PM responds to resignation of former Airport Authority CEO


Antigua and Barbuda’s political landscape recently witnessed upheaval as Prime Minister Gaston Browne and former Antigua and Barbuda Airport Authority CEO Euletta Francis became embroiled in a controversy.

The Prime Minister accused Francis of disrespect during a phone inquiry about a Barbuda investment project. Without explicitly naming her, Browne warned of repercussions for a public servant in a top position undermining his administration. Approximately 24 hours later, Francis resigned, citing embarrassment and demoralization.

In her resignation letter, she confirmed she was the person referred to by the Prime Minister. She pointed to belittling remarks in private and public conversations as reasons for her resignation. Browne reiterated his stance, stating that her disrespect warranted immediate dismissal.

He mentioned not reporting her to her superior and dismissed discussions about the matter.

Avery Henry assumed the role of Acting CEO. Francis’s letter to the Chairman of the Antigua and Barbuda Airport Authority Board concerning her performance review is provided below.

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  2. Isn’t just wonderful that others in authority are calling out Gaston ‘Mek Dem Eat Cake’ Browne.

    I predict that more and more people will stand up to the Prime Minister, when they recognise that he’s a falsifier and a spinner of yarns.

    The former airport CEO has the right to air her concerns, and I’m hoping others in similar high profile positions come forward as well, because Gaston Browne’s Cabinet members will never do so.

  3. Let’s see. This idiot has a long,long track record of lying, with impunity, even in what is supposed to be our “honorable ” house.
    Not a hard choice here. Lady, rational thinking Antiguans and Barbudans are proud of you for standing up and calling this clown the pathological liar that he is. We need a few good men and women to follow suit.
    Don’t be afraid to answer him with facts. You have my support.

  4. NERO is a compulsive liar. We all heard him say that he was going to use Social Security’s money and he flatly denied ever saying so and more recently, he announced the death of one of his comrades and then had to back track. What can we really believe from him? It’s like he’s now running neck n neck Lionel.

  5. Gaston, you have destroyed Antigua and Barbuda. You are borrowing $100M to finish airport in Barbuda for rich people and poor Antiguans will pay for this while the infrastructure in Antigua is non existent. How are Antiguans going to benefit, in your words, they will get big tips from these so-called rich folks and The government will get money from taxing the expensive properties. When they don’t pay the property taxes, what are you going to do, seize the properties? Antiguans and Barbudans may get tips from being maids and butlers.
    Educated, professional Antiguans, run as far as you can from Antigua as there is room for only donkey children in Antigua and no jobs.
    Not even smart professional people will run for politics in Antigua and Barbuda because of you.
    Gawn get the airport finish so you can spend the holidays with your rich people. You said you are looking for accommodations over there. I thought you owned one or more of those properties.
    If I had to pick the liar in this situation, you know who I would pick.

  6. What an idle man! Where does he find the time to indulge in such petty nonsense. He wanted Ms Francis gone and she resigned from her post. Wish her well and be professional.

    Let’s turn our attention to the replacement. Seems like he may be in a spot of bother. Let’s wait and see how this new CEO plays out. We know that our PM is the king of distractions. We are just tired of this man. Always some confusion! He needs to go.

  7. What can you expect from a moron who have sold your nation to Japan to support its abhorrent whaling and the disruption of the International Whaling Commission proceedings, and is now moving to cut s deal with the Saudis… would such an individual have any regard for women, civil servants, or A&B’s unique environmental heritage?

  8. Take a page from the Barbudans… they fight like hell; and just because they loose a case at the Privy Council don’t mean they don’t pursue other cases.
    Time will tell whether they will be the victors in this recent case. I for one thinks Barbudans are going to win this most recent case.
    We will wait for the invectives, from this dirty mind and foul mouthed one when the case is decided.
    We will ignore him and stick to the facts.
    We will not sit back and allow him to sell us out for a few menial jobs in order for him to helicopter in to dine in raw tuna hobnobbing with the rich and famous.
    This is our land … we are going to show up! stand up! talk up! while we fight against this tyrannical regime.

  9. The Boss Coon is already ensconced and, cocoon with a cushion of feathers (dollars ) in his nest. This petty bourgeois Hitler-want-to-be clown bastard, is all about self aggrandizement and, exploiting the People’s Patrimony.. He will surely sell out his mother’s navel string, at the drop of a dime; then come calling with appeasing platitudes from his forked tongue. As if Antigua /Barbuda is his piggy bank and, employment center for his cliques and crony . He is too shallow, and full of gass for anyone, except the guillible procrastinating lap dogs to descern . What is needed is a forensic accounting exercise for transparency, and accountability to manifest the tenent of his stewardship of governance: Where only YES-MEN seems relivant, and the Sisters with brain and integrity be damned . What! You don’t love your Mother?! That much I can see, from this Coon & Buffoons show.

  10. Dear PM,
    You should start with training of the Ministers in your cabinet to get their soft skills up to par and their obnoxious and arrogant behavior down to earth! At least the most offensive one was given the booth by his constituents in the last general election!

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