PM Responds To ‘Selfish And Idiotic’ D. Gisele Isaac


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has fired back at United Progressive Party (UPP) Chairman D. Gisele Isaac after she said that opening a UWI In Antigua will water down the brand.

Isaac is of the view that the facilities currently available locally does not match up to the high standards obtained in the other landed campuses.

“And if I were contemplating going to UWI, I would have second and third thoughts about it because it is a devaluation of the UWI brand,” Isaac, a serving UWI part-time lecturer said last week.

In response, Browne called the former House Speaker “selfish and idiotic” saying that he was rebuking her in the strongest possible terms.

He accused Isaac, the former Executive Secretary of the Board of Education, of seeking to damage the fourth landed campus.

The prime minister said it is wrong for her to give that impression that ” we are just starting from scratch.”

The country’s leader told Pointe FM that many students have been doing two years in Antigua and the final year in one of the landed campuses.

“The disciples we will start with will be the disciplines we already have in place,” Browne revealed adding that it will include areas such as nursing, education and tourism.

“She knows better, she’s just trying to deceive the people to score cheap political points. She’s trying to undermine the opening of the university and to damage the brand,” the prime minister said.

Isaac told radio listeners last week that the government cannot use the excuse that other UWI Campuses started off small.

She said OECS students now have higher expectation on what to expect from a university.

“I don’t want to be anything that is less than and that is what I feel about any potential fourth campus,” Isaac said while announcing that she will not be returning as a lecturer at UWI.

The government says the UWI is “likely” to open its fourth landed campus at five islands here in September.

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    • The “selfish and idiotic” accusation is rude and brings to mind the saying “pot calling the kettle black”! No wonder the Barbados NationNews (May 10th) has extensively criticized to the point of calling Antigua’s leader “backward” and lacking “enlightened leadership”.

  2. My question is, does this government owe UWI? If so, how can we go into our own if we won’t pay our share from time to time. This country cannot run a State College, how could we run a UWI Campus? It takes money for infrastructure, maintainance, labs & a host of Dorms & proper grounds & proper settings. Not an ordinary High School setting. Geselle is so right.

    • @ Speak out…good point regarding the State College. I must say that I really hope that the fourth UWI campus starts in Antigua. I am just not sure if September is the ideal time and if everything is in place.

  3. No wonder Pearl Quinn said that the UPP is the “Party for the 1%” at the last Faithful Nationals meeting.

    Greedy Gisele takes home $4000 per month from the Treasury for being Jamale Pringle’s “Research Officer”. Besides being a “ghost worker” where Pringle is concerned, she is already set-up with her degree… and a fortune in the bank from working 3 jobs during the UPP 10 years. She couldn’t care less about the ordinary poor Antiguan youth who want better training and career prospects at a lower cost.

    Then again… She doesn’t even care about making the UPP yuteman Pringle sound half decent. So why WOULD she give two hoots about the masses?

    Can Harold “Gisele Puppet” Lovell be happy right now? Is this woman the same vote-killing elitist he rigged the UPP convention to boost up as UPP Chairman? The woman who said…

    “UPP nah drink no bush tea for nobody fever” (NO EMPATHY)
    “Men need women more than women need men” (MAN HATER)
    “All young people want in exchange for votes is bribes and parties” (OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY)
    “Antigua has too many foreigners!” (TOO STUPID TO KEEP THAT ONE CLOSE TO HER CHEST)

    The UPP has no hope with Harold, Gisele Isaac and other 1%-ers at the forefront. Good luck winning an election after 2-3 more years of these idiotic “People Last” positions. Might be 16-0 on the mainland next time.

    • Why are you concerned with what Gisele earns? You should be more concerned with the people who have become multimillionaires by stealing the people’s assets. You may think that the current Labour Party care about poor people but I will advise you that only a clique of rich supporters really benefit. Sure there is some placating of the poor but this is only a scheme for the Labour Party to remain in power.

      • I guess you have lots of examples that you name of of the ABLP stealing our assets. Like transferring a bus that is to be government property in their private name and use such for their campaign. Or they give themselves a raise in pay that was not even approved by the Cabinet while at the same time taking care of friends by giving them debt-collectors contracts above the going rate. I mean you guys are using the very same argument every time yet when you guys where in power you were not able to bring one successful to the courts. But when ask why you guys could not give account for ten years of audited accounts. Suddenly it is silence. Over one billion dollars over the approved budgets in ten years. And the list can go on and on. Please find a policy that you do not agree with and make that argument to convince people that you are better and deserves another change in the next 28 years perhaps

        • How about what the PM said about padding contracts to steal the people’s money? How about settling up corporations to acquire government lands at pepper corn prices and pocketing the Hugh profits from the subsequent sales. UPP would be the dumbest thieves to take buses into their names to use in their ridings and not selling them and pocketing the funds. Don’t worry if Labour stays in power for 28 years I doubt GB will be around as sometimes I question his sanity.
          I shudder to think what Antigua will be like in 28 years with this government as they don’t maintain anything. Government for them is for creative enrichment.

  4. This man has no class. Where is the diplomacy? Is DGI not entitled to her opinion without being disparaged by the PM? Lord help us.

    • She is entitled to her opinion, but what she is NOT entitled to is undercut human capital development in our fair land because SHE BEX DEM NAH USE THE BUILDING FOR A PRIMARY SCHOOL. She just makes her self look more bitter, sad, and menopausal as a woman. Why not offer her “opinion” from another angle or in another manner? She could have stated the issues and challenges that she sees and then added that “I hope the gov’t will really work hard to rectify these issues so that the university is truly ready to function efficiently”

      Instead she had to go low. Even her tone of voice is vitrolic and crass. The only thing she has going for her is that she has more balls than Lovell. He is a weak jellyfish floating around in the sea. At least she has guts.

    • What diplomacy? Was she diplomatic with her scathing comments?

      She need fu listen to “Stand up for Antigua” written by the late Dr. Ramsey and sung by Onyan.

      Especially the line of lyrics that begins “but because of a little political gain…”

      She should be ashamed to say she lectured at UWI. Did the university dilute its brand by having her lecture there?

  5. That’s the lowest she can go but we rebuke you and your negative word in Jesus name it shall not prosper that University will be a success

  6. Mrs. Isaac-Arindell like any other citizen has the right to exercise free speech and express any concerns she may have. What was “under-handed and shady” was her comment about UWI diluting its brand. That was shameful and with this comment she shifted from constructive criticism to UNDERMINING PROGRESS. If her party was in power, I guarantee she would be singing from a different sanky. Shame on her for putting party before country in this instance.

  7. @ Speak Out, The differenc is that the students attending this campus from across the Caribbean will have to pay according to the UWI’s pricing structure. So monies will be generated, along with the new taxes being collected by the government to supplement the operating costs.

    Based on the recent news, the government has also offered several acres of land to the UWI Management in lieu of offsetting monies owed in the past.

    Let’s see how this works before we begin to devalue our country’s ability to house such tertiary ambitions.

  8. Sometimes I wonder if it is really worth for the PM to answer these people. Because clearly one can see their bitterness. I mean I would prefer the UWI Vice Counselor answer her and fire her before she even resigns. Because this is not a stab in the back of the PM, but of the work done by the UWI and the Vice Counselor in particular. They would never have agreed to the 4th Campus in Antigua if it didn’t meet the criteria and the standard UWI set. UWI has a reputation to keep and uphold and they are not politicians. They are technocrats. And they have done a great job over the years, as UWI is listed among the top 5% of Universities in the world. And that is not because of the buildings. Because many Universities in the USA and Canada and Europe have much better facilities. But it the quality of the professors that educate our students. And sad that she was part of that group. Because it seems that her political mind has taken over her affiliation to UWI. Hope you resign today and not wait a day longer Ms. Isaac.

  9. Freedom of speech. Express your concerns DGI. The PM is not thinking clearly this month.

    • And what are her concerns? That Antigua is not ready to open the fourth landed campus of the UWI. Well that concern was not shared by the UWI technical committee and the Vice Counselor. So she is telling them that they don’t know what they are all about. She will teach them to do their job. She knows better then them. That is what you call arrogance. And out of you place. I would wish the Vice Counselor to respond to her.

  10. This person named D. Gisele Issac Arrindell is quite possibly the most bitter person who lives in Antigua. Her intent to part company with UWI if campus status is granted to Antigua is a classic example of what Professor Paget Henry has referred to as “ethical badmindedness.” I remember when we were children playing cricket at the roadside, when someone who owned either the bat or ball got out cheaply they would take up either their bat or ball and say they’re going home. So game over. This is precisely the stunt that this person Gisele is trying. But hear the news, Mrs Badmind: there are others in this fair state who are just as qualified (and even more so) as you are to teach the courses you taught. So guess what? The show will go on with or without you. As kids would say, “Ah baye!!!”

    • I guess you want a university so that the poor people in Antigua can get a university education. Noble idea. Are they going to be given free text books, tuition fees and money for bus fares? Take a look at the state college. Did the state college find the money to bring in the text books or are students still photocopying?
      Ms. Isaac is entitled to her opinion as an Antiguan citizen and the PM is entitled to disagree with her. However is it acceptable for the PM to response like he is in a street brawl in Pointe or Grays Farm. It is sad that he did not have parents to give him the proper guidance and training and he had to be brought up by the streets. Many of us Antiguans are embarrassed that this undiplomatic and abrasive individual is representing Antigua.

      • Go and listen closely to the utterances of Gisele, and tell me if they reflect that she got, in your own words, “proper guidance and training” and that she wasn’t “brought up by the streets.” Many Antiguans are also embarrassed by her “undiplomatic and abrasive” display each time the likes of Observer Radio gives her a platform. While I agree that she is entitle to her opinion, she is NOT entitled to sabotage the forward march of education that will bring manifold to the poor people of Antigua and Barbuda. THAT is what I detest.

        • Ms Isaac is a private citizen and not elected by the people to represent them. I am sure that if she were elected to government, she would know the behaviour expected. The PM thinks he is lord and above criticism and opposition. He knows it all. Not even his ministers are allowed an opinion. Ask Michael Browne. The likes of Observer Radio exists to counter Pointe FM and ABS.

  11. D -Giselle Isaac bitterness and power thirst is turning her into a rather Ugly person,inside and out.. ..I heard the comments coming from her,i i must say,she is the most despicable of all the aspiring politicians.She need to take a listen to herself ,they are treasonous for this Island.i do hope that everyone with a tiny bit of commonsense will keep these people as far away from any political power as possible-it is clear they are just for self and the rich and famous,and has no intentions in giving the poorer populace i chance at an Improved standard of life..

  12. I would love for us to get the campus. Whether it will happen in September 2019 that’s another story. no need to disparaged the lady. unlike her i believe we have the ability to do it.

    • No need for her to disparage UWI. As a lecturer and graduate of this same university, her time may be better spent coaching Jamale Pringle so that he sounds less like he a pick-up-corn & more like a representative of the people of All Saints.

  13. It seems like we are living under a dictatorship.Happy that some people have a brain and can think for themselves. If this leader is the role model for our young generation Lord have mercy on us.The troubling part is that some are defending him .

    • @Amnesia- how about the lady in the photo above? #1 role model right?? Do you know what happens to people under dictatorships,when they try to undermine they own nation? I believe it is just a practice to use words loosely in Antigua-and what are you defending,the tearing down of your country,by those who crave nothing but power in order to keep the image of their elitist lifestyle?I rather defend the one who is fighting for the betterment of the ordinary man/woman.. Wish you all the best with your Amnesia,no wonder you seem to be living on some other land,that’s what amnesia does,distort all reality..

      • I realize how limited your comprehension skills are. Please read and understand . Remember that it is always better to arm your brain before you shoot off your mouth. I hope you soon wake up from your brain freeze.

        • Really?? I understood pellucidly exactly what you wrote.. Read over and over and digested it in my limited Brain,and guess what it still a piece of crap that makes absolutely no sense.. So i will shoot off my mouth again and tell you.” YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE”

        • Are you talking to yourself. because it seems your the one that brain is sleeping. As you think you are living under a dictatorship. if that were so we would not have the freedom to pen whatever we like. and call into radio programs and say whatever we like and vilify whoever we want. And that we can get address by the court if we feel we have been done wrong. That to me is a vibrant democracy. Where anyone can speak out. Yes anyone. Even the PM.

          • That’s exactly my point- Even the comment made by D Giselle,would have had it’s consequences.They have no idea what Dictatorships look like.Just Loose words,to sound intelligent.. Disgusting

  14. Those three or four salaries that some took home while their party was in governance is beginning to hit their livelihood so they will do and say anything to disrupt progress however they have a long way to go as one of five years have just been completed……added to that is the opposition would not want to associate themselves with the once SHS to a now University. For anyone to think that aspiring/politicians have the country’s best interest at heart can buy the rocks under Devil’s bridge. A Degree/s doesn’t necessarily make one intelligent.

    • A university degree does not make one intelligent but one cannot speak from knowledge with an analytical perspective without the necessary training. There are a lot of empty vessels in Antigua who think they know everything. Bush Lawyers.

      • You are clearly wrong-there are numerous amount of people with all kind of University degrees who has no Analytical ability.A professor cannot teach you that ,it;s simply logical thinking derived from COMMONSENSE..

        • You really are dunce. People go to universities to be trained analysts and you say a professor cannot teach you that. That is a real dunce statement.

          • Do people go to universities to learn to use their commonsenses? I was not referring to someone trained in a specific area,for instance like a Business/Financial analyst,i was speaking of a human’s natural ability to use their God given abilities and analyze a situation .You also are mistaken to think that everyone who graces the halls of a university has great analytical Skills..Really????Some do not even have dam commonsense. They are many.Never once have i ever disrespected you on this forum, agree or not, How dare you??

          • @ FTSL–” Critical thinking” — The ability to apply logical thinking in order to solve problems” (” Logical Thinking”) –The ability to consistently use reasoning through the common senses to come to a rational conclusion”
            “Commonsense” – Sound practical Judgement-independent of specialized knowledge or training,, Normal native intelligence.
            The above are not words from the “Dunce ” as i am-but from the Dictionaries etc.. Two of the main problems we have in the world today, arrogance and people who thinks they know it all because a professor(a human) taught them all.

  15. Gielle is out of touch with Antiguans . We shall wait and see what happen to HIGH COURT CASE.

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