PM reveals the private family who gave him the Moderna vaccine

PM takes second dose of Moderna vaccine/ File Photo

Nearly, five months after receiving his first vaccine dose, Prime Minister Gaston Browne has revealed the source.

He told listeners on Pointe FM that the Moderna vaccine was brought in by the Hadeed Family.

Browne said that people were concerned how he managed to get vaccinated with Moderna before the best of the country.

The Prime Minister said he was more exposed to COVID-19 having been meeting with several investors.

Prior to today, Browne said he was given the vaccine by “a private” family.

Browne was also criticised for taking the Moderna while giving the rest of the population AstraZeneca.

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  1. Really don’t see that it was anybody’s business who offered the PM his vaccine.
    However, I commend the PM in the interest of transparency, and the donors for releasing their philanthropy.

    • When you’re a head of State most things you do is everybody’s business that is the right you give to be in that said position .

    • Really ms.salmon!?
      This is no normal time
      Because of this, the PM can kiss villa and point goodbye
      Who else got it with you PM. Maybe ms. salmon?
      If hadeed can get one vial then between hadeed barett and calvin, we can get twelve vials
      One word – sickening

  2. This was everybody’s business. The Prime Minister is a public figure and the secrecy surrounding the vaccination and the source of it was improper. Even the question as to how the vaccine was imported into the country is still a matter of some concern. I will wait for FROM THE SIDELINE and JUST SAYING to commend the Prime Minister for his great leadership for finally indicating who gave him the vaccine.

    • This time I agree with Charles that this is “everybody’s business”, simply because the PM is a public figure. He made known to the nation all that we need to know, and for that the PM is to be commended. Thank you sir. I am curious, however, that a private family could import private vaccines. Is this not controlled by the medical authorities and the Ministry of Health, or is this a free for all, and we can all individually do the same thing? Can somebody clarify this.

      • CErmle it needs no clarification, you are absolutely correct. The Moderna vaccine was brought into (smuggled into) the country illegally and the Prime Minister was part of, either knowingly or unknowingly, an illegal activity. In other countries he would have had to resign. He does not need any commendation for his disclosure. Although he was ignorant, ignorance to the law is no excuse. We must stop finding excuses for a BIG MAN

  3. That was one of the most cowardly acts of this Prime Minister.

    The reason why he kept it under wraps is because he knew it was wrong.

    He is supposed to be a leader : Then lead.

    His selfishness, his ego and his narcissism along with his ugly attitude will all be remembered by history.

    A pathetic coward.


  4. That video looked ridiculous, “that’s it that’s it” he standing the nurse didn’t have on any gloves, 5 months after he decided to bring up that again once you hold public office certain things you do should not be private, a cowardly move, it caused a lot of scepticism towards the experiment .


    This was done a while….Why the Hell you Guys are still on this topic ? UPP throwing mud to see what stuck
    Hon.Gaston Browne is correct to get vaccinated. TABOR and DESERT ROSE should study the your DISRUPTED UPP.

      A…isn’t the importation of any drug controlled by a particular governing body which would then approve its importation, and use in the Nation?

      B…Did the Hadeed family get emergency approval and use?

      In de facto, the PM and the Hadeed family broke the law, and the PM is openly bragging about it.

      Then again the importation of drugs by their private family’s is nothing new to the Nation. You can ask any #CrackHead on Market Street to verify, said facts.

    • Eric are you slow?? You are going at people as though THEY decided to bring it up. Did you read the article?? Did you not see and comprehend that HE brought it up AGAIN. Channel your frustration where it should be. IT WAS WRONG THEN AND NO MATTER IF THE TOPIC RESURFACES IN OCTOBER IT WILL STILL BE WRONG. I would hate to be a friend of people like you who can’t tell me I’m wrong in situations. People like you weary me. If GB spit at your face and tell you it’s rain drops you would say yes even though you straps there and watched him hurl the spit. Sick and tired of Antiguans. Are you haffu under some spell

    • @ Eric Carden – Why are you agreeing with the PM idea to resurrect Airport Runway extension issues that happened prior to him becoming PM.

  6. Was that the best kept secret because school children already knew it was them. This is not news

  7. ERIC CARDEN my friend are you losing it? It is Gaston Browne who raised the topic by now telling the nation who gave him the Moderna vaccine. So for your information we have not individually raised the topic. You should be ashamed of Gaston Browne for how he clandestinely took the vaccine and how it was brought into the country. From my information the Pharmacy Council knew nothing about the importation if the Moderna vaccine into Antigua. Was Gaston Browne an accessory to a breach of the country’s laws? Those are the kind of issues and questions you guys need to consider.

  8. What a tangled web he’s weaved. When at first his conduct was to deceive! Truth always find its way to the surface by will.

    • FREETOWNSON you are so correct but even worse he is an accessory to a crime. In other normal countries he would have no choice but to RESIGN. In Antigua and Barbuda our political culture and morality is non-existent so anything goes.

  9. This is the bullshit that continues to happen here. Rich people looking out for themselves and the rest get, well you know.

    Is this the kind of leader and person you want representing us? The same one who looks after himself first, his bank account first, his family first, then his ass kissers and to us his financial slaves nothing but more lies, land grabs. Execution of Nigel Christian and his so called signature being forged. Nigel Christian was onto something and traitor dictator tyrant Gaston Browne’s signature may not have been forged as he claims.

    It’s time to kick every last corrupt politician out of office and take back all the kickbacks from the ass kissers especially those on here.

  10. Its really hypocritical to offer someone something you dont want for yourself. I really hope thia was NOT the case. I really sincerely hope he had no issues taking the the other vaccine. But, unfortunately allnis speculation unless we get inside his head.

  11. Nigga please. We knew before you even had the slip of the tongue on your radio station that you were offered the vaccine from the Hadeed’s. No one cares. We just need you to remove the damn curfew so people can start living their regular lives again. Are you ah gwarn like flu ah kill people. Chupz

  12. This is absolutely ridiculous. How could a private family have such power and connections to bring in vaccines? Is there not supposed to be some Governmental control that will prevent all and sundry from doing the same? How can you protect a population from fake vaccines if you have such things taking place? This is very, very, worrisome. This is privilege at its best. Also, as a PM you are to put nation first. The captain of a ship and and an aircraft puts the safety of those under his or her care first. The private sector in Trinidad and Tobago tried this nonsense and they got nowhere. You must be able to control the influx of drugs to your country this is not acceptable at all. Kudos for being transparent but this was still wrong.

  13. Who approached who? Which plane? Which customs officer checked and cleared? How much duty was paid?
    Who transported freight from the airport? Where were they stored? Which doctor administered dosage? Can I bring in some foodstuff and laptops? Please, me ah beg. By the way, can guns and drugs be clandestinely brought in this way ?

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