PM Responds To Leadership Challenge By Asot Michael


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has responded to statements by St. Peter Member of Parliament Asot Michael that he may challenge the leadership of the Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party.

Michael made the statements last Saturday in parliament, telling Browne that while they will always remain close brothers, that doesn’t mean he won’t challenge him for the leadership.

Speaking on Pointe FM, the Prime Minister responded to a question by a caller who asked for his thoughts on the possible challenge.

Browne said he remains undaunted and welcomes the challenge to his leadership.

“Let’s put it this way, this job for me is a temporary job, and I will do it to the best of my ability and whoever wishes to contest, feel free to do so because at the end of the day all I want to do is to serve to the best of my ability and the quality of my service is more important than the length of it. So if it is that it will only last a few more months or a few more years, so be it.

“I am not daunted by any threats of competition by anyone all I know is that I am committed to serving the people of Antigua & Barbuda. I will remain focused and not to be distracted by idle chatter,” he said.

Browne led the ABLP to victory against the UPP in 2014 and again in 2018 with an increased majority.

The Prime Minister has also been hinting at an early General Election.

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  1. These ALP failed experiment really love the spot light they are nothing but actors in a move called “Deception”. Another distraction to have people move away from the issues that is plaguing this country. High debt, high food cost, high gas price, high unemployment, No running water, high APUA bill, poor infrastructure, corruption at it’s highest in the public sector, politicians creative enrichment scheme, Liat collapse under ALP failed administration. It’s time for them to go and go now.

    • Why be an UNPATRIOTIC laptop gangsta? You already declared your allegiance to TRUMP and the star spangled banner belonging to the country where blacks are systematically oppressed. Didn’t you proudly and boldly declare that an Antigua passport is of no value to you because you have your U.S. passport and you are so glad that U.S. doesn’t recognize dual citizenship????

      You are worse than Lovell. He may be a pushoverand a loser, but unlike you, Lovell wouldn’t make such a public declaration of allegiance to another country while pretending to give 2 shit about Antigua and Barbuda.

      • I don’t usually answer the top dawg puppies who sits morning, noon and night on his radio station licking his dog shit and spuing your diatribe, go on your show do a vote and ask ALP supporters how much of their families either live in America or killing themselves to get into America. You all hate Americans so much it’s unbelievable. Look at what is happening now America is in crisis with this coronavirus and what is happening to Antigua, you all killing for Americans to come here because we can’t feed ourselves. That is what your failed experiment call Gaston to study food security and how to empower the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda. Prostitute is illegal but once you support ALP it’s legal. So continue prostitute yourself. The fight is on bring it on.

            You declare your allegiance to America. You do not love Antiguans. You just working for a SENATE position. So do not expect any better from you. You are working for UPP Senate Seat. Do not worry that wouldn’t happen. You must practice what you preach. Knight you are a corrupt Person. SHAME. SHAME KNIGHT.

        • Nice try at dodging responding to your PUBLIC ALLEGIANCE TO A FOREIGN COUNTRY while hack and bark on radio PRETENDING TO CARE ABOUT Antigua and Barbuda. You made that declaration on radio for all to hear, so how can you now expect anyone to believe you have the interest of Antigua and Barbuda at heart?? You’re a HYPOCRITE!!!!!

      • That is false. The US does recognize dual citizenship. That changed years ago. I personally know many many who hold dual citizenship (Antigua/USA).

  2. Well folks, it seems like, I’m gonna get my fight. Even though, it may not be an Ali – Foreman or a Mike Tyson(Mike we still will be doing the Wadadli Cannabis Cup), but back to PM Browne and Asot Michael – MP, War Of Words; again, even if, it’s not a Mike Tyson- Evander Holifield rematch, after the you know what, the story that was all over the Airwaves, about the Ear Ache, of a Mike inflicted wound, on Evander…👁👀👣👀I hope Mike’s crew don’t pay attention to, Antigua & Barbuda politics. We still want that HEMP producing and manufacturing farm and plant.
    However, back to PM Browne and Asot Michael – MP. It would be a great political heavyweight fight, between these two Blood Brothers, that have being playing, and sleeping, in the same beds, playpen, dolly house, clubhouse for a long time.
    The ABLP upper echelon, must be scrambling to try, and avoid this, head to head Throwdown!
    Melchsidec, Pompey, Tenman, From the Sidelines, John French II, CErmle…Hmmmmmmnnnn?
    The question is, how well can, say an Opposition, even a few INDEPENDENT CANDIDATES, who upon winning a couple of seats(Yes, I see you peeping out from Clairvue! No, I cannot come and join you…)again, with the Independent vote, coupled with the younger generations anxiousness, for change, especially when it comes to access to, and accountability of the System, they are hungry for these changes; so, a few Independents would make a great difference, in shaping a better, long term future, for the Nation.
    It’s time, for BandAid Fixes, to go!
    The Nation needs, and wants permanent cures, as is the case, of the Water delivery services. Too many short fixes(BandAid Fixes).

    I can see that you continue to work for your SENATE appointment but that is wishful thinking. Knight you know within your Heart that the ABLP is best for ANTIGUA / BARBUDA. Take a good look at the Candidates that is put forward so far by the UPP ….These Candidates are NOT ELECTABLE. I believe that is your BIGGEST problem and you do not want to address that situation so your pointing your NEGATIVE energy towards ABLP.
    Please stop that crazy talk show with you and Damani Tabor. You Guys are driving People away from the UPP. Damani repeats the same thing OVER and OVER. Your program become a laughing stock. AWFUL KNIGHT.

    • @Rupert Mann
      In what way are the present members of parliament for labour superior to the UPP candidates? Most of the labour MPs had done nothing of significance before entering politics. If these people can be in government then anybody can. The labour government is Gaston Browne. Who else has anything to say in his government? Should Gaston leave who in his party is qualified to replace him?

  4. RUPERT MANN just take a cursory look of the political history of Antigua and Barbuda from independence in 1981 to present. When you do that you will find that all the major international scandals that this country has been embroiled in occurred under Antigua Labour Party Administrations. With respect to the Gaston Browne administration, one of the major ones is the Odebrecht scandal and I daresay when all the facts of this scandal are uncovered, even if it takes 100 years, the name of the present Prime Minister will be clearly recorded there. I would suggest that you engage in a bit of historical research.

    Stop your speculation and deal with what before you. Tabor do you remember the JOHN ASH saga. You investigate and stop your fat chat. You do not deal with facts. Please address the CANDIDATES that your party have presented . These Candidates are NOT electable. The results for next election will be as follows..


    Tabor …You have a lot of complaining to do. You Guys are NOT qualified to be an OPPOSITION

    Looking forward for you to address the problems plaguing the UPP. UPP Administration is in complete DISARRAY. Think about it.

  6. Yes I also heard when Missa Knight called in to the radio program and said that he cares about America because an A&B passport does NOT mean anything to him. Now I can’t fault anyone for sharing their honest feelings, but in this case Missa Knight is fooling the people into thinking he is a patriot of A&B. Why doesn’t he leave A&B alone and go to America instead? He can campaign for Trump.

  7. Asot Michael is being courted by UPP cowards who have decided to play on Asot’s love of self., by highlighting and encouraging this nonsensical impossibility. Too bad, though it won’t surprise me, that Asot reached for the bait. You see Asot, they know, and you obviously don’t, the day that Asot even makes a push for the leadership that that would be the end of the Labour Party. Papa V C might have done (too) much to make you snd your family extremely wealthy in this country. He did not, I am sure, intend for the likes of Asot to lead this country politically. Hell no!

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