PM responds to UPP’s lies about corruption, diaspora bullies and fake profiles


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has responded to a post in which he is accused by UPP Political Leader Harold Lovell of being only concerned about himself.

Below is the Prime Minister response, which was made on Facebook Page:

Other Sir Vere, no other leader has empowered the people like Gaston Browne.
Here are some of my administration’s contributions:

– UWI Five Islands
– $25M in university scholarships at a cos of $25M annually.
-subsidizes middle class housing, to the tune of $150K each and increased land ownership.
-duty and tax concessions on motor vehicles; virtually every home has a MV.
– Free homes and home repairs for the indigent.
– PM entrepreneurial fund providing funding for entrepreneurs
– fibre to home

– installed several RO plants. Two being installed and a third to follow next year ensuring water sustainability.
– Increased specialist services at Mt St John, including kidney transplants, establishment of an infectious disease Centre, 75 bed hospital facility, poly clinics in Point and Glanvilles.
– Rebuilding major highways, all of which were left dilapidated by UPP after spending 1.2B on roads.
– Expansion and extension of Heritage berth, dredging St John’s Harbour, construction of fifth birth to accommodate largest ships in the world.
– $250M to rebuild cargo port, nearing completion.

– Renewed broken grid electrical infrastructure,
– Renewed and expanded primary and secondary school plant, constructed Sir Novell Richards Academy.
– Constructed solar voltaic plants in Antigua and Codrington.
– Constructing a new airport in Barbuda to receive jets, to be open operational early next year.
– Bought West Indies Oil company using private capital and transferred $150 to the public. (A greedy, selfish, man would have enriched himself instead.)
– Saved $300M in customer savings after the collapse of ABI bank. (Harold who is not selfish did nothing to help these depositors. Gaston on the other hand saved their deposits.)

– Cancelled the Arrangement by Lovell et al, that allowed Sandals to pocket over $100M of ABST government revenue.
– Reduced debt to gdp from 104 percent to 67 percent. Paid off IMF $300M, Local banks 400M, Credit Suisse 200M, among others. (Lovell sought and obtained approval to expand the airport runway by 1000 feet at a cost of $45M and eventually paid US$94M to a corrupt Brazilian firm, Andrade Gutierrez, for the same scope of work.) forensic audit taking place; Commision of Inquire may follow into the costs overruns of US$44M, biggest rip-off in the history of our country.

-Expanded concessions and leases to farmers to increase production. This is to displace the majority of stale meats and produce which are imported. We need more farmers producing fresh meats and produce to ensure food security and nutrition.
– Grew the economy from $3.2B to $4.5B, an average of five percent per annum prior to COVID. Most vibrant economy in the hemisphere for our first five years in office. (Lovell collapsed the economy, with a 25 percent contraction, representing 3X the regional average.)

– Put thousand back to work, reducing employment from 22 percent to under 10. COVID has increased unemployment, but it is being reduced.
– Attracted more investments than any other including $2B PLH in Barbuda. Investment larger than Jumby Bay and includes one of the best golf courses in the Caribbean.
– largest tourism arrivals, both cruise and stay-overs.
– New radar at VC Bird airport
– Completed ADOMS and State Insurance buildings which were saddled with tens of millions in cost overruns.

– Antigua is now the Centre of gravity of leadership in the Caribbean. It’s leader is currently chairing Caricom, OASIS, Commonwealth Finance Ministers and is an extremely active and respected voice in the regional, hemispheric and global institutions.
– Stabilized statutory corporations including APUA, Antigua & Barbuda Development Bank and Antigua Port Authority, which were all tethering on bankruptcy.

– City West Uber my leadership: more jobs, improved roads, more businesses, middle income housing, a poly clinic, community Centre, refurbished and expanded sporting facilities, Marina under construction at Dredge Bay, Dredge Bay Mall and Credit Union under construction. More constituents Maryclare Hurst, Luther Lee, Delano Richards, Peter Wang and many others in leadership position. Housing renewal at Boo’s Alley in progress. Increased land ownership.

– Strengthened governance framework to end the abuse of state resources. Contracts must be costed by quantify surveyors to determine cost and must receive prior approval from Tenders Board. Prime Minister and Min Browne (household member) precluded from government procurement and contracting to eliminate any opportunity for abuse.
Prime Minister role is to exercise ensure good governance practices abd exercise oversight to ensure that there is no abuse.

Only investment that PM has undertaken since becoming PM is a farm. All other business interested were divested or suspended, for example home Construction and land development. PM built over 100 homes while in opposition and sold them all, but has suspended that lucrative business to serve the people. Instead, he has unselfishly utilized his experience and expertise to establish the most vibrant and successful public sector housing project in the history of our country.

The truth is an absolute defense against any claim of defamation: I challenge anyone, including Lovell to bring a scintilla of evidence of any corruption involving the PM, or even to call him a thief in public.

Harold Lovell and his UPP could not even pay suppliers for water, fuel and electricity. $160M was owed to those suppliers, which the my administration settled.
– 19M owed to UWI, paid in full by my administration.
-Lovell et al acquired HMB hotel and failed to settle the debt after 10 years incurring US$25M in interest charges. My administration paid down the debt by 55 percent.
– UPP – US$60M Wadadli power plant had to be mothballed, engines do not work and plant infrastructure rotten.
– Settled UPP $222M liability for breach of contract with APC.
– Paid US$1M to recover 10 acres of beach land at Valley Church beach sold to a bogus investor by Lovell and his UPP colleagues for $1.00. We subsequently sold the land to Calvin Ayre for US$10M to construct a wellness resort; to start later this year.
Many other projects to commence later this year to include: airport Marriott, Arman Hotel Barbuda, RCL US$100M beach park at Ft James, Callaloo Quay, GPH Tourism mall, entertainment and leisure.

– ABLP administration stabilized the economy in 2004, restored sustainable growth, saved LIAT from liquidation, forced BNS to sell local, RBC followed. Got Harvard to partner with UWI five islands as reparatory justice, protects gas station operators from Rubis.
We have worked our ass off for the oriole because we love and care for them.
– Gaston Browne – dedicated to serve and empower.

Harold Lovell et al, your lies about corruption, diaspora bullies and fake profiles can’t help you from sure defeat.

Already, you hold the losing record: five or six defeats in a constituency, yet you are posing as a success. You also hold the record of any finance Minister who failed to grow the economy after five years as finance minister.

The decline ANU suffered last year was in keeping with the regional average. However, we expect to see marginal growth this year and unprecedentedly high growth next year; unlike your dead hands that destroys.

Harold, everything you touch – you both.

Btw, your fake profiles can’t vote, neither your diaspora bullies who are not registered. So don’t start to believe in this artificial support from the media bashing.
ABLP administration has performed and deserves another term.
Much love & blessings

PS. The funds to pay salaries abs wages are in the bank. U unfortunately, there was a problem with timing of the receipts which resulted in the delayed payments.
We sincerely apologized to the public servants so affected.

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  1. Hon.Gaston Browne ….You have demonstrated POSITIVE LEADERSHIP to ANTIGUA and BARBUDA which is admired INTERNATIONALLY.

    Also thank you for outlining Some of the ACHIEVEMENTS of your Administration. Wonderful job Hon.Gaston Browne.

  2. The nation continues to rise and move forward in the tradition of V.C. Bird Sr. and the founding fathers and mothers (red and blue) who were totally committed to Black democratic socialism and social democracy. Thank you. May the red flag of labour and social democracy fly proudly over this land until Jesus comes!

  3. If anyone with an honest perspective compares the UPP and the ABLP they would have to choose the ABLP. My Two Sense.

  4. The long list to impress people but you will be know in antigua in years to come as a prime minister who do not know who forged his signature

  5. “This ALP drivel has more errors than Robin Yearwood’s face”

    Foreign criminals running riot with impunity; bloated public sector with a wage bill that’s suffocating taxpayers; ALP still can’t pay workers on time, so every month is another excuse (maga dog yam all de money, Mrs. PM needs new red bottoms, sun too hot et al)

    Mrs. PM’s charity; Asot; Michael Browne; stagnant private sector; tourism is as dead as the ALP economy; worst public education in the WI; worst roads in the WI and the bloated public works still don’t know how to pave a one lane road; Sir COW has to come all de way from Barbados to pave road;

    everyday picky head smaddy on the tv and radio begging money for operation; where all de medical benefits money gone? crime, crime, crime…

  6. GASTON BROWNE despite all that you have said to refute charges of corruption against you and your administration, I am still waiting for a sensible explanation of SHEAR and ODEBRECHT. After you have given a sensible and credible explanation then I will entertain all your desperate explanations.

    • Tabor no matter how you try, the PM will never give you a respond. As far as he is concern you are a nobody to him. Not worth his attention or time. If you want to speak to him, try suing him as you and Harold had promised you would have done.

  7. Desperate attempt at deflecting from the truth. The country is BANKRUPT! And you have been a major contributor to that by your own attestations.

    Short Shirt say: Don’t promise me. Cum gimme it right away. Your full of hot air political grandstanding full of nothing of numbers manipulation of The Ministry of Finance.

    If the economy was so great pre Covid! Why has St. Kitts and Nevis out performed the economy that you preside over? Dr. Harris has elevated his country to the number one economy in the OECS. Imagine that. GOAB #2 the last time I checked.

    I want to know about the Meini Bank acquisition. So a coming town to talk to you.

    You lied when you said that Lovell et al acquired HMB. Let me remind you it was the Lester Bird Administration which you were apart of that committed that act. So retract that. Remember it was Stanford that spearheaded that acquisition with the intent of redevelopment of the property.

    Granted your administration brought UWI Campus to Antigua and Barbuda shores. Good job. Your administration redeveloped the port. Good job. You Administration has managed the Covid-19 pandemic effectively so far. Good job.

    As you so eloquently put it. You sold 100 homes while you were in opposition. You can go back into private life and sell a 1000 in a 1000 days.

    GOAB needs leadership that is of the country, for the country and not individuals who see it as a way to emasculate the majority of the population from prospering.

    Again, I ask. Antiguans and Barbudans with all that you have just read from Gaston Browne. Look in the mirror and ask yourselves. Am I better off today than I was 7 years ago? Are my friends, neighbors and extended family better off today than they were 7 years ago?

    PS: Best Western completed yet. PLH completed yet. Barbuda airport completed yet. St. Kitts has a PGA rated golf course. Played it. Where is the one on Barbuda located?

    Lord a can’t forget. Lands at Guiana island with a 2 billion investment promised. To include a Hard Rock Hotel. A way that? YIDA!

    Dato Tan rolling in dough due to the incompetence of your cabinet of Deplorables and Labour Party leadership. Past and present.

    Wheel and come again. Information is powerful and you can’t run from the truth.

    • Then why did the the interest clock start running in 2007, after the Privy counsel decision? You forgot that the former owner argued that the UPP bad played her? Yes the ALP took action to start the process but it was the UPP who after stridently arguing against the government move, who then backtracked and then dropped the ball (took them years to have the property value accessed and they had no real buyer )

    • Whew. Well said. Thanks for the clarification and break down of that long long list of their accomplishments. I just couldn’t see it. For a nano second I thought I was being unfair to the ABLP. I am right. Thanks again.

  8. gaston give some money to the contractor from diferent area we are dead every day at the tessory nothing today or is month end we have more than 2 years needing our money no way to get it please do something

  9. @Freetownson
    Granted your administration brought UWI Campus to Antigua and Barbuda shores. Good job.”
    Obviously, you want to give him something but this cannot be one. Because in order to do this, he deprived poor people children from a secondary school that was acquired by the UPP for them. Till now, he has not replaced it. Why? Maybe he agreed with Michael Browne that it was too good for the children dem? How you could give Green Bay pickeynearga school with gym in it? You crazy?
    You have to educate them properly at that level for them to reach university level.

    “Your administration redeveloped the port. Good job.”

    Oh yes? To the point that every cent collected at the port goes to a foreign company? That the vendors are destitute? that SJDC is no more?

    “You Administration has managed the Covid-19 pandemic effectively so far. Good job.”

    Oh yes? And even if people want to take the vaccine they fraid to do so because they do not know what you are giving them with your dishonest self. The people do not trust you.

  10. Wadadli PM is the most visionary and forthright Leader in the Caribbean. The UPPITES were the worse government in Wadadli history. PM you are batting excellent. Compare and contrast with those failure’s you are a head of the class. These people think we are suffering from Amnesia. A bunch of hypocrites and Liars. Forward ever Backwards never. Never again they should come close to govern Wadadli.

  11. World dictator traitor tyrant liar HT Gaston Browne must be looking in the mirror.

    That ass is responsible for creative self enrichment, abduction and kidnapping of Mehul Choksi and involved with the kidnapping and execution style murder of Nigel Christian.

    Bring every last one of them to justice.

    They don’t represent the wishes of we the people. We the people need to get rid of them and put those who will.

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