PM responds to those saying he should be next

Prime Minister Gaston Browne received a security briefing before leaving the island for St. Lucia

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has taken note of persons on social media who say he should suffer a similar fate to that of Dr. Ralph Gonsalves.

Browne said on his Facebook page:

“Me next?
Some savageous punks in the UPP, are inciting barbarism in our society, but they shall fail in their efforts to destabilize our democracy.”

He was referring to the wounding of St. Vincent Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves allegedly by a woman using a stone.

In a statement today condemning the St. Vincent incident Browne said;

“There is no place for violence and personal physical assaults in our CARICOM democracies where the rule of law prevails and rights, including the right to peaceful protests are fully upheld.


All law abiding and well thinking people of CARICOM should join in resolution that such gratuitous violence will not be tolerated in our peaceful societies.”

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  1. Physical barbary is not what we are made of. I do not condone any person voicing physical attacks on anyone.
    Why must we make politics make such indecent persons of us.
    I beg our citizenry to let peace reign and let your fingers dipped in ink do your talking on whichever side of the divide you find yourself on.

    • I agree. Peaceful disagreement is the best path forward, respectful arguments can be fun and interesting. I think Antigua is a peaceful country overall, but we have some bad immigrants that are infecting the culture of Antigua with extreme left-wing violent ideology.

      I don’t like the UPP politically, but I would defend them if anybody threatened them with harm. Fundamental rights like freedom of speech and expression require peace and non-violence in a country. Hope we can all recognize this.

      • To “I Agree”. Don’t blame “left-wing” influence on those who are violent in this society. It is RIGHT WING, Trumpite ideology that encourages this type of anti-social behaviour. It is RIGHT WING Trumpite ideology.

        • How does the PM know. That those who are wishing him ill will. Are in the UPP. Their are Labor Party supporters. Who do not like you either. They never did and to this day they still do not.

    • Just Saying look how easily you bought into The political BS. You are willing and ready to surrender your battty hole to Mr politician.
      ANR should disregard these silly posts that appear on Facebook. Not news worthy

  2. Here he comes again!
    Clown Browne are you seeking attention?
    It would be wise of you, Clown Browne, to state the names of the savageous punks in the UPP.
    Why would a politician wishes this fate on another? Think about it!

    • Na bather wid he..a fu he own ppl a say them things..but he have trang fu upp..he to lub fb..go drive the goat in u garden.come off a fb and go do the ppl them work..

  3. You love bully people can’t done and you fraid to go Haiti mister head of Caricom.

    Go Haiti you tinking dutty ass and tap tek advantage of nearga ya.

    Your time soon come. Always a keep down people ya.

  4. Antigua must be a peaceful country, that is what should make us a special place in the Caribbean compared to barbaric cultures like Haiti and Jamaica.

    Even if you hate and despise people who oppose you, there should never be violence. We have a peaceful elections system in which these battles are fought.

    I’ve noticed that left-wing communist radicals are much more likely to use violence. You can see this in the U.S. in cities like Portland, Chicago and the New York.

    Also, the people in Jamaica, Haiti and Dominican Republic seem to always believe that violence is the way to solve problems. Antigua must protect itself against these barbarians.

    Whether you support UPP, PM Browne, or any other persons or party in Antigua, it must always be done respectfully.

    I respect those that I argue with, because mutual respect to your political opponent is the way you gain the faith and trust of voters. Voters want maturity and peace.

    • In terms of their history, cuisine, art, contribution to music and the world than little Antigua.

      The food in Antigua is awful. And the contribution to world culture is almost nonexistent.

      And Antigua has plenty of violent crimes.

      Also Antiguans are highly illiterate and uneducated and many are extremely poor because of your corrupt and incompetent leaders.

      Fix your own shitty country before criticizing others.

      Antiguans sound so ridiculous with their xenophobia against other Caribbean people. Just stop.

      • @ Jamaica and Haiti
        With all their sophisticated cultured, Antiguans are not rushing to Jamaica and Haiti, but Jamaicans can’t be kept out of the small and other Caribbean countries. Jamaicans are known as some of the worst cooks in the Caribbean. Rice and peas, hard yellow yams, hard dumplings, and roasted breadfruit are not considered gourmet food. I will give you credit for jerk.
        We have nothing against decent Jamaicans but want you to stop exporting your criminals along with your gangster culture. And by the way, native Antiguans are not extremely poor. The poor people in the ghettos are mostly non nationals, including many Jamaicans who are filling up and making ghettos in the country.

          • How dare You criticize Antiguan food, call us illiterate, uneducated and poor? We will fix our shitty country but don’t need Jamaicans piling up dung. If you are Jamaican, you would know what poverty is really like in your country. Sometimes people have to stand up for their right and you may call it what you may. Antigua have over the years welcomed citizens from other Caribbean countries, with no problem until recently when the gangsters started coming with their culture. Antigua is far to welcoming. Just keep your gangsters in Jamaica and I will not have to sound xenophobic or imbecile. I know Jamaicans, and they would never tolerate none Jamaicans causing havoc in their country. All the cloths and guns would come out. Why don’t you ask the Jamaican criminals to stop?

    • Wrong. Most terrorist attacks in the USA in the last year for instance, were overwhelming conducted by right wing white supremacist groups. You should get your facts right before making statements

    • There is something wrong with your reasoning. It is NOT “left wing communists” responsible for this upsurge in violence. In the USA, to which you refer, it is NOT left wing communists. It is right wing Trumpite-types who tried to overthrow the legal government of the United States. Their influence is seeping into the Caribbean too. There are right wing elements here who hold the same views as the American Trumpers. Nothing to do with “left” wing. Nothing.

    • Savageous is actually a word which means fierce or cruel. However, what I do not understand, most of the people who post comments on Facebook (as is the case here on ANR) do not use their real names, how then can Gaston Browne attribute the negative comments about him to UPP supporters? This man tries to turn everything on UPP. I wonder if Maria wakes up with a serious headache or complains of being dissatisfied he will also say it is UPP. Stop being so puerile and ridiculous.

        I hope you have Someone to wake up too….100% OF the NEGATIVE comments against Hon.Gaston Browne are UPP Supporters. I hope UPP members DO NOT believe that They can do the same thing what took place in St.Vincent against Hon.Gonsalves. TABOR believes that CROOKED Harold Lovell is a SAINT. LOVELL is Tabor HERO. Shame on you TABOR. I like ERIC ( THE RED ) Prediction for election 2023.

        • I’m not even Antiguan and definitely don’t support any of your corrupt political parties. They all seem corrupt and not interested in bettering life for the average Antiguan.

          And yes your current PM is a moron who clearly is only concerned with enriching himself

    • Whatever your definition of what constitutes a democracy, one cannot deny that hurtling rocks at people is unacceptable. People have the right to demonstrate in a peaceful manner. However, we often forget that our rights are constrained by the rights of others. One ought not to condone someone demonstrating and infringing on the rights of others by causing them bodily harm. Once you cross the line of breaching another person’s right to safety, your rights end. Plain and simple. So please, Jiggamore, don’t condone this nonsense; the world is a cycle. How would you feel knowing that you’re simply tying to get to your workplace and people are demonstrating outside and hurl a stone and hit you? Is this what we are promoting? Be careful, the world has a way of coming back at us. Stand on principles, not personalities.

      • @wash an’ Basin
        Antiguans are mostly law abiding citizens and would never condone violence. We know that some red cool aid drinkers resort to raping, bombings and vandalism when their government is not in power.
        The problem with some black governments is they like power and will try to hold on to it by any means. Power allows them to plunder the people’s resources to become wealthy and afford them a glamorous lifestyle.
        Haiti is in the mess it is in today because of Pappa Doc and his henchmen who destroyed democracy in Haiti. When baby doc was overthrown, he moved to France and lived the glamorous life, having not worked a day in his life while a lot of the people in Haiti lived in absolute poverty. This is the legacy Pappa Doc left Haiti.
        People can become violent when their democratic will is stifled by politicians who by Illegal means cling to power. Importing non nationals and having them vote when they are not legally allowed to is just one example. People who have their democratic rights usurped can become very, very angry.

  5. ANYONE who suggests the PM should be attacked in a similar way to that endured by The Comrade from St.Vincent, must be totally and completely possessed by an evil spirit, savages indeed, totally and morally bankrupt.

  6. Please All Antiguans let Us relax and take a deep breath.UPP members should realize that We DO NOT condone violence in our POLITICS. I am yet to hear UPP condemn this act.of violence. . You DO NOT win elections with VIOLENCE.

    • To Rupert Mann: Do you think it might be they don’t like “The Comrade” and his ideology? UPP must condemn this act of violence, loud and clear!

      • KRISTI the UPP did condemn the violence against PM Ralph Gonsalves. Didn’t you hear the General Secretary of the UPP Shawn Nicholas in the news condemning the attack on Ralph.

  7. UPP BLUE KOOLAID Drinkers should just SHUT UP. This act of violence could never take Place in Antigua.

    • O yes, “Antigualuv” SAVAGEOUS is a word. Look it up OR ask Charles Taylor. He’ll educate you on this one.

    • avageous. To be outrageously savage, either in nature of character/action or in a verbal /written comeback /put-down to another person. That punch in the face was savageous! (After delivering a particularly devastating comeback): Ooooo, you so savageous …

  8. You don’t have nobody with a ton of gold ring to firebomb people house ? Everything done online nowadays booy lol

  9. Who in the upp wish you harm? Why don’t you call them out, you make those ridiculous state because you know your gullible puddles will run with it

  10. People of the world fought against dictatorships and will continue to.
    Who the red baret and the Hitler moustache fits HE shall wear it

    • Why shouldn’t the Leader of a Black Democratic Socialist party
      (ALP) wear a RED beret? Red is traditionally the colour of the working class!!! As for the moustache, have you considered it may (?) by covering up a serious scar on his upper lip???? I don’t know, but it’s possible.

  11. Xenophobic and traditional bashing of other Caricom nationals never seem to stop in Antigua. Why do the so called educated ones not realize that it’s a moral insult to level these personal and abrasive platitudes and abuse on each other. What makes an Antiguan, Jamaican, Guyanese, Trinidadian or whoever else different? We are all human products of the same and similar ancestry. It’s this same disunited and hateful spirit that has kept us mentally colonized and enslaved to this day.

    As people of the Caribbean, we all share some of the same cultures. Yes, our foods, sports, accents may have slight variations but in essence, we are made from the same mold. Our foreparents have all been misused, mishandled, abused, oppressed and enslaved by the white world. They, after centuries of suffering fought for their freedom, so that we today can be free.
    Why every disagreement, whether political, social or economical has to explode in a prejudiced, insular to and fro bashing of each other? Black is black! Don’t give a hoot if you are clear skinned, brown, white or blue. Once this envied invaluable melanin and rich strong African blood runs through your veins, there is not essential disimilarity! Every single one of us in the Caribbean share a similar heritage, so rather than spending time foolishly bashing one another, be prudent and intelligently pacify these eruptions.
    We have inherited this colonialist disease. It was the same weapon used by the diabolic oppressive system to get our obsequious servitude. We fought among ourselves, sold out our own for the gratification of the slave master. What did we get in return,? An extra bread, or a coveted glass of wine, or the opportunity to sleep in the doghouse with the masters canines!

    These are the reasons why we were actively enslaved for so long. We are still enslaved today. We have not yet emancipated. Our minds are punctuated if not adulterated with the white man’s ideologies. We oppress and enslave our own . Black against black. Territory against territory. Jamaican against Jamaica. Antiguan against Guyanese. …..and the gruesome distasteful warfare goes on!!
    Politicians now thrive on this …our obvious weakness of disharmony, lack of pride and self love. Politicians who rob us blatantly in front of our eyes, and we are too scared to unite and kick their asses out of power.
    We allow on a daily basis the perpetration of evil, injustice, abuse, oppression, and nepo-degenerate debauchery!
    What says you about violence? I do not condone violence. Violence is not the best or moral way to get positive results. I endorse this fully. But, and pay attention to this conjunctive emphasis. VIOLENCE sometimes , becomes a Necessary EVIL when the wicked commiting evil! If a man’s rights, life and those of his family are in jeopardy and he is penniless and hungry, then violence can very well become a consecrated device used to attain justice!!!! Hallelujah…lemme get an amen.

  12. All I know is this King Court is our national hero, and it was not because he was peaceful, please explain why he is a National Hero?

    What if I aspire to be a National Hero like King Court?

    Help I am confused….

    Chew on that…..

    Do you condone what took place in St. Vincent against Hon.Gonsalves ? If that was in Antigua I know you would …

    • PETE of course not. I do not condone it and the UPP does not condone it. I am sure your heard the General Secretary of the UPP Shawn Nicholas expressing the Party’s condonation of the issue. Unlike others I do believe that there is a place for violence in politics under certain circumstances, for example, like the Apartheid regime that existed in South Africa. However, none of the countries in the OECS has exhibited any circumstance that would necessitate the resort to violence. The attack on Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves was unwarranted.

  14. I have not heard the UPP OPERATIVES condemn that cruel act on Hon.Gonsalves.
    EDGEUP Harold Lovell is in Dominica….Why Harold did NOT stay in Antigua ?

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