jointly got back $2400.Stimulus checks were given out.Gaston The Banker Browne,a way are we stimulus garne.Are we no want no food bags filled with junk food.Foods that would kill us before the Covid 19 virus.White flour,white sugar,white rice,canned corned beef,Ramen noodles.Give us the funds and we would go to the Supermarkets and buy what we need.Not to fed junk.

  8. We need help. My landlord is evicting me and my 2 year old son. In March I paid her for March and april and since the hotel has been closed all funds stopped for me. My utility bills are normally zerod but now it’s piling up. My workplace isn’t unionised so it is very rough. I honestly don’t know what to do anymore.

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